Live Video: Pete Edochie Debunks Death Rumour – “I’m Alive, They Want Me Dead In A Hurry”

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Jan 7, 2013 – Live Video: Actor Pete Edochie Debunks Death Rumour – “I’m Alive, They Want Me Dead In A Hurry”

Top Nigerian actor Pete Edochie who was rumoured dead through a fall from a tree in Austria during the filming of a movie has debunked the rumour.

The much awaited video of actor Pete Edochie alive has been released.

In the video that was recorded on Friday the 4th of January, 2013, Pete Edochie appeared hale and hearty with no sign of illness.

The calm actor recorded the video in his usual calm manner.

He also wished everybody happy new year.

Below is a detail transcript obtained from the video.

I was asked by a particular caller did I die? I find it amusing because it has disturbed my family. I don’t travel in Christmas period. In our culture we meet during the Christmas period. It’s the only time of the year that people can get together.
Pete Edochie said he knew the guy who put the rumour of his death on Facebook and he said his name is Isaac and this is the 2nd or the 3rd time of repeating the same thing.

The veteran actor also said he doesn’t know why some people want him to die in a hurry. I am not a politician, I didn’t kill any body’s husband, I didn’t steal anybody’s wife. He said he has forgiven the guy who started the hoax
“I have forgiven him, I will not curse him”- said Pete Edochie

On the 7th of March this year, I’m going to be 66.
A particular caller asked me did you die?

Hysterical laughter … By Pete Edochie ended the video.

Watch the video below

Nigerian Actor Pete Edochie Is Alive –  Video


Thank God for keeping him alive.

Nawa for people o.

85 thoughts on “Live Video: Pete Edochie Debunks Death Rumour – “I’m Alive, They Want Me Dead In A Hurry”

    • My man pete edochei u ar blesed wit lng lyf u oda friends died at d age of 66 nw u ar 66 i tel u u nid to watch ur bak beware of of ILUMINATI FREEMASSON U MUST be wanted

  1. Long live.may those dat want u dead loose their front teeth so dat u can locate dem wen dey start laughing wt u in Jesus name

  2. nawa 4 9ja news dis days o i was vary sad wen i had dat pete is death i didn’t even knw dat it was a rumour, person dat siad dat pete is death God we 4give him he we stay and c pete alive. Many years 4 pete he we stay long in jesus name. If u lyk dis, dis is my nb:08083025038.

  3. long long long may u live sir, and happy birthday in advancessssssssssss. i love all ur filmssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  4. You cant die any how sir, beside you said you are not a politician. Thats why you we live long.

  5. Sir, they forget to know that you are too big a FISH to be caught by a mere PENNY hook, they succided with SAM LOCCO,PETE ENE, ENEBELI ELEBUWA,but in you case they failed woefully because BABA GOD pass them.
    You forgive them but God knows what to do with them.

  6. Lastborn1316:”the predestination of God must come to pass,man attempt to stop God’s predestination leads to an unforseen death and catastrophic ending.”my lovely dad,you must live to reach the predestination that God have for you,anybody acting against it must surely end up unkwownly to him or her.if u like this,this is my number 07060456812.

  7. Na wa 4 people o, Bad bele people nai go die, nt my Dad’s best Actor. Sir u’ll live more… Api bdy in advance sir

  8. Your enemies will be disappointed this Year because you will live long to declare the words of the Lord in the land of the living in Jesus Name Amen!

  9. Dat useless person dat said pete is death ehhh even if pete forgive uuuu me i will never dat idiot…..

  10. Mr Peter Edochie, 4 those that want you died you will live and attend their burial, God who own your live will never hand it over to your enemies. Congratulations that your 66 years old and i wish you many more years to come.

  11. Am sorry for what their are talking abt ,and let me tell them that there are not in God’s plans, let them leave u. And what i know is that those evil words are said by selfish people, may be they lack what to do.

    and i would like you to just leave those people to God.

    otherwise i wish u nice time and long live sir b’se u are still of grate importance to us.

  12. Lng live pete edochie. U wil live n wnt die until u missn is accomplished on earth n nollywood.

  13. Once some1 is rumored dead it is certain dat he wil live long, so my dear legend fear not 4 u shall not die but shall live nd declare d goodness of d lord in ur lyf.long live d great legend!!!

  14. I started waching Nigerian movies because of you , so like you in Things fall apart you are one great man.
    From Canada

  15. When would nigeria start acting teen sitcoms with episodes (life concerning teens)like those in disney channels. Long live edochie

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