Bishop Oyedepo’s First Son, David Oyedepo Junior & Wife Mark 6th Wedding Anniversary

bishop oyedepo junior wedding anniversary

July 28, 2014 – Bishop Oyedepo’s First Son, David Oyedepo Junior & Wife Mark 6th Wedding Anniversary

The first son of Bishop David Olaniyi Oyedepo and his wife, Kemi celebrated their 6th wedding anniversary yesterday. The couple married on the 27th of June 2008.

David Oyedepo Junior is the Resident Pastor of Winners Chapel London and the regional overseer for Europe.

To mark their 6th wedding anniversary, his wife penned a beautiful wedding anniversary message for them:

The day cannot end without me singing HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my one and only hubby, David Oyedepo Jnr! All I can say is “this is indeed the Lord’s doing and it is marvellous in my eyes”. I am most greatful for the help of God, the grace of God, and the privilege He has given us to be a positive reference point in our generation. God is the one who has given us the wisdom to guide our affairs with discretion and to Him be all the glory. This journey of our lives together has been full of presence of God and I can confidenlty say the road has been easy because God has been our rock and our guide. I thank God for you today and always and I thank you for the privilege of sharing the journey of life with you. I am convinced that the best wine of our marriage is yet to come.

May those we follow remain an ever shining example for us and continue to bring out the best in us. May God give us greater grace to remain true to His Word, true to each other, true to our children and true to those who find us worth emulating. As I like to say “your spouse is your advantage in life, not your adversary”. Thank you sir, for proving that point to the fullest! As you keep pursuing your vision, I would be right there as your helper. And I look forward to sharing more of life and destiny with you!!! God bless you, increase and reward you for your labour of love towards me and our children!!” – Kemi wrote on her FB wall

See some photos of the couple together over the years below

Their wedding picture


10 thoughts on “Bishop Oyedepo’s First Son, David Oyedepo Junior & Wife Mark 6th Wedding Anniversary

  1. Like father like son the anointin on his father has started manifesting on him, happy marriage anniv to u both

  2. 6th wedding anniversary ? is good KEMI in your FB posting you keeping saying GOD in your words because he is the only that give and take everything & anything keep on exploring, i wish you more happy and blessings in your marriage life forever.

  3. 6th wedding anniversary good for you and is good that you mentioned god who give and take to eveyone on your FB posting KEMI i congratulates you & wish you happy married life through out your marriage life.

  4. Just like yesterday, congratulation to Olaniyi Junior Oyedepo and the family, may the blessing of the Lord jesus christ enrich the union fever(AMEN).
    I decree, in the mighty name of jesus,you that is seeking for your bone of the bone, recieve your husband or wife right,you that your home has breakup or about to breakup, i pronounce peace and joy in to that your family,union or friendship in jesus name(AMEN). If you believed it’s settled,Read psalm 97 verse 9 to 12(3times daily and ask the to grant you your request.

    • Hello prophet gbenga gud a. M please I’m in a good and sound relationship with my man with a promising ring. His from Yoruba oluwaseyi olatunde faleye he loves me so much n I do too. But my mother warns for me not to enter into wrong marriage because she visited some pastors concerning us they said they didn’t see light in our union but he wanna make me his wife. He has nothing I have been with him in love n care my names are umeh Amaka blessing we are in Dubai currently searching for new job please pray concerning us I will copy ur number also here is my 971-50-27-66-481 or if we are made for each other
      Thank u

  5. The money z there, wy nt? If they like let them b celebrating it on daily base. Bt they should bear in mind dat dat what gives God much glory z giving arms n not wasting money on anniversary. Happy bday anniversary pastor

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