Barbaric: ISIS Executes Iraqi Govt Spies By Dissolving Them In Nitric Acid

May 19, 2016 – Barbaric: ISIS, Islamic State Terror Sect Executes Iraqi Government Spies By Dissolving Them In Nitric Acid In Mosul Iraq

ISIS Uses Nitric Acid To Carry Out Execution Of 25 Alleged Iraqi Spies

25 security men accused of spying on ISIS on behalf of Iraqi government have been executed.

According to eyewitnesses, the alleged spies (25 in number) were tied together with a rope and lowered in a large pond filled with corrosive nitric acid.

The 25 men melted alive in the pond.

Nitric acid is a highly corrosive acid mainly used in the manufacturing of explosives and fertilizers.

10 thoughts on “Barbaric: ISIS Executes Iraqi Govt Spies By Dissolving Them In Nitric Acid

  1. White people with their way of punishment/execution tire me o. Well they claimed they know better

  2. With this kind of thing happening, tell me why any terrorist should be given a swift exercution, say by hanging or by the firing squard. They don’t deserve that kind of honour. A very slow, painful torture should be used to usher all of them into hellfire for the devil to continue the torturing. Brutes in human form!

  3. I have never heard this before. Execution in form of melting away someone’s life????! Highly barbaric.

  4. This is what I keep saying, terrorists are no human cos they have no conscience at all.

    The derives joy seeing or torturing their victims to death and I think they deserve same or worse measures too.

    Time for the FG to introduce death by torture for any terrorist caught.

    Chai.. This is solid wickedness and cruety of the highest order.

    I take a stroll…

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