Biggest NightClub In Africa Opens In VI Lagos Nigeria: Prof Peller’s Son, Shina Makes History

biggest night club in africa nigeria

Dec 2nd, 2013  – Quilox: Biggest Night Club In Africa Opens In Victoria Island Lagos, Nigeria

Professor Peller’s Son, Shina Makes History

Not a few would agree that Shina Peller’s grip on the social scene in Nigeria has more to do with his very deep pocket than his family background. Shina is the son of the late Prof. Abiola Peller.

That the former, who has been resident in the United Kingdom for many years, is extremely wealthy is like stating the obvious. His flamboyant lifestyle is more than enough proof of his vast means.

A favourite of many musicians who have sung his praises, Peller further entrenched himself in the social circle when he acquired a part of De Luxe, a famed retreat established by Abiola Adegoke.

shina peller

Shina Peller

Celeb Watch gathered that Shina, who is also the Chairman of Aquilla Oil and Gas, is currently working on a night club intended to be the biggest in Lagos. The new fun spot, Quilox Restaurant and Bar, is sited on Ozumba Mbadiwe Street, Victoria Island, Lagos. Informed sources told Celeb Watch that the new fun spot would be commissioned before the Yuletide period.

Opening on December 20, 2013, Quilox, a luxury club situated on Ozumba Mbadiwe, in VI, Lagos, is a premium, international club on multiple floors, with dozens of customized VIP lounges that can be found nowhere else on the sub continent.

Twitter and Instagram went wild today, as celebs shared photos of their bespoke invites, containing a bottle of Cristal Champagne, and platinum invitation for two. The IV souvenir is worth at least $3000 and was sourced in three continents.

The club is expected to open on Friday December 20, with guests including 2face Idibia, D’banj, Wizkid, and many more A listers.

Quilox is the brain child of Shina Peller, who says the facility is ‘a dream come true’.

‘We took our time to create a place befitting for men and women of taste, men and women who love their privacy. When we create our multiple entry and exit points, our sound proof rooms and added a self-DJ option to our Platinum lounges, we had them in mind. And I’m sure everyone will enjoy it when they come here on December 20.’

Quilox will transform Nigeria’s elite nightlife with its impeccable design and finishing complemented with stunning and first of its kind décor and lighting, world class customer service and hospitality, renowned DJs and an over the roof sound system.

Check out a sample invitation card below:

28 thoughts on “Biggest NightClub In Africa Opens In VI Lagos Nigeria: Prof Peller’s Son, Shina Makes History

  1. where you will be celebrating your father the devil
    I pity many of your guys
    One day Boko Haram will target u guys

  2. There many idiot people posting comment here like D truth & so on,if u poor dont pray for bad thing for others,work hard & pray to God to lift u instead of praying for bad thing to happen to others & this is more reasons many guys in diaspora dont want to come home.

  3. I have been the place when it under construction all the equipment are world class and not from here and is really a site to behold

  4. at least he invested in naija after living in abroad.why wont big paid doctors overseas travel home to build a good hospital.did u know how many food he will put on the table by hiring workers?our leaders steal and stash money in foriegn countries..i believe in think home syndrome

  5. Congratulations egbon shina,i hope to do something greater than this as the lord liveth,am happy,once again congratulations sir

  6. If get that kind money na to build orphanage home or school, that won’t be expensive but very standard. I pitty d poor, to me nightclub,stripclub nd hotels na waste of time n money.

    • How stupid you are by saying all that rubbish, i guess you are still living in poverty and that is why you speak with such poverty mentality. you better wake up mister day dream.

  7. D truth is a wicked man, hwo can you say things like this, we are in Lagos and Nr.1 london city of nigeria even all Africa country.we need more things like this to create jobs and people enjoy their time .

  8. we need small industries to improve nigerians image abroad. we do not need night club for prostitutes and drunkards in our street. pure water factory is better than this investment. anyway yaruba people like woman shaa. if na ibo man he will use this money to build small scale industry in nnewi.

  9. @D truth, When you see good thing pray to God to do your for you, Shina is a big boy to any level, and generous, he’s not proud, I live in London, so I know him good, may God continue to bless you Shinna, and God should give you long life, more and more to follow.

  10. Many poor Nigerian believe , no one can make money without stealing, the truth of the matter is that we must change our mentality.

  11. I hope to open a Bar & Wine Nightclub in Lagos Nigeria one day by Gods grace, when I leave USA, My Dream is to create more job opportunities for my people Nigerians and I am Very sure, that will put food on the table for many individuals in Nigeria.I live in the United States of America, I will never forget where I come from Naija is the best Country nothing is like home when you have the freedom. To you Mr Shina Weldon I hope to be like you one day we will sit on a round table meeting and discuss business. God bless you more……To many of you that doesn’t know what you want in life, all you see in yourself is poverty upon poverty to the extent that it has affected your thinking positive mentality you better wake up. the young man lived abroad for many years and still went back home to invest his money.does it mean he cant open that business in the United Kingdom or in another country? But still Nigerians will never stop criticizing the successful people for their good doings. Travel oversea you will find a lot of Nigerians controlling different types of currencies in millions but yet they don’t want to go home to invest their money because of bad bele people they full plenty. whether you like it or not he had created more job opportunities for Nigerians like you, the money is still in Nigeria as long as the investment is in NIGERIA. I beg my people make una stop this kind criticism over those who worked hard on their money.THINK OF WHAT TO DO FOR YOUR COUNTRY, ELSE YOU WILL GROW OLD WAITING FOR YOUR COUNTRY TO HELP YOU OR PROVIDE FREE EDUCATION AND FREE HOSPITAL FOR YOU.

  12. this is a great investment, may god will continue to protect you and i pray that this will continue abundantly amen.and i which to work with you@oriyomi 0502444365

  13. What a great idea, a friend of mine is working in dat club. Op I can mingle with u pple in order to share more knowledge. Kudos to u shina peller…. U are d best for now

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