Another LASU Student Killed By Cultists In Lagos Today

lasu students killed cultists again

March 2nd, 2013 – Another LASU Student Killed By Cult Members In Lagos Today

Two days after the sudden death of a popular singer Damino Damoche in the hands of some Lagos State University cultists, we learnt another LASU student has been killed.

According to sources, the intense rivalry fight between Aye and Eiye cult members is intensifying.

They have vowed to eliminate each other one by one.

Because of the gory nature of the image, we have censored it above.

The student was shot on the head by some suspected cultists.

Damoche, the LASU student that was killed on Thursday by Aye cult members was buried by his family members in Lagos today.

Enough of cultism and bloodshed!

May their soul rest in perfect peace!

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46 thoughts on “Another LASU Student Killed By Cultists In Lagos Today

    • Dikko Ugwo,How can u let the soul of a Devil to rest in peace? Say the truth and be free.None of there soul can rest in peace my Friend.They are victim and they must definately go to Devil.

  1. @ Saint…….Re u a Learner???? If u don’t kno sometin u kip quite….Trully d fight is btw Eiye n Aiye but Damoche is a Confirm AloRa….So will his boiz fold dr handz n do nuffin……

    • weather his name was Damoche or dogs i dont cares, he have killed before so he must be killed by good gun! bible said who killed by the sword surely die by the sword! the devil will welcome u to enternal hell fire

      he was a bastard become a cultist and cousring pains and violent in Nigeria institures and where he is now? who didnt learn from dis will become a victim soon again!

  2. A short comment,the Aye has God father in the state and bcos they were used by a one time ex governor in the state which lead to a member bcoming a council chairman the believe they own LASU,mark my word fashola will not say a postive word cos there is one above him who has the say. Lagos state is know as Agbero state and Lasu is the only institute in nigeria that nuture them. Mr ex and chairman call ur political thugs to order

  3. Cultism eventually leads to premature Death.Taking the life of your Brother is the worst,Hell Fire Burns …
    I really don’t know why the Fedral Goverment has not come up with New stratedgies of combating cultism in Nigeria.
    Such an Ugly incident

    Cultism does not pay!Say no to cultism,say no to untimely Death…

  4. I don’t understand why a fellow student will kill a fellow student simply because they did not belong to the same group, or to what reason? oho!. Imaging killing someone who is to be the president of this country in the feature? Imaging killing gifted and talented people whose impact would have save someny souls. What a porous country with naught but bloodshed all the time. Hear this truth, “any country that shed the blood of innocent people can’t never be bless nor progress”. The earlier we turn to God for our land to be cleance the better for us. The must inane and dim-wit thing i ever see is the killing of people’s children (student) who are their hope in life.

      • From impersonating to become a member.its better u keep shut n look..Death is the gain of all d enemy of d Men.So stop impersonating..@Ikorodu.

  5. all i know is that in the end axemen always wins….and if it means many dying for the glory of NBM…then so be it….damoche was a victim of circumstance and it was done so it would pain buccaneers…and to all axemen keep killing until there is know one left to kill….dodorima…and on guard to all axe men …aiyeeeeeeeeeeeee


    • @Dagashi,Keep ur mouth shut.Even as we’re disguising here on the internet.Ayes are wise and internet oriented as i am,I can still trace U.Y not shut up n keep ur fucking vulture bird head save.If 6 Ayes die u nor know say all birds in Lagos will finish? so tay ur papa n mama reach ur siblings go collect.If u think say i dey lie say i nor fit detect ur identity reply n i will give out your face book name and d email u re using for this comment.I am working with FSAR,So you should know the kind of Men they call Strong men.

  7. May †ђξ soul’s of all †ђξ dead lasu cultist rest in peace from †ђξ first killed till date. and first i want to correct †ђξ general public on who is killing who tђξ fight is btw buccaneer BAN and aye NBM cuz damoshe is a confirm alora but rift in lasu is always btw aye and eiye so everybody thinks it btw aye and eiye but †ђξ truth is it,s aye and buca…. aye are †ђξ most stupidest muderfucker i av ever seen they av beginning they don’t av finishing @saint is either U̶̲̥̅̊ are alora and trying to disguard †ђξ situation on eiye or U̶̲̥̅̊ don’t know what is happenin Just saying rubbish U̶̲̥̅̊ are warned cultist is bad i can’t advise anybody to join

  8. @silverfox & ikorodu; i don’t fink u are true aiyes. if u are, u will not start revealing your stupid orientations here. I’m not surprised bcos u people blend touts, okada men and even shoe shiners. That is why in every school u go, it is always aiyes fighting another cult. You fight always like boko haram people. No orientation and no future. And u lose most of the wars. Yet u claim to be superior. For ur information…..LASU AND LAGOS STATE AS A WHOLE IS FOR EIYE. Everybody knows them because they are great minds and intellectuals. That is why u are always jealous of dem

  9. Red men…is real..”vicci” do not cast.we fight for money that our politicians took away.aye fight for life,blameless ram..GOD bless naija.VICCI.

  10. All I can say that…….. In shaa papa k all men NO go fall. No shaking 17errors,all men bambella. Make we no loose guard our self for this site backgrand. And….. All men shld go balm sheru for himself……….free any frats wey den yan shoshosho,men dey reason and control. Make U̶̲̥̅̊ free some agaruwa wey dey appear it be like say then dey game, I bleieve say one day na korobo jam their way. I pray that the HIT wey dey grand solved quickly. Aye axe men Na cabin……. Notin shaking my mental…

  11. taaa…!!!! In d book of odin chapter wosky vs rugged only d rugged ones atend d beurial of d vulture ….smooth sea can neva make skinfull saillors !!!

  12. e d book of odin chapter,ruggedityvx wosky, a day shal com where d shall shine ad d moon shalll rise are all bastado e.g aye shall o lord deliver from d一hands nusmen.aye must go down viking all always rugged

  13. Hmmmmm….This is really strange….may God allow us never to see this evil daY’s. …For all of u who lost ur life trying to defend ur cults name may ur soul rest In peace….may God rule

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