Brunei PM Bans Public Christmas Celebration To Prevent Muslims From Converting To Christianity

brunei banned christmas

December 21, 2015 – Brunei PM Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah Bans Public Christmas Celebration To Prevent Muslims From Converting To Christianity

Public celebration of Christmas has been banned in Oil rich Brunei, a tiny nation on the island of Borneo.

Brunei PM banned public celebrations of Christmas, wearing of Santa’s hats and costumes to protect the Islamic faith, thereby preventing Muslims from converting to Christianity.

Anyone caught violating the rule will spend 5 years in jail.

This is what Brunei Ministry of Religious Affairs said:

“These enforcement measures are … intended to control the act of celebrating Christmas excessively and openly, which could damage the aqidah (beliefs) of the Muslim community”

The statement said non-Muslims disclosing or displaying Christmas celebrations violated the penal code which prohibits propagating religion other than Islam to a Muslim.

This is the height of religious intolerance.

26 thoughts on “Brunei PM Bans Public Christmas Celebration To Prevent Muslims From Converting To Christianity

  1. I am a pity to all of you wey are say una be moslem.
    Is a pure thing say una no de give pipul chance. But
    every time you are lie say na peace weyris means by Islam.
    Peace weyris no gree make I do chrismas na peace? Is a wayo peace.

  2. the next world war (3rd world war) will be religious based. within the next ten yrs. the level of religious intolerance is very high among world leaders from both xtianity and Islam today………08057323826

  3. That is 1 of the reason i will vote AFD in Germany, to send back all this arab muslims coming from war country to Germany and Europe,cos we dont need that kind of madness here. u welcome them,with open hand,free food, health ,house e.t.c they want to rule over u,by force. they came to christian country allowed to build their Religion house, no body stop them, in their country u cant have 1 for ur own religion.

    • This is another problem. One man made a decision base on his whim but you blame the entire religion. Have you no sense?. You should rather justify from your Bible why xmas must be celebrated….but obviously you cant because Jesu christy did not approve of it.

  4. I disagree with the president’s move. Celebrating xmas can not convert anyone. Xmas has been around always. Whatever his grievance is should not be detrimental to Christianity in the country.

    As for comments on this board, can you christians sincerely pinpoint approval of xmas celebration in your Bible approved by Jesus(p)?. Not even Orthodox Christianity celebrate xmas on Dec 25th. It’s well documented that December 25th was the birth of a devil called “mithra”. What prime minister should do is encourage religious knowledge of muslims in school and to avoid celebrating xmas as muslims. I understand he didnt ban xmas but he minimizes publicity.

    The two major festivals in islam are backed by the Quran but bible doesnt sanctioned xmas and Christianity altogether. My opinion is prime minister needs not stoop this low to banning public xmas celebration even though it’s a majority muslim country. I am a muslim myself.

  5. Absolute abuse of power and office. Don’t people have a right to choose their religion? If you as Muslims are doing the right things, why do you fear that people would convert to Christianity? The truth shall prevail, whether or not we like it. God is capable of fighting his battles, nobody can fight God’s battles for him.

  6. But **** was not born in December and **** was a good Muslim,he knew nothing about Christianity,Christianity was cunningly fashioned by his avowed enemy so borrow yourself some brain and read your bible very well if you’re but a knowledgeable entity!

  7. Okay naijagists, you can do justice by kindly posting Jewish leaders in Israel banning celebration of Christmas in Israel.

    They said there is no room for such celebration in Israel. Below is a link for the article.

    I know you may not publish the link but at least publish a thread about call for banning xmas in Israel by Israeli Jews. When you do that, I want to see how these same christian people who condemned Islam will react to this. I want to see if they would do likewise to Judaism.

    Thank you

  8. @Amanda,Christians in the whole world set aside 25th December to celebrate the birth of JESUS CHRIST. It is not written in the bible as you said (yes I agree). But this Prime Minister has hidden agenda against Christian in that country because I can’t believe Christmas celebration by Christians can convert muuslim to Christianity is absolute rubbish aand arrand nonsence.

    • I understand what you mean by unanimous consensus but remember orthodox Christians do not celebrate in December 25th. Historically, what was born on December 25th was a devil called mithra.

      Jesus’s birthday is obviously unknown. Those who picked December 25th are the same people known today as Illuminati/freemasonry etc. You and i know these people are devil worshipers. It’s high time you make a U-turn and seek repentance from God Almighty.

      As for Brunei PM, he seems to be sick in the head. Thats’ all ima say

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