Buhari Slammed For Promising To Help Ghana Fight Corruption

buhari help ghana fight corruption

Former aide to GEJ, Reno Omokri has come after President Buhari who recently promised to help Ghana fight corruption.

In a social media post, Omokri wondered how Buhari intends to help rid Ghana of corruption when corruption has doubled in Nigeria.

See his tweet below:

“Dear President Nana Akufo-Addo.

“@NAkufoAddo, I gather President Buhari promised to teach Ghana how to fight corruption.

“Can a man without hair teach you how to comb your hair? Transparency International says corruption has increased in Nigeria under Buhari! Is this your teacher?

“Expecting Buhari to improve your situation is like expecting a man who couldn’t pass mathematics to teach you how to pass additional mathematics.

“Spin him however you like, but you can’t point to one thing in his life that Buhari has ran successfully. I’m sorry. Truth is bitter!”

Nigerians should at least appreciate Buhari’s kind gesture even if he can’t accomplish it.**Lol**

3 thoughts on “Buhari Slammed For Promising To Help Ghana Fight Corruption

    • They are laughing at the possibility of Nigeria helping Ghana to fight kwarupsion. Even the Ghanian president knows its a very stupid joke

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