Chung Hong-Won Resigns: South Korean PM Quits Over Sewol Ferry Accident That Killed Over 300


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April 28, 2014 – Chung Hong-Won Resigns: South Korean PM Quits Over Sewol Ferry Accident That Killed Over 300

The PM of South Korea has tendered his resignation over a tragic ferry disaster that left over 300 cruise passengers dead.

He tendered his resignation on Sunday with a sincere apology:

“I offer my apology for having been unable to prevent this accident from happening and unable to properly respond to it afterwards,”.

“I believed I, as the prime minister, certainly had to take responsibility and resign.” – he said

The Sewol, a large passenger ferry, capsized with 476 people — many of them schoolchildren — on board when it was en route to the southern resort island of Jeju on April 16.

The confirmed death toll from the tragedy stood Sunday at 187, with 115 unaccounted for.

The government, along with almost all other branches of officialdom, has come in for fierce criticism over the disaster, and the handling of the rescue operation.

“The latest accident left all South Koreans in great shock and sorrow. (Many) days have passed since the accident, but the screams of families of the missing still keep me up at night,” Chung told a nationally-televised press conference.

“Dear South Koreans, this is no time to point fingers at each other but a time to complete rescue operations and properly handle its aftermath. I plead with you to help overcome this difficult situation.

“I sincerely hope that South Koreans and families of the Sewol victims will forgive and understand me for being unable to fulfil my obligations until the end. I beg you once again to rally support (for rescue operations).”

Although all hope of finding survivors has been extinguished, there is still anger and deep frustration among relatives of the missing over the pace of the recovery operation.

All 15 surviving crew members responsible for sailing the vessel are now in custody and face charges ranging from criminal negligence to abandoning passengers.

The official probe has focused on a long delay by the ship’s captain in issuing the evacuation order, as well as on the ferry’s overloaded cargo and possible inaccuracies in the passenger headcount.

Prosecutors have raided a host of businesses affiliated with the ferry operator, the Chonghaejin Marine Company, as part of an overall probe into corrupt management.

The widening investigation has also seen travel bans put on eight current and former executives of the Korea Register of Shipping — the body responsible for issuing marine safety certificates.

“I wanted to resign earlier but handling the situation was the first priority and I thought that it was a responsible act to help before leaving,” said Chung.

“But I’ve decided to resign now not to be any burden on the administration,” he said.

11 thoughts on “Chung Hong-Won Resigns: South Korean PM Quits Over Sewol Ferry Accident That Killed Over 300

  1. if this humble man can quit over just one accident that killed his people then Jonathan must resign with immediate effect

    **name updated to avoid conflict**

  2. Imagine! My dear you are a fool, Just one incident and you resign, come 2 naija, thousands have died and the presido is still campaigning

  3. Ur resignation could b viewd as genuine remorse borne out of humility. Dat is a virtue commendabl. But den I’m still trying 2 figur out exactly Y u quit bcs no mata hw ppl look@dis, I’m conviced dat dis accidnt iznt actually ur 4lt. U cdnt hav been d one who compromised those ferry officials. And so ur resignation, 2me, iznt d very best thing 2 hav done. Odawise oda presidents or prime ministas as simpl as u r could as wel quit office if a truck driver over-loads his vehicle & runs in2a market. And den a father could stop being d head of his family if one of his sons turns out 2b a criminal.
    If ppl, wdout askn questions, alwz giv a straight-up commendation 2dis kind of act, den cowardice may hope 2be honoured one of diz days.

  4. He resigned not only because he was unable to prevent it but because he was unable to respond properly after the occurrence

  5. @Metu, I didnt want 2 comment on diz bt ur comment actualy spurred me up. Ure xpressing my mind tho i wudnt av put it dis way, Tnx. His resignation z plausible tho, lyk u said its a genuine remorse borne out of humility. Bt 2me on d oda hand it shows timidity n cowadice n lack of morale 2 tek responsibility 4 an event one didnt bargain 4.

  6. Don’t even think of it because He resigned because his fellow country men and women died accidentally. But in Nigeria, blood must be shed for the president to be in office, as the blood is our Presidents’ strength, its a do or die affair.

  7. A fool. D height of cowardice. Accidents happen. U’r nt God, xo wats d silly talk abt nt being able to prevent d mishap? Even worse, u aren’t d ferry rider. Nd den, u resign out os “sheer humility” oh,pls.. Who’s sympathy ar u tryin to buy?? Only a fool doz somtin lyk dis. Nd I tell u, its only gowin to be regrets u’d live through for d rest of ur life cuz u did nt fight to remain strong in faith (afta all, u guys ar big tyn traditionalists). I pity u, sir, but I guess its irrevocable nw dat u’v signed off a deed. Lng lyf ahead

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