The Book That Predicted Coronavirus (2020 Prediction From Eyes Of Darkness)

the book that predicted coronavirus

The Book That Predicted Coronavirus..2020 Prediction From The Eyes Of Darkness By Dean Koontz

On Corona Virus ‘Prediction”

Consider this; humans are the most populous large mammal on Earth today, and probably in all geological history. With a population of 7.6 billion individuals on a planet that can and should sustain only around 4.5 billion, some experts have asked if the Earth can continue to support this much indefinitely? What will happen if man does nothing to manage future population growth and total resource use, they ask? And in attempt to answer ecological, political and ethical questions like these ones, some have been inspired to push various proposals to solving the “problem” of our species’ ecological footprint on this planet…

coronavirus prediction book

Contraceptives, deliberate and covert sterilization of unsuspecting masses in the name of immunization, war, famine, *biological weapons*, etc are just a few…

With a book like the one attached to this post, written over 35 years ago, are we here seeing a real prediction of the corona virus or is it just an insider giving off a little info of what the “owners” of earth plan to do to mankind?.

wuhan 400 prediction

While this piece of information is not intended to cause a scare, it is actually intended to call as many people as read it to caution….and please do always remember to say a prayer for our planet and her people, as we continue to watch event unfold…

the eyes of darkness coronavirus prediction

God bless you.

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