Boko Haram Gunmen Attacked Kano Police Station Today

boko haram attack kano today

Jan 31st, 2013 – Boko Haram Latest Attack In 2013: Gunmen Bombed Kano Police Station Today

Hours after their ceasefire promise, some gunmen suspected to be Boko Haram militant attacked a police station in Kano today, Thursday the 31st of January, 2013.

According to PM news, the gunmen killed a policeman and a civilian today.

“We lost a policeman in the attack and the body of a civilian was also found around the police station but it is still not clear if he was among the gunmen or a resident caught in crossfire,” Kano State police spokesman Magaji Majia said.

He said the attackers had stormed the police station in the town of Bunkure, 40 kilometres from Kano late Wednesday and engaged policemen in a shootout.

The attackers hurled explosives into the police station which destroyed a section of the building, he said.

Majia refused to say if the gunmen were from the Boko Haram Islamist sect blamed for scores of deadly attacks in northern and central Nigeria that have claimed some 3,000 lives, including killings by security agents.

The attack came just days after a purported Boko Haram commander declared a ceasefire on behalf of the group, although there are doubts if he was speaking for the group which has various factions.

5 thoughts on “Boko Haram Gunmen Attacked Kano Police Station Today

  1. It is glaring dat ds boko boys are stupid set of people. My advice goes to security personnel not 2 relent and be more at alert in their struggle 2 fish-out ds hoodlums. I pray God wl hlp dm 2ru

  2. Dis stupid gunmen dat cal thier self boko haram, u pple had claimed so many lives, dont ever tink d creator whom u referd as God of d christien is sleepg. Ur days ar numberd

  3. Surely, very soon you (Boko Haram) will regret everything u’ve done. We ‘ll start by taking ur brothers here in the south too!!! Watchout Boko Haram!!

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