Photo Of The Day: Baby Evangelist Praying For Her Parents

baby praying for parents

March 17, 2016 – Adorable: Baby Evangelist Praying For Daddy & Mummy

baby praying for parents

This is so cute….

19 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day: Baby Evangelist Praying For Her Parents

  1. Teach your kids in the way of the Lord, so that you will Have peace. GOD bless the family that prays together and also this Family for putting the child on the best path

  2. The Bible is right. Whn u train up a child d way he shld go, whn he‘s old he cannot depart 4rm it.
    Dis is a solid foundation on whc 2 build up a good character in a child. Trust me d parent wll b hapi 4 it in d near future.

    Hunters ar nt stationary ppl. 4 diz rzn, I wish 2…


  3. The prayers of a sinless baby girl like that above gets to heaven faster than that of adult saint. As I examined this picture, real or play, I membered what our Lord and Savior-Christ Jesus said to his diciples trying to ban little children from him. He said whosoever want to inherit His kingdom in heaven must have a mindsets of sinless little children. We also must remember that what separate us from God Almighty is our sin. What an interesting picture! Kudos to naijagists.

  4. Nice one bt dis baby set die,jst take a look at her figure in dis little age hmmm dis wil tel u how beautiful she wil b.

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