Rivers State Most Deadly Cultist, Bobrisky Of Gokana Arrested By The Army

bobrisky of gokana arrested

Bobrisky Of Gokana, Rivers State Most Deadly Cultist Arrested By The Army

Several hours after Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike placed a N30million bounty on notorious cultist, Bobrisky of Gokana, the Nigerian Army has captured him, with Governor Wike confirming that he will redeem the pledge.

Speaking during a security meeting with leaders of Rumuolumeni Community at the Government House Port Harcourt on Friday, Governor Wike thanked the Nigerian Army for capturing the suspected cultist.

“The Army has captured Bobrisky of Gokana. I will pay the bounty that I promised to the Nigerian Army.

“Anyone who generates insecurity in Rivers State, I am ready to pay any amount to ensure the arrest of that person”.

Governor Wike called on community leaders to supply information to the State Security council on criminals in their communities for the security agencies to act frontally to reduce crime.

He described Rumuolumeni as one of the flashpoints in the state, where criminals use the waterway as a getaway point. He urged community leaders to cooperate with the State Government to check the activities of cult groups and insecurity in the area.

15 thoughts on “Rivers State Most Deadly Cultist, Bobrisky Of Gokana Arrested By The Army

  1. The criminal wont escape this time ,30m no be beans..whistle blower law should be encouraged to fish out kidnapping and robbery gangs..including the herdsmen.

  2. The Army should be totally involved in fishing out criminals too.

    The police are so corrupt that there is a need of a section or department of the Nigerian army to be involved also in peacekeeping and orderliness in the country and state.

  3. If he was captured within hours, does it mean the army knew the whereabouts of this criminal all the while? Where they waiting for a bounty to be announced before they do their job? Just asking.

  4. Thanks Mr Governor, those idiot don’t want to work, God punish them that are involved in criminality.

  5. Fighting crime is not cheap Northern leaders should apply Governor wike’s ideas in other to capture the leader of Boko Haram and leaders of various kidnapping groups in that rigion. A government that is ready to fight crimes you would know by his actions. Governor Wike has done it again and should be encourage. Weldon Sir.i personally see you as a serous governor.

  6. Some of the Army men and some of the Police men are informer to all this criminals and that’s why it’s so hard to arrest them until when they refused to pay their returns, that’s where they fall a victim

    • Thank you, well said. I have been saying this that there are some traitors among the military might, all they are after is money. Immediately the Governor put a bounty on that fugitive, he was arrested less than 48 hours. Nigerians are the problem of Nigeria.

  7. Congratulations to the Nigerian army keep the good job going.jos too is not left behind from act of cultists.

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