Buhari’s Corruption Crackdown In Effect, 22 Cars Seized From Ex-Governor Yuguda’s 4 Wives

buhari anti corruption crackdown

June 19, 2015 – Buhari’s Anti Corruption Campaign In Effect, 22 Cars Seized From Ex-Bauchi Governor Yuguda’s 4 Wives

Less than a month after he took power, President Buhari has started his anti corruption campaign.

The current state on his radar is Bauchi. The State Government has seized 22 luxury vehicles stolen from the state by former Governor Isa Yuguda. These vehicles were recovered from his wives.

11 cars were taken from the home of Yuguda’s first wife, 4 from the second one while the rest are still locked up inside a mansion, Yuguda bought for his youngest wife, the former First Lady of Bauchi State, Nafisat Yuguda.

She is currently out of the country.

In line with Buhari’s anti corruption agenda, the new Governor of the State, Mohammed Abubakar, has promised to get back all funds and property that were allegedly looted during the past administration.

9 thoughts on “Buhari’s Corruption Crackdown In Effect, 22 Cars Seized From Ex-Governor Yuguda’s 4 Wives

  1. Before they kill him like they did to Yar adua, this man will have finish them. I pray for long life to you sir buhari

  2. How on earth will a rural state of Bauchi’s Governor be so heartless and less compassionate towards his poor subjects.? Bauchi is completely a rural state with animal herds still grazing in the heart of town, When will these selfish and greedy northern rural states’ Governors lift their people out of poverty. Governor Yuguda’s reckless behaviour is what breed jobless muslim extremist youth taking arms to settle their frustrations on northern elites like Governor Yuguda. What for God’s sake is Governor Yuguda doing with 22 exotic cars, using public money meant for the development of ordinary poor Bauchians to acquire cars to satify his lust for women. When will Nigeria ever get it right with these greedy animals parading as Governors.???

  3. Is a complete shame. I pray that God will have mercy on this heartless character. Even if is 22 keke. Is it not too much. You know once they are in this their secret cult, there sense of reasoning elude them. Shame to him as a man, and to the character that call herself a mother using 11 cars for what.

  4. I will admit that Buhari is here for change if he will also sanction or probe APC Governors,or is the change agenda only for pdp members?don’t be deceived.

  5. Thanks Mr. President for being economical. How I wish these spare no expense Governors can emulate you.

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