2017 Hajj Ritual: Muslim Pilgrims Throw 49.4Million Stones At The Devil To Cast Him Out Of Existence

September 4, 2017 – 2017 Hajj Ritual: Muslim Pilgrims Throw 49.4 Million Stones At The Devil To Cast Him Out Of Existence

The devil has come under merciless pounding by thousands of pilgrims in Saudi Arabia, as they pelted it with almost 49.4 million stones.

This is not counting the empty bottles, shoes and other hard materials thrown at this evil spirit by pilgrims who passionately wanted it cast out of existence.

Saudi Gazette reported that the pilgrims during the first of the three Tashriq days, which was Saturday, threw 49.39 million pebbles at the devil in the Jamarat area in Mina.

The pilgrims pebbled the Jamarat Al-Aqaba (big devil replica) on Friday, the Eid day after coming down from Muzdalifah each throwing seven stones.

On the first Tashriq day, each pilgrim will be carrying with them 21 stones to throw seven at each one of the three devil replicas.

The throwing of stones is an important ritual in the Haj. Some pilgrims, who may be extremely mad at the devil, will throw empty bottles, shoes, slippers and other hard material.

Thanks to the intricate security measures, the throwing of the stones went smooth with no incidents at all to mar the ritual.

According to the new arrangements at the Jamarat Bridge, the pilgrims will not have to go back to their tents via the same road that they had used to arrive at the Jamarat area. This has prevented stampede and the pilgrims running into each other.

The Jamarat area has been raised to four stories providing more space for the pilgrims to use.

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah prevented throwing stones from 2 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. which has helped relieve the overcrowdedness.

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15 thoughts on “2017 Hajj Ritual: Muslim Pilgrims Throw 49.4Million Stones At The Devil To Cast Him Out Of Existence

    • Despite years of cursing satan at churches, the damn satan never go away. The freaking devil still comfortably lives on. :)

      Where i used to live, i could not sleep in peace. Every morning and late night it is all about “God punish the devil”, Holy Ghost fire them”, Holy spirit destroy am”. Holy fire, fire the satan but the satan keeps flourishing :)

  1. Nigerian leaders also join in stone throwing? Hahhahahaha, I laaugh in Arabic. Even Satan is shaking his head for una. Good and Evil is innate, everyone only displays the one they vote for. You think Satan go stay for one place make un de stone am abi? He is alwys going to and fro, he is not in one place.
    dem go pack those stones go build hotels wey una go stay for hajj. Stop wasting energy, rather choose good over evil and d world will be a better plaace abegi!

  2. So the devil(s) is/are there waiting to be stoned by equally serious human beings masquerading as pious pilgrims. Well there are few good ones among them who genuinely are stoning the erected

  3. who told them the devil is in that direction ? the devil lives in Nigeria the stones should be thrown to the NATIONAL ASSEMBLY in Abuja


  5. It is unfortunate these are youths that want to rule Nigeria but can’t understand simple symbolism?. shaking my head

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