Bishop David Benenoch To Divorce Wife Of 20 Years, Pastor Esther Benenoch

pastor esther benenoch

Oct 1st, 2012 – Bishop David Benenoch To Divorce Wife Of 20 Years

The founder and the presiding bishop of The Communion Church, Bishop David Benenoch recently announced he will be ending his 20 years marriage to his wife, Pastor Esther Benenoch.

Bishop David and Pastor Esther Benenoch got married over 20 years ago and they are blessed with three beautiful children.

The Bishop said he is filing the divorce for personal and spiritual reasons.

However, he didn’t give any further details.

This shocking announcement was made during a Sunday service at The Communion Church in Festac town, Lagos, Nigeria.

God have mercy!

28 thoughts on “Bishop David Benenoch To Divorce Wife Of 20 Years, Pastor Esther Benenoch

  1. man of God, what will u tell yr church members dat will come to you that they want to divorce what will u advise them, you Bishop as man of God? you no try at all.

  2. A Bishop can not divorce his wife no matter how bad the situation is. The condition for the post is stated in the Bible! Sir, the Lord will u the grace to run the race galantly to the end in Jesus name.

  3. I am not here to judge anybody because I'm not God but if u ask me to say my mind; I will tell you that I never trusted or believe in that Church for once. When I visited his Church for once I discovered that, the youth in that Church are having intimate relationship with each other claiming that to be the safe way to know your man's behavior.

    • Lies…… How long were you in the church to discover such? Pls Stop that cranky gist and say something else cos I can't believe this one. All I can say about your briefing is that you are looking for a sentence to cover up your claims. How did you know that? I put it to you that you followed a woman to that church unto chicking levels…. Woe!

    • Hahah lol, Vincent I can see that u are one of those that have been deceived. Even the way u tackle the matter shows that u are not a real Christian but a church goer and follower of so called men of god which u do not know the real source of their being.

  4. and when ask more questions, some members in that Church was tying to defend the ability of the said Man of God. This was my question then! Are you people telling that the Pastor is not aware that all these are happening the church? I further stated in their present how then do you people want me to trust or believe your Pastor? My dear brethren the world today is no longer safe for all of us. Salvation is personal, take up your cross and run for your dear life by embracing the bible and trust only in God the creator of your soul.

    • Guy your post is junk! If you went for God, you would find God. You went for woman and because you did not succeed you left. Was there no good thing you saw there? or were there no other faults? Why must it be man and woman affair that you discovered? The answer is glaring. You went for a woman and you didn't find or rather discovered that she was already having a relationship with someone else in church. More findings????

    • My broda, I am not a womanizer, even my friends do call me sorts of names because of me staying away from women. Can u stay 10 good years without having anything to do with women? Anyway, na u get your mouth but i will advice you get more mature in Christ and know what u are doing before it get late. Goodluck

  5. I feel the Bishop is acting in error. No matter what the problem is between him and his wife he should have acted like the man of God that he is and keept it between them. At his age, what is he looking for a divorce for? if he felt that the situation was too much for him to bear, he could take time off the marriage (separation) and seek Gods help and council instead of asking for an outright divorce. The bishop no do well at all!

  6. Shut up na u PAPA prepare d juju abi…….If u dnt knw d source of sometin u beta make research…..Or read d story of abraham wen GOD told him to kill is only son 4 sacrifise.

  7. Dear commentators,
    I am not sure anyone of you will because a member of your family went out of line; contravened the family norms deny being a part of that family. I wedded at The Communion Church, Festac in 2001. I have always been proud of that family, especially of my Bishop “the Oracle” and Mummy Esther. I am still proud of them but not happy about this development. I am not competent to judge but I know God is not an author of confusion. He HATES DIVORCE and couldn’t have directed one. I have been and will keep praying for my dear Bishop and Mama Esther. There is definitely something untoward, something strange – a kind of virus attacking wonderful marriages and we can not assume to be super men or too spiritual to watch and pray against it. It is not by might ……. I plead with contributors in this forum to apply some restraint in judging the Church of God on account of this error. Bro. Benny Him’s marriage faced similar challenges but JEHOVAH healed it. I wonder what all those who passed unsavory comments about the man of God are saying now.

  8. oh my God! what is all this now? God have mercy oooo. I love this family very much n i wedded in this church in Asaba branch 2001. This Bishop and his wife are wonderful people that i love so much . I pray God should restor there marriage back in Jesus name Amen.

  9. Hahahaha pastor watch is nt 4 any sdpiritual reason is cos of self-fish d flesh is ready 2 accept is will watch pastor pastor watch

  10. huuum! im at loss as to wat to say but i pray God will reject the devourer for the sake of His church
    I dnt know wats happnin in Gods church these days, surely we are in endtimes and everyone called the name of christ should be very watchful so dat we wil not be scattered abroad like sheep without a shepherd. Lord pls restored back ur family. Annita.

  11. collusus has said the right thing. what the pastor is doing is not good enough, but since he is a father to many, we should only pray for restoration. God can do it, like he did for bennny hinn. the truth is that the devil is after godly marriages, so we should all do more of praying than judging, when it comes to the issue of marriage. nobody is a superman in that area, its just God

  12. This is nonsense. Is that why he sent his wife and kids to live in the United states of America? While he is here rolicking with marmaids. Am sorry for him and for those who still believe this so called man of god has something to offer spiritually. It’s a lesson for all you women who get convinced by your husbands to accept living with their children in the US, UK etc. the Bible says it is not good for a man to live alone period. This means that no woman should abandon her hussy or accept to live outside her husbands do,ain, as that will surely trigger the obvious which is divource. Am sure that very good woman will have no option than to engage herself soon and very soon indeed. Fools

  13. God must surely help us this time.Every body should be careful and sensitive this time around,mind the way you talk in isues relating to men of god.He said it was a spiritual reasons that means it is God that will handle it.Keep your mouth shut and pray for them

  14. Surpricenly to hear that Bishop Ben Enoch can be found in a story of divorce suit,i dont believe it bcos it’s never God’s thoughts for children of God particularly to a bishop.Please let us reason togerther and seek Gods face in this situation,devil is at work.

  15. and i quote in my bishop words today may 5 2013 sunday service. After praying and seeking GOD’s intervention on my challenges in my marriage. i hv decided to withdraw the decision of divorce between me and my wife i took some time last year. so u see guys GOD works in mysterious ways u cnt understand. MR AND MRS DAVID BENENOCH are getting back together. As an ambassador of THE COMMUNION CHURCH FESTAC TOWN LAGOS NIGERIA i bring u this marvellous updated news.

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