Chika Ike Rejects Nose Job, Surgery Offer Even After Fans Bullied Her

chika ike nose surgery

December 12, 2016 – Chika Ike Not Doing Any Nose Job, Surgery Even After Fans Bullied Her

The Nollywood diva turned business owner was once bullied by fans for allegedly having an oversized nose and pencil legs, but that didn’t bother her.

In a recent chat with Rita Okoye of Daily Sun, the actress said she is beautifully made and therefore doesn’t need any image enhancement surgical procedure.

When asked if she plans to go under the knife soon, the actress said:

10 thoughts on “Chika Ike Rejects Nose Job, Surgery Offer Even After Fans Bullied Her

  1. Yes you are beautifully made. What and who defines beauty anyway? Some years gone by, I understand African thick lips was not considered beautiful but today every race is performing surgery to have “fuller lips”. Imagine going under the knife to change one of your natural features only to discover that the new trend favours the look you paid heavily to throw away?

    Just shaking my head in exasperation about human follies!!!

  2. Thank you Chika for rejecting to go under knife to enhance your image. Those who do plastic surgery don’t know that they have to follow it up with check ups and once they stop they start to have problems. A very good example are those who go for breast enlargement. Chika, you are beautifully made.

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