Apostle Suleman To Nigerians In South Africa “Register At My Church, I Will Pay Your Return Ticket “

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Register At My Church In South Africa, I Will Pay Your Return Ticket – Apostle Suleman Tells Stranded Nigerians

Apostle Suleman To Nigerians In South Africa “Register At My Church, I Will Pay Your Return Ticket “

Controversial church founder, Apostle Johnson Suleman has offered free tickets to evacuate 20 Nigerians from South Africa in the wake of Xenophobic attacks on Nigerians.

Suleman said he just heard that 900 Nigerians wanted to return home from South Africa, saying that he had asked that flight tickets should be bought for 20 Nigerians in South Africa.

He said he would take care of the cost, but noted that such interested Nigerians should register at the church’s branch in Johannesburg.

He wrote on his Twitter page: “Just heard 900 Nigerians want to return home from SA. I asked the flight tickets be bought for 20 Nigerians in South Africa who want to return home..I will take care of the cost..pls register at our church in Johannesburg..we will airlift more by God’s grace. God keep you all alive.”



14 thoughts on “Apostle Suleman To Nigerians In South Africa “Register At My Church, I Will Pay Your Return Ticket “

    • God save ds generation… Especially Nigerians…everybody wants to show he knows. Mr trick knower, with all the tricks u know hw many lives have u helped… How many of our people in SA can u helped… God save ds generation.#****everywr

    • How much tithe and offerings have you given him? If you look at his net worth, how much is your contribution? Hypocrite!

      • Sulaiman, you don’t have to compel anyone to register at your Church first in order to help them. If you want to help stranded Nigerians in SA you don’t have to use religion gimmick to invite them into your church. So, if they are not Christians, does that means they are not eligible?. This is not the time to start asking people question whether they want to give their life to Jesus. It either you help them as Nigerians or not.

        I tip my hat for a philanthropist in the person of Allen Onyema CEO Air Peace who volunteered a free plane to convey the victims of xenophobic from South Africa. He never said go and register first in as much you are a Nigerian, be it Moslem, Christians, Pagans, Hindi, I have mentioned this before that there are some non religious people doing the will of God better than those business men who appear in form of pastors. This is not an issue of criticism, at least Jesus has never limited his salvation and evangelism to his followers alone. Let’s at least be wise.

  1. So because Apostle Johnson Suleiman asked to register in his Church, he’s now been crucified.. Then those of you with running ******should pay their returns tickets now, you only know how to criticize people!

  2. The reason many will never rise to the top in life is because they always critisized every act of those at the top, most especially men of God.

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