Adekola Tijani: “One Wife Is One Trouble, Marrying Two Is Double Trouble”

adekola tijani

March 25, 2013 – Adekola Tijani Reveals Wife Battles Bareness After 6 Years Of Marriage

  • Adekola Tijani: “I Married In 2007, Still Waiting On God For A Child”
  • Adekola Tijani: “One Wife Is One Trouble, Marrying Two Is Double Trouble”

In this recent interview from Tribune, Nollywood Yoruba actor Adekola Tijani popularly called Golugo who got married to his childhood lover in 2007 revealed that his wife of over 6 years still battles bareness.

The actor who said he can’t marry two wives despite his condition claims marrying more than one wife is a big trouble.

Read the interview excerpt below;

How do you manage your career and home?

I got married in December 2007, but there are no children yet in the union, as we are still waiting on the Lord.

As a Muslim, Islam permits you to take on as many wives as you can cater for, do you see that in the picture?


Taking one wife is one trouble, marrying two means more trouble and I wouldn’t want that, I can’t cope with it.

Do you agree with him?

18 thoughts on “Adekola Tijani: “One Wife Is One Trouble, Marrying Two Is Double Trouble”

  1. You cant be smarter than God who makes the provision for four wives as a muslim. You better go a get another wife and am sure that would solve the trick.

  2. my brother,u are very very rightoooooooo,pls keep praying,one day i know God will hear u and ur wife,just trust God.My only uncle is now 15yrs and counting.

  3. why do men refer to women as trouble but still end up marrying d trouble. It is quite obvious that they cannot do without such ”trouble” in their lives. So dey should stop complaining.

  4. Yanky u be goat,if God say we marry 4,did God say its by force ,God say if ure capable definitely he is capable of 1,abi if he marry 2 na u go dey help am fuck d second if he s nt capable,my dear broda n islam beliv in God in sha Allah ds year na twins God go gv u,dnt tak anoda wife ooo,women are dangerous dan cobra wen it comes 2 rivalry

  5. sory mr/mrs presenter islam doesn’t permit one 2 marry as many as u can, bt only permit 4. so if mr Tijani is capable of marrying anoda wife,gud. and if he’s nt,fine. we pray 2 Allah 2 bestowed dem wit xdren whom wil b useful 2 d society n islam. amin

  6. Tru talk my brother..GOD wl make a way 4 u evn in d wilderness.and u wil b called “Father” very soon by ur own blood{children},jus kip waitin on the Lord.and rememba dat weeping may endure 4 a 9t,bt joy cometh in the mawning.ur own unspeakable miracle is on the way

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