Bukola Adeeyo: I Kept My Husband Identity Private For Personal Reasons, Odunlade Is Not My Lover

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August 18, 2017 – Bukola Adeeyo: I Kept My Husband Identity Private For Personal Reasons, Odunlade Is My Boss & Not My Baby Daddy

Nollywood actress Bukola Adeeyo has finally responded to the most asked question about her relationship with her industry boss, Odunlade Adekola.

The mother of one took to the social media on Wednesday to debunk the report that Odunlade is the father of her baby girl.

Though the actress took so long to debunk the report, the fact of the matter is that she has saved the day for Odunlade who chose not to debunk the report.

Her words:

Why did it take this long for the two to respond to this viral story? Abi una dey cook something for corner?? Diaris God oooo.

Question of the day: Why do Nollywood actresses hide their partner’s identity from the media?

13 thoughts on “Bukola Adeeyo: I Kept My Husband Identity Private For Personal Reasons, Odunlade Is Not My Lover

  1. if u like disclose ur baby father’s name or not for now ur baby is bastard ,hope is not boss like stella damascus and daniel,adekola wife becareful,i heard yoruba men,bayela men,benue men hate to use condom for sex

  2. Learn to respect people’s decision and being a ****, it’s her personal life, respect or continue with yours as ****** as it is. Why referring to one’s baby as bastard, it sure shows your u*****.

    • Kinda no one’s business if she chose not to disclose baby father’s identify..but weird resemblance in the above picture.
      All good still. .says go into the world and multiple.

  3. The simple answer to your question is that most of them are promiscuous, they only take pleasure in dating other women’s husband so it will be hard for them to show his face. I believe dis Adeeyo of a girl is dating another woman husband. she must be so ashamed of herself now.

  4. she is not saying the truth
    I think it is a planned work.
    Pardon my ignorant, I really do not believe her.

  5. shame on you this girl
    you are not mature enough to even have a child since you can’t give the identity of the father.

  6. You are so thoughtless, reckless and inconsiderate, Mimi, to call another woman’s baby a bastard. Would you like someone to say that about your children? Perhaps you don’t have a child, hence you cannot appreciate that children are precious gifts from God. Ask Wuraola Ogunwusi what she is going through and her desperation to become a mother. For a woman to carry a baby in her womb for 9 months, go through excruciating labor pains and delivery, then some moron calls your baby a bastard? May God forgive you all. Besides, neither Bukola nor Odunlade owe us any explanation for choosing to keep their private lives private. Being actors does not take their rights to having their personal lives away from them and bullying or coercion cannot make them disclose information that is not anyone’s business but theirs alone. Will knowing the baby’s father bring money out of the bank for you or solve your life problems?

  7. Bless you @Lola for your comment. Besides, Nollywood people have a custom all their own. They “reveal ” their lives milestones bit by bit and at times that suit them. We have observed people ” reveal” their families, their husbands, their baby bumps. Their baby’s faces, their new makeover faces, their pierced noses and all sorts of whims and caprices as their fancy dictates. Nobody ever queries why or the rightness of the time those events are planned or executed. The people involved in this instance have every right to savour their happiness and reveal same in their own time or just keep it private without any invasion of their private lives.

  8. People are just so insensitive, its her business if she does not want to reveal the fathers identity. eshogbayin eyin gbeborun

  9. If Nigeria government decide to do DNA on everyone, a lot of women will run away. I don’t know why people like to use panadol on another people’s headache.
    She said Odunlade is not her baby father period, moreover she doesn’t owe anyone any explanation it is her life .Amebo is your hubbie.

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