Bolanle Ninalowo Wife Bunmi Ninalowo Bleaches Skin, Gets Butt Implant To Adopt Dencia’s Look

bunmi ninalowo bleached skin butt implants

Bolanle Ninalowo Wife Bunmi Ninalowo Whitens Skin, Undergoes  Tummy Tuck & Butt Implant Surgeries To Adopt Dencia’s Look

See What Bolanle Ninalowo’s Wife Did To Get Her Runaway Husband Back

Nollywood actor Bolanle Ninalowo who dumped his wife, Bunmi in Atlanta last year has officially apologized to her.

bolanle ninalowo

According to sources in the know, Bunmi who before their separation put on weight due to child birth has now adopted the look of an ideal Cinderella that men always want to date.

To crown it all, she has bleached her skin with chemical and has went under the knife to shape up her backside.

Her new figure reportedly forced her husband to have a change of mind and apologize quickly.

Check out the latest video of Bunmi below.

Pay close attention to her leg and hands…

Oh my… Bolanle Ninalowo’s wife now looks like Dencia…

bunmi ninalowo dencia

Are African men forcing their women to undergo butt implant.

According to an insider, Bunmi is not the type that will naturally undergo such implant, someone must have talked her into it.

Hope she knows the side effect of such body modification surgical procedure.

bunmi ninalowo butt implant

We are happy they are now back together.

My source said most of her friends  in Atlanta prefer her natural look to her newly adopted “Oyinbo by force” look.

The difference is crystal clear.

bunmi ninalowo before after surgery
bunmi ninalowo bleached skin

Ladies, can you do what Bunmi did to get your runaway husband back?.

17 thoughts on “Bolanle Ninalowo Wife Bunmi Ninalowo Bleaches Skin, Gets Butt Implant To Adopt Dencia’s Look

  1. seems like that silicone implant is becoming cheap..let her do lip implant,face implant that will make her look like beyonce..our role models

  2. She is ugly as hell.
    I will rather marry her before she turned into living micahel Jackson.
    Is she insane?.

    • Yes a Michael Jackson want to be
      Then she can’t dance have no rhythm at all
      She looks sick

  3. If Bolanle was the one that pushed her to this then he just a fan. How can you turn a beautiful black woman into a living ghost.
    Her new look will scare my children

  4. I don’t know where some girls get the idea that men’s are fond of women who are light skin or butt implant. I think it the complex that worries them. Why can’t you preserve yourself to natural beauty that you have been created of and let men love you the way they see you. When you are tired of these make up and your artificial beauty is not there no more then, your man will tend to loose interest in you because you have changed yourself completely from your natural look.

    To enjoy a relationship, a man must love you for who you are. There are lots of white folks who are just interested in dating black beauty girls. Have you forgotten the old saying that “Black is beautiful”?.

  5. This woman is one million percent better in the “Before” picture than the after. What is wrong with our Nigerian & Ghanaian women? please stop destroying yourselves in the name of bleaching and implants. The White people are laughing at Black women of Africa.

  6. She lack confidence in herself, let her continue posting on instagram, the man is dating a beautiful lady in Europe.

  7. Yes a Michael Jackson want to be
    Then she can’t dance have no rhythm at all
    She looks sick

  8. When you’re trying to be what you’re not, you’ll loose the essence of who you are. Balanle cannot encourage her to bleach her skin because he does not like smelly girls. He cannot also encourage her to go through a knife. She’s doing these for her American boyfriend. Her legs are now black. Let’s sit back and watch how the cookie crumble! “Repercussions” is she even educated? Education is vital though!!

    • I agree….I personally think that women that alter their body has low self esteem issues.. Many of them think it is sexy to have over the top hips and breast…and they also think that all men want that…Bolanle’s wife or ex has falling into thinking that he will love her more if she gets a bigger butt, bleaches skin will keep him…I think that she has falling into the web of plastic surgery to win her man back…Bolanle seems like his interest is more into inner beauty than outer…getting plastic surgery will not keep a man… I personally think I is not sexy to alter your body to the extreme to where you do not look natural…if I was his wife…I would make sure he is in love with my inner beauty more than my outer beauty..I would want him to showcase me as his brilliant, caring, loving backbone and etc….

  9. I am confused… the media is saying that they are divorced, separated, married… which one is it…why would she want to even bleach her skin? And get butt implants…to me it seems that she is trying to win him back by enhancing herself the wrong way….the photos on Bolanle’s Instagram of them being a loving couple seems to be staged to me. He seems more close to his daughter than her…

  10. Posts on Internet say they are divorced…are they that loving couple or just business partners?..I’ve also seen post about him asking women for money…i think his wife or ex has low self esteem for herself…people think that light skin is the best and that’s what men want…bleaching your skin and getting butts implants that look abnormal is ugly and ridiculous. She looked better before surgery…you can tell that she is fake now..

  11. It is a shame women mess themselves up for a man. Bolanle talks to all kinds of women, including myself. He is frontin on Instagram flaunting his wife or ex whatever she is baby mama? He seeks stardom on Instagram, She is just a show for the stage. He will continue to be a player. I hope she knows she got a player for life! And when her skin starts to get blotches and that ass drop….He is Gone!!!!!!

    • Amen…Bolanle isn’t the rich actor people thinkers he is…he has a net worth of $41,000… he’ll I’m richer than he is…I don’t understand how his wife or baby mama enjoy being flaunted and this man lives in Nigeria for ten years without her and she visits and is portrayed as the loving couple…please!!…we as black people need to stop bleaching their skin to look whiter… a man will dump your ass not matter how pretty, how light or how big you ass is.. if he’s a player that is what he is period… who knows if they are really married…he’ll I can be his wife too!

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