Man Turns Into Snake After Giving 5 US Dollars To School Boy

boy turns into snake US$5

Feb 15, 2013 – Man Turns Into A Deadly Snake After Giving $5 US Dollars To School Boy In Zimbabwe

There was panic in Kuwadzana yesterday afternoon when rumours circulated that a snake had mysteriously entered a Grade Two pupil’s tummy after he got US$5 worth of ‘miracle money’ from a stranger. The minor (name withheld) is said to have picked a R2 coin before meeting the man whom later gave him a US$5 note.

Claims are that the man, in white robes, mysteriously appeared in front of the boy at the school and handed the minor US$5 before disappearing with the boy and later turning into a snake, which got into the boy’s mouth. Our news crew visited the boy’s parents where upon arrival, residents and school children had mobbed the child’s lodgings (address provided) jostling to haven a glimpse of the boy who had to be locked into another room by his father.

The father left his house and took refuge at a neighbour’s houe to divert attention from his son, who was complaining of stomachaches.

The father also wanted to address members of the crowd who might have something to offer. Some were pleading to give parents advice to help the boy and others claimed to be members of some apostolic sects who had dealt with similar problems.

Father to the little boy, Pedzisai, said he was equally confused as to what had happened to his son. However, he looked convinced that something out of the ordinary had indeed happened to his son. And whatever it is was proved serious enough to make him rush his son to Highfield – tailed by a huge crowd – where he received some prayers.

“I was at home when two pupils came here saying my son had picked a 2 Rand coin which later turned into a US$5 note. Reports are that a certain man in white robs appeared and handed him the money and disappeared with him. The man was said to have turned into a snake which later entered his tummy through the mouth. He is currently complaining of stomach pains. We rushed him to Highfield, with a huge crowd following and there, it was CONFIRMED that it had indeed happened,” said

Pedzisai who sounded convinced that indeed a snake had entered into his son. Our news crew managed to talk to the little boy but he denied picking up the 2 Rand coin.

I did not pick the coin but I passed near it and some boys started  shouting that I had picked the coin. I do not want to learn there again,” he said.

The father said he wants to transfer his son from Kuwadzana 5 council Primary School.

I went to the school and demanded him out. He was just crying and confused as he was being pulled in different directions with some pupils shouting at him,” he said.

Mother to the boy, Lucia said: “He is just saying he has stomach pains but he is ok. He is denying picking the coin. He has told me three times that he does not want to go to the school again.”

Another source however claimed that after the snake incident, the minor returned to class, acting strangely and head butted another pupil who bled but the blood was never seen. Angry parents were baying for the blood of the headmistress who was reportedly out of office.

“There is something with that school as another pupil also acted funny in the past,” a parent said.

The school deputy head, Mrs Gunje dispelled the claims saying: “Nothing of the sort happened here. Everything is progressing well and the child ws even denying such claims.”

Many different versions of the story were reported and some were even taking the matter as far as linking it to the much controversial ‘miracle money’.

“I once told people who love freebies so much that one day they will get into trouble with this miracle money thing. Now you see miracle money has turned into a snake. Nhamo inamo zvayo miracle money idyai mega,” said a man in his early 20s after My Zimbabwe asked what had taken place.

However, considering the way the boy was so afraid and looked traumatised, it was pretty evident and painted all over that some so mysterious had taken place. So dreaded was the young boy that he didn’t want to mention anything about the snake. All he could freely saw was that he doesn’t want to go back to that school.

[Credit: MyZimbabwe]

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  1. you are right boma, i agree with you i just want to believe that, that should have been the fault of the parents of that littel boy. because i also remember the bible make it clear, that parents should train up a child, in the way of GOD so that, when he grow he or she will not depart from that training.?

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