Boko Haram Condemns Aluu Killings: This Is Pure Wickedness – Spokesman Laments

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Oct 13, 2012 – Boko Haram Condemns Aluu Killings: This Is Pure Wickedness – Spokesman Laments

Killer Jihadist sect, Boko Haram has broken its silence over the murder of 4 Uniport students last week’s Friday.

In a statement, Boko Haram’s spokesman said: “This is pure wickedness

The sect advised law enforcement officials to ensure justice is carried out.

Boko Haram also denied any involvement in the killing of over 40 students at Mubi and Adamawa State University.

We have no business with students politics because they’re not our main target. – said the spokesman

Boko Haram vs Aluu 4 Killers – Who better pass?

Very ironic

44 thoughts on “Boko Haram Condemns Aluu Killings: This Is Pure Wickedness – Spokesman Laments

  1. Charcoal calling kettle black.uneducated murderer wey no fit read nd understand koran. We neither need ur sympathy nor advice. Nigeria rebranding starts with U

  2. a killer like Boko Harm calling killer of Uniport, wickedness,what are we going to call the way they kill inocents in Churchs,Markets places,Mosques and schools,God will save us from any forms of Killers.

  3. @shagari u're a very big fool, just face it Islam is they biggest disaster to have happened to man kind and u known it is going to consume more fools like u it pathetic wish someone could help u because u are blind as in.

  4. This is very funny! How can boko haram be condemning the killing in aluu whereas they have wasted so many innocent souls. Ha ha ha ha ha! This report sounds very ridiculous.

  5. It may sound funny, bt its pathetic.. if only bh understand the implication of what the man is saying… ‘charcoal’ n kettle. who is black?

  6. You people must be very stupid. You want to make fun out of everything? Then you are no better than the killers of those boys. If you have nothing to post on your useless blog, then shut it down

  7. Well if BH sees the shere wickedness in this Aluu blood shed then we have now arrived at a crrucible of wich way forward. The first bloodletter should be having a rethink. It is a divine contact for them. BH’s statement is the biggest act of remorse from amongst us in Nigeria. I said it earlier, finally we in the south are not absolved ofculpability in this things.

  8. boko haram should keeo their voice out of this matter. they are looking for way to kill more people. there is no differrence between this villagers and boko haram. I read d chief of d village is alhaji. u never can tell d chief may be supporting boko haram finacially. bird of d same feather flock together. if boko haram like let them bomb d entire village but pls don, t kill more student.

  9. The bible says “when you see things where they are not supposed to be, know ye that the end is near”. for b/h to condemn killing, who knows if their end is fast approaching

  10. Bokoooooooooooooooooooo………..i dom talkam say, e get wetin una dey high….dis one non b ogogoro high at all….d armnesty FED go give una na to take all una members go mental institution for cure……Anyway, u guys just won the best joke of the year……I cant stop laughing…..BOKO, conderming allu 4 killing? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…………satan himself dey talk…..

  11. Hahahahahahaha… Nigeria is a Comedy… Hahaaaaaaa… Happenings in Nigeria, e don reach to write books.. Episode 1 to 1billion

  12. Y don't u people see senses in dis Boko Harram comment….Seriously…..dis really sho'z dem sef still ave a little human feelinz….did u people kno dat Boko Harram onli use Bomb to kill in d name of Religion but ALUU ppl….Wat did dey kill for? Nothin….GOD WILL JUDGE ALL OF DEM.

  13. Ds is absolute madness. Probably, the boko murderer took some ogogoro. Kettle that is in the same category wit pot calling pot black? Drama, drama. God of vegeance must visit all of them.

  14. Whatever the situration maybe,i believe he was touched the way those boys are murder. By the way i totally believe that they main aims is not for students because i believe if there aims are students by now many of our institution may have suffer so uch in their hand.. They business is btw them and Govt. But all we need is peace boko haram pls

  15. I am sure ur eyes are open now? dat is the kind of killing u ve bn doing. now that u ve realise urself, give peace a chance in nigeria. we want peace. it is not by killings u will achieve ur desire. You are rather killing the future on nigeria socially and economically. live nigeria alone BH. We are peace loving pple pls.

  16. Boko Haram. Boko Haram. Boko Haram, hw many tym did i call u pples, three tym Abi. enulf s a enulf as u pples as confirm us nw, dat also show dat we too cnt kill. so gv peace a chance. b4 we snt those ALUU men to u pples

  17. my humble advice is simple, since they have come to term rearlity, i solemnly plead with them to henceforth sheet their sword and allow peace loving naigerians to enjoy the peace.

  18. this is a clear indication that the days of reckoning is by the corner, the condenmination of the aluu jungle justics imports alot of implications. The almighty God is really at work in Nigeria, and we must be emancipated.

  19. Dis bharams are d most senseless pple i have ever seen. They are condeming Aluu 4 killing four students . What abt d thousands dat they bharams have killed. They are talking trash.

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