Bola Shagaya Muslim Son, Seun Bakare Converts To Christianity To Marry Osinbajo’s Daughter, Damilola

bola shagaya son converts to christianity marry osinbajo daughter

Feb 14, 2018 – Hajia Bola Shagaya Muslim Son, Seun Bakare Converts To Christianity, Set To Marry Vice President Yemi Osinbajo’s First Daughter, Damilola Osinbajo

It has now been confirmed that the beautiful lady getting set to marry in Vice President Yemi Osinbajo’s family is Damilola Osinbajo.

Damilola, the elder sister of Kiki Osinbajo will be getting married to Shamsideen Oluwaseun Bakare, the son of Abuja  socialite Hajiya Bola Muinat Shagaya next month.

shamsideen bakare Shamsideen

According to a friend of Mr Bakare, he was a devout Muslim who fell in love Oluwadamilola Osinbajo at a Valentine’s day party in Abuja last year.

His love for Damilola reportedly gave him more passion to serve Christ.

Our source said before he proposed to her, he dumped Islam and converted to Christianity.

Shamsideen who has since adopted the name Oluwaseun is a dedicated worker in the Redeemed Christian Church of God in Abuja where he now works as a Sunday School teacher.

Though many are of the opinion that Shamsideen converted to Christianity to woo Oluwadamilola, but the bride-to-be parents were quick to quench the tension generated by the report.

Vice President Osinbajo officially announced their upcoming wedding on Instagram and Twitter yesterday.

Damilola is the eldest daughter of Prof Yemi Osinbajo while Shamsideen is the third child of Bola Shagaya.

Their wedding ceremony will hold on March 15, 16 & 17 in Abuja.

31 thoughts on “Bola Shagaya Muslim Son, Seun Bakare Converts To Christianity To Marry Osinbajo’s Daughter, Damilola

  1. I pity this girl, she has made the wrong choice. Most Muslim men do it all the time and by the time he married her, he will show his true colour.
    Osinbajo is a failed pastor

  2. Abeg wetin this pretty damsel see for that baba mai gemu bodi o? the guy’s religion is fully written on his face and forehead.You can hardly see them smile talkless of laughter.Abeg where our pastor and VP dey o?i have questions i want him to provide answers to.

  3. See dat groom’s first photo like Boko Haram member face. Abi bachelors don finish for the Redeemed Christian Church of God Church? this marriage no go last samsam

  4. stop this talking talking, wish them happy married life, 2 young beautiful people fall in love and want to marry,everything Religion or tribe. but you people forget,both of then are yoruba, majority of yoruba dont care of marry with 2 religion,cos in all family you get 3 religion, some follow christianity, some islam and some our traditional some even join all together. he is not Boko Harm,Bola their mother she is full blood yoruba and their father is full blood yoruba. forget it,in my house we have 2 religion christianity and islam, you follow what you want,none of anybody wahala,i stop doing islam for many years, i go to church,simply because of this killing in name of religion, not all muslims is terrorist,but all terrorist are muslims,that reason i drop out,afterall, fulanis gave yoruba this Religion 150ys,ago.yoruba are simple going people,is even few from kwara that put Religion on their head, just because of too much fulanis amoung them,rest yoruba town or city,we dont care too much,that reason we cant blow ourself up, like those animal in far north, yoruba are nr. 1 faaji tribe in naija and all Africa. where i stay before muslims yoruba are majority, now out of 100, maybe 7-9 still in that Religion.all rest people have move to Christianity,cos no day ,you wont here muslims blow their self and innocent up.we all sit down, and ask our self what kind of Religion is this, we make up our mind and move maybe Oluwaseun too want to change, not only because he fall in love with this pretty gal.nobody kill you,if you change your religion,in yoruba land, try it in far North, is death,so close your mouth and wish them happy married life.child out of wedlock yoruba muslims do it and no body kill you,the man stil give his child nameing, in north,they dont do that, we dont care,i just try to give you some e.g, about yoruba muslims, we are total didfferent from those muslims in far north,that kill in God and Religion name.

    • mulikat,u are lying. is George bush a Muslim? what of Charles tailor? pls read abt d history n origin of terrorism in d world.Again,Islam did not come to south west tru d north! its tru Mali. go and ask why it is called esin IMOLE. don’t just assume n conclude,make findings bfo posting wrong th….

    • You are really misguided!you ran out of light to darkness! One thing I can believe from you that!”you are more interested in ligion that offer free sex,and is more of secular life, as you consider PRAYER,FASTING,ZAKKAT…a heavy burden!.
      My brother, you are brainly ill, saying that “All Terrist are Muslim”
      Let me ask you!a few out of thousands questions.
      1 Was the Muslim caused the first world war?
      2 was the Muslim cause the second world war?
      3 was Hitler a Muslim?
      4 here in Nigeria was Ojuku a Muslim? as he ruled the most deadliest civil war in Nigeria.
      5 Was Tutsi and Hutu in Rwanda a Muslim?
      I even doubt of your Claim been a Muslim before.
      Note:Muslim only fight to repel and Muslim are not such a ninnies to their hands while maltreated!

  5. I am wondering what Pastor and Politician have in common,especially a place like Nigeria, my point is Nigeria VP must be a confuse man.

    For the couple,may God bless your union…on the last day,everyone on his/her own before our creator.

  6. Its strange when pastors we all respect suddenly change rules because its them that is involved, we were thought in RCCG that you dont marry a muslim, he may have converted to Christianity just to get you, at the end he goes back to Islam what would u do at that stage. With all the years this lady has spend in RCCG up till 2017,she didn’t see any worthy bachelor to Mary?? Im not here to quote scriptures, so oshinbajo feels 11 calender month is enough to get born again, sanctified, go through believers class, workers in training, doctrinal teaching in RCCG, and suddenly become a sunday school teacher to mary her christian daughter who must have used several years to go through those classes and study to build and make her what she is today, i wish them well, as a pastor in RCCG we are praying for them and watching too, we hope its not a marriage to cement anything.

  7. Lugah,or what you call yourself. the mali people that bring the,Islam ,are they not Fulanis,abeg i have A1 in History,go sit down, we yoruba are total didfferent when comes to Religion, only few ones in Kwara state that have few religion things on their head,due to fulanis amoung them.many join all together with our tradition belive Orisa Ibele.all this is Afonja,that sales Ilorin,to fulanis, and 1 day we have our Odudu Rep, we put our yoruba Oba on sit, not fulanis nupe kingdom, same thing happen, fulanis rule as Emir in nupe land.afterall another person wahala you all carry it, happy married life joor .

    • Exactly on point
      Please don’t argue with him, it’s in Yoruba culture not to die or do stupid things in name of religion. Believe me I once told my friends i don’t have any issue marrying a Yoruba Muslim cos he is well educated and informed

    • Mulikat, for u to hav converted to Christianity because u think all terrorist are Muslim shows that u didn’t know what is Islam is. Islam preaches peace and sanctity of human souls.All sorts of killings and suicide bombings are prohibited in islam.

  8. I was a Muslim converted to Christianity , married my wife who is a Christian, now the marriage is 17 years and going strong.
    Damilola has made the right choice

  9. The boy had converted before he met the girl. The boy has his pastor and has been a devoted member of rccg for some time. He is well exposed and he is also a sound decision taker

  10. i dont care if he convert to Christianity or herbalist,what matter here is love …do they love each other to face whatever challenge their marriage may face …religious segment is what it’s crippling Nigeria as a Nation…who has been to heaven or hell fire and come back and tell us what’s happening there..

  11. I believe they must have prayed. In the book of Hosea, God told him to marry an harlot. Hence,if it is God’s will, it will surely succeed. Let help the family in prayer.

  12. Converting to Christianity because of marriage doesn’t sound like the right motive though God can use any means to save a soul. But my main concern is the fact that the new convert is now teaching Sunday school at a Redeemed Church in Abuja. I wonder which Sunday school lessons the man is teaching having just converted in about a year ago.

  13. I dont understand the VP and his family as members of Redeem. I dont think their religion permits them to marry other denomination especially muslims. Of course the Shagayas are rich. I am sure if his daughter was marrying a poor muslim he would have kicked against it.
    I wish them happy married life.

  14. Bola the grooms mother is an arranger,it’s just a means to sort that out,she had never allowed anyone to get married to her children only the rich and political class, Omo Marun Baba Merin. She always penetrate the presidency to share his sons. Well that’s her luck.Everything is prepackaged by innate selfishness she shares her sons to children of high and mighty. Se o Bowo Nile ni? Owo atijo. We know the stories.

  15. @ Mon you’re wrong, it’s time Men of God (Pastor etc) joins politics for proper direction and to show good leadership to their citizens, since our present leaders are confused for the way forward. We need leaders who can save Nigeria.

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