Buhari Comments On Saraki’s Corruption Trial, Says Senate’s Vote Of Confidence Can’t Stop CCT

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September 30, 2015 – Senate’s Vote Of Confidence Can’t Stop Saraki’s Corruption Trial – Buhari

By NaijaGists.com

President Buhari yesterday in New York said he will not interfere with the ongoing trial of the Senate President before the CCT (Code of Conduct Tribunal).

Buhari said he will allow the court process to run its course.

Saraki is currently facing a 13-count corruption charge before CCT for false assets declaration and money laundering. The case has been fixed for October 21- 23.

Saraki’s supporters are said to be pleading with emirs and other prominent citizens to put in a word for the Senate president. But Buhari told The Nation in an interview that it would be an impeachable offence if he intervened.

See excerpts from the interview:

The Senate president is facing alleged false assets declaration allegations but you’ve been aloof from the case. What is your position on the issue?

“What has the President got to do with it as a person? The case is in court. Do Nigerians expect me to tell the Chief Justice to tell whichever court that they shouldn’t try the Senate president?

“Do Nigerians know about the constitution of their own country?

The judiciary, the legislature and the executive have got their own roles within the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Then, how do they expect me to interfere? I can be successfully impeached if I do it.

Today in Abuja, at least 82 senators passed a vote of confidence on the Senate President. That is a significant number of senators. However, Nigerians will like to know, as the president, how confident are you in the senate president?

That would depend on the outcome of the court’s decision.

5 thoughts on “Buhari Comments On Saraki’s Corruption Trial, Says Senate’s Vote Of Confidence Can’t Stop CCT

    • He is shameless, in western world he would have resigned, i wonder how such a lawless being will be making law, his overconfidence killed him in his hometown(from Fame to Shame), what else is he expecting, I just wish the judiciary system wont mess this whole thing up, a scapegoat in high place is required for others to know the scores that Nigeria s no business as usual

  1. Those corrupt animals that passed Vote of Confidence while Saraki was going through false assets declaration trial are shameless and national thieves that are afraid of going through similar trials for their own frauds. They will not even allow justice to take its place before shamelessly and publicly coming out to defend their fellow crooks. These are bounce of criminals that have been paying themselves over N200 millions in salaries and allowance annually at the expense of millions of suffering Nigerians. Some of them have been sitting in the Senate and House for more than 16 years with nothing good done in term of legislation to help common Nigerian people. How can any reasonable legislators passed a Vote of confidence while a colleague is going through criminal trial? Some of these animals in human flesh even abandoned their civil duties to Nigerian people by following criminal Saraki to trial last week . They are the reason why our nation is so backward underdeveloped, and ridicule around the globe. I thank God that President Mohammed Buhari is the current Nigerian Commander in Chief. PMB has prevented those animals from looting Nigeria dry through their jumbo pay ever since taking office. They can pass their dubious and ridiculous laws to stop Saraki’s prosecution, but they will never succeed. They are shameless animals in human bodies.

  2. These unscrupulous law makers taught they were still under Jonathan administration when they will coax him to give an order to release some criminals without following the rules of law. Jonathan did that a lot where he allowed some rogues walked freely out of the court room based on order from the above. Buhari is not ready to do that. These law breakers suppose to have gotten this in their thick skull by now that president has nothing to do with CCB. They should have helped him better by trying to secure him the best lawyer in Nigeria. It is shameful that those who called themselves lawmakers are so ignorant about law. Whether you like it or not this cleaning process will continue for the next four years. It is left for you all to decide if you are going abide by the rules or you resign your position after all, you are just getting paid for the job you knew nothing about. We now have Pharaoh who never knew your Joseph shameless people.

  3. I just pity Sen Saraki. They are pushing him now the way they pushed GEJ. Now GEJ said he is hiding until d death of Mama HID brought him out. Why not learn frm others’ bitter xperience

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