Blessing Okagbare Banned From Rio 2016 Olympics For Refusing To Run For Nigeria At All Africa Games


blessing okagbare banned rio 2016 olympics

Sept 9, 2015 – NSC Bans Blessing Okagbare From Rio 2016 Olympics For Refusing To Represent Nigeria At All Africa Games 2015 In Congo

Nigeria’s most popular female athlete, Blessing Okagbare has been banned from representing Nigeria at the upcoming Rio 2016 Olympics by the Nigerian National Sports Commission, NSC.

This disciplinary action came after the queen of tracks refused to run for Nigeria in the 200 meter of the recently concluded IAAF in Beijing China.

Okagbare was Nigeria’s final hope of getting a medal at the event before she messed up and came final in the 100m race. The shock she got from the 100m race might have prevented her from showing up at the 200m event that held 4 days later.

Okagbare also announced that she will not be representing Nigeria at the 11th All Africa Games in Congo.

Last Thursday, Okagbare was spotted at Zurich Diamond League few days after she refused to represent Nigeria in Beijing.

All these drama have proved to the National Sports Commission (NSC) and the Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN) that Okagbare is no longer interested in running for Nigeria.

She has been banned from the upcoming Rio 2016 for being unpatriotic.