Boko Haram Terrorist Gives Life To Christ At Winners Chapel Church After 2 Foiled Suicide Bombings

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October 5, 2016 – Boko Haram Terrorist Turns Born Again At Winners Chapel Church In Kaduna After 2 Foiled Suicide Bombings

Boko Haram Militant Surrendered His Life To Christ At Living Faith Church In Kaduna After His Bomb Refused To Explode 

A Boko Haram terrorist has finally surrendered his life to Christ at a Living Faith Church in Kaduna.

According to Bishop David Oyedepo, the agent was sent to bomb a branch of the Living Faith Church in Kaduna but on getting to the church, his bomb refused to detonate.

He then sent his wife to attack the same church with bomb concealed in a diaper and the bomb refused to go off. She returned home to tell him the same story.

The terrorist later surrendered himself to Christ at the same church.

He is now among the committed worker at the church.

This testimony was shared by Bishop Davido Oyedepo during the midweek service at Canaanland Ota today Wednesday the 5th of October 2016.

This is nothing but the raw hand of God.

6 thoughts on “Boko Haram Terrorist Gives Life To Christ At Winners Chapel Church After 2 Foiled Suicide Bombings

  1. If I am a member of that congregation Iwould react with utmost suspicion towards this guy in the same way early Christians reacted when they learnt Saul whose name was changed to Paul had converted to Christianity………. Until he proves himself truly repentant. It is difficult to bring out hand and shake former boko a beg !!!

  2. so he tried to detonate bomb and the bomb refuse to, now did he bring the Bomb t proof his story? if yes why not arrest him by the police?

    he cannot be trusted, giving him position in the Church does not make sense to me, yes I know he will win souls for Christ but he should been arrested get more information’s from him by our secret services, then if they want to let him go ok, but with whole story I really dont believe it

  3. One thing I love about Nigerians is there power of forgiveness…how can the public just accept this beast just like that..after taken much lives…imagine if this guy really repent and die now him go make heaven and the other people wey him deny repentance go rot in hell…oh…how I wish I have the power to change somethings

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