Church Of Satan Members In Nigeria: List of Nigerian Pastors, Celebrities, Musicians’ Members

church of satan members in nigeria

Updated February 2016 – Church Of Satan Members In Nigeria: List of Nigerian Pastors, Celebrities, Musicians’ Members

The church of Satan was founded on April 30, 1966 by Anton Szandor Lavey. It is a church founded on the belief that Satan should be worshipped and not an outcast banned from heaven as he truly is. The church of Satan members in Nigeria and anywhere else in the world opine that the devil represents pride, freedom and liberty. They use the Satanic bible and believe in it. Currently, research has it that there are a number of Nigerians included in the list of members of church of Satan. On the other hand, I have seen in some forums people wishing: “I want to be a member of church of Satan”.

It is difficult to see the church of Satan members in Nigeria from a reliable source because the church of Satan membership in Nigeria is not usually publicized for fear of being stigmatized or condemned. This does not in any way mean that there are no connected Nigerians who are members themselves or can grant church of Satan members in Nigeria.

For those people who still say “I want to be a member of church of Satan”, I will advise them to look before they leap. Don’t forget that you will be held accountable for your own actions not Satan! Satan already knows his final abode is to rot in hell and he is always looking for partners to join him there.

There are rumors of some popular Nigerian artists who have links with Illuminati and the church of Satan. Well, it is important to have full knowledge before getting into what will lead to eventual destruction. Looking for the church of Satan membership in Nigeria is not the best of choice when it comes to looking for prosperity or breakthroughs in this world.

Yes, Satan may be powerful to meet your needs but never forget that he will demand for something much more important in return.
The story is told of a man who got the church of Satan membership in Nigeria and thought he had gotten the solutions to his problems. Although he became rich and became a respectable man in the society, he got wealth and status at the expense of his manhood and short lifespan. Satan would never give you anything for free because he is to you an open enemy. He drew the battle line with all Adam’s offspring many years back after he was thrown out of paradise by GOD for refusing to bow before Adam, whom the Almighty exalted above every other creature.

Out of jealousy, he caused Adam to disobey GOD and Adam was sent out of Eden, that state of felicity. Who could be your worst enemy than your parent foe? Yes, Satan caused the fall of Adam and there is no way he will want you to see GOD’s favor. He wants you to end up with him in hell!

So, why have you decided to seek his ways? Why do you need the church of satan in Nigeria’s location? Knowing the church of satan in Nigeria address should not be your next desire except you wish to end up like him. It pays to seek GOD instead!

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441 thoughts on “Church Of Satan Members In Nigeria: List of Nigerian Pastors, Celebrities, Musicians’ Members

        • if i may ask you Joseph a very simple question, if only you will answer me i will know what is your problem?

          when you make the money where will it take you to, and if you don’t go to school will your life end? after making that money when you die will there burial you with any part of the money? after when you must have answer that question then ask yourself again, where will i find myself after when the devil has given the money and i later die without enjoying the money please shine your eyes, the choice is yours.

          • my frnd joseph cnt u look far nd tink the devil iz wicked he giv money 4 exchange a question?Plz du mean if dat satan end up givin u ur desirez nd want any part of ur body nd end up gettin ur part nd surdendly u gav up datz meanz u die we u go 2 hell or heaven? Money iz good shal nd at the same time money iz bad ma brother

      • Ur soul’s destruction or ur education, choose one. Only if u can accept Jesus in ur life with all ur life, Jesus can give u beyond what u think Satan can ever give u.Ps24:1,1:8. But seek ye 1st d kingdom of God & His righteousness & all these things shall be added into u.Matt6:33. Pls if u love ur self, don’t do anything stupid because those in that bondage are seeking a way out. It’s only by the grace of God someone comes out alive&I believe it’s mostly those who mistakingly entered there rather than those that intentionally sell their souls to Satan. Remember rapture is @ hand.

      • Which is not the best thing on internet…… Who do you think will help you on net?… Is it the illuminati ?

    • Pls ¶ want to be rich and famous and become a member of illuminati how do ¶ begins and who to meet.becus dis suffering is too much for me at d age of 32 ¶ cannot bost of rubber cup.dis is my contact number.08075267588

      • If you cannot endure a suffering of 70years of your existence on earth, how can you cope with the eternal suffering that can last for one billion years and yet it is said to be just the beginning?


        • Plz God Loves u much.dnt be deceived by their wealth .u hv carried de cross plz die on it nd resurrect to hv power over all dis tins.plz fink Der will be accountability if u gain de wealth nd loose ur soul wht wil it profit u.plz just stay near blazing fire for 30sec nd reply to mi wht will do u in it forever

          • I’m from a poor family and i need money for my education I’m from Nigeria delta state

        • That’s not the right way to lead him to God. U do not understand the circumstances behind any body’s action. Do stop abusing him, you’re not better than him. U also need Christ..

      • Write your wish in a ruled foolscap sheet. Buy a 30,000n(thirty thousand) litres of fuel – if you can afford it and set the paper on fire at 12.00 am mid night. While doing so, shout “bulele, bulele, bamboo bamboo jagaga while clapping at the same time. Invoke the spirit of Adouf Hitler and Bonapat. Then you are done!

      • Isaac i undastnd ur plight bt joinin d said group is nt d solutn 2 ur prblmz in lyf instead it would increas ur predicament.There is a reason y we go tru trial nd tribulatn in lyf,itz 4d glorificatn of d name of God ur creator cuz my bible made me 2undastand dat God would nt give us temptatns dat he would nt give us d Grace 2 pass tru.So dnt lose hope in lyf yet,mayb God has finishd preparing ur fud nd is about 2dish it out 2u,pls dnt stop God 4rmtgiving u fud wit ur response 2ur predicament.PLS JUST HOLD ON HELP IS COMING ON D WAY.

    • chimaobi emeluwa and Chikwado Onyemauche want to join illuminati 666 am proud to sell my soul to the devil as long as everlasting money is involve I want to join .

      • u don’t have single brain sell ur soul and u get money in return were we that money take u to money that we make u burn in the lake of hell. forever

  1. how am i sure that 2face is a member of illuminaty, hmmm even davido dn go join god help us we ur children

    • I prefer to suffer n mk heaven den to be wealthy n end up in hell.God forbid

      God cn neva forgive dem(the Satan worshippers)dat z one of d sin God cn neva forgive on if u don join na ur cup of tea

  2. If satan created those illum****i members, why don’t he save them when tey are in trouble. 4 those of you who want to join may the ALMIGHTY GOD forgive you. And may the deadly satan forget you. IDIOTS>>>

    • Anybody who wants to identify with satan;an evil personality with rot in hell.Satan does not have anything to give; he is crook, and a murderer.He decieves you with transient fame and wealth, and helps you to hell with him.which is better; gaining this world temporarily and losing your soul in hell or knowing who you are, what you have, and what you can do, and every other things, including wealth, riches, fame etc with lasting peace and prosperity.If you are not born again, recieve him right now, so that the light of God will shine inur heart!

    • Joseph!!!
      You most be a very stupid joseph a useless one at that and believe,you deserve hell and this goes to all of you who is ready to sign into hell in shot,I PITY MAMA WHEN BORN YOU…KWASIA!!!

  3. Jesu wipe ‘omo eniyan ko wa nipa ti akara nikan bi kose ti ife baba mi ti n be lorun’, Oseni lanu pe awon eniyan feran okunkun ju imole le. Ki olorun olodumare ki o dari ese yin jiyin. Amin

  4. All you that needs money, why not believe and trust God, the creator, in him, nothing is impossible, nothing can come out from Satan that will be free, no way, he may give you money and collect your life, please my people, let’s trust God, he will do it at the right time.

  5. nawa o.the most painful tin is dat.i dot expect some people 2 be there.lyk 2 baba.nd omo baba olowo.wat do they want again?

  6. Even 2baba nd omo baba lo owo wat do dey wnt again?MAY D ALMIGHTY GOD 4GIV ALL OF US.remember “a patient dog eat d fatest bone”i knw my God wil do it 4 us 1 day.

  7. Am ready for anything because i have made up my mind. Please send me a link to register. Thanks


  8. Oh my God have mercy on those who ignore you Father.Open their eyes to see the good things you are doing for us.I love you Lord and i shall dwell in your house forever amen.

    • Yes. God protect us from malice traps and i believe that God is still waiting for His children to repent. Keep our heads up Christians
      the time is coming into an end.

  9. Church of satan is an organization you join it by picking a form,sataism is a religion you can become a member by you dedicating your soul to satan not you selling your soul.

  10. If u read revelation charpter 22 vers 12 sais, i am caming soo with my reward for every one acording to his or her work. So my brothers amd sister shuold stop asking where the church of satan is.

  11. Pls don’t join good name is better than anything satan can offer. The truth is that when u join already u have desone God and authomatically 666 mark is writen on the table of ur heart and it not joke … Imaging u in hell

  12. am not surprise dat davido n wiskid are member but i pray dat GOD shd not allow me fall a victim 4 de devil.AMEN

  13. If u read d book of Revelation carefully nd understandable, u ll know dat d group u r s an enemy 2 God, moreover d book of galatian says d ”Love of d world is an enemy 2 God”. Its beta u check ur ways.

  14. It is an indisputable fact that God exist, also Satan exist. They both have their institutions called “the church” The whole universe is the church of Satan Hence Jseus said, John 14:30 “… The ruler of this world “Satan.” is coming.” But Jesus came to the world with bold courage to establish God’s Church, Matthew 16:18 “….. on this rock fundation I will build my church. All denimnations and assemblies are 90% adultrated with the representative of Satan. Hence crisis in the church of God.. Many are called but few are chosen.

  15. May the merciful God visit us before they torment us all. For those people vomitting rubbish frm their mouth, u better go and ask God for his forgiveness before he send his wrath on u.

  16. i want make too much money and to be respected in society,so i want join u to help me do do i contact u plss?

  17. repent ur sinz 4 all have come short of d glory of God…if u find any1 guilty or wanting 2 joing them just try preaching 2 them politely nd do not fire thunder at them bcos they are God’s own creation nd humanz like u…just keep praying 4 more of God’s spirit upon u nd keep praying 4 them 2. GOD BLESS U ALL

  18. Wot i knw is dat,de word of God is on my doorstep,like it or nt,Heaven is real nd Hell is real,in de book of Joshua says,choose de God u’ll service,dat him nd his family have choose to service God,my name is Joshua,i nd my family have choose to service God Himself,i love no be small,God please i am a sinner,remember me wen U’ll com nd take Ur people.

  19. If riches nd fame was jesus 1st priority,he would hv taken d offer satan gave 2 him in d second temption,bt he looked back nd imagine eternity in hell fire.he knew wat it means 2 b there nd decided 2 die on d cross 4 us 2 make heaven.think of it guys,wat shall it profit a man if he gets d whole world nd lost his soul.its beta 2 die poor nd make heaven dan 2 b famous nd rot in hellfire.make ur choice!!!

  20. oh lord people even open there mouth to say they want to join well… i pray that god will touch there hearts so that they can come to repentance… Amen





  22. No needs of following satan and its angels,he was cast out he is now a fallen angel,a place has been prepaired for him he knows that he cannot stay there alone he want partners who will perished with him so if u want to go the way he want to go you can join him and have quick money and die a miserable death.

  23. Why join illuminati 2 get wealth?it won’t profit u anything rather u would loose ur soul 2 lucifer n his 4len angels.

    • absolutely, does Satan makes money and all such things that now people get greed of? God bless you all.

  24. I prayed dat all d iluminati menbers in nigeria nd entired world should repent nd follow d fundanmental basics of d Holy bible.
    Bow 4 d God only, remenba he said u shall nt have any God b4 me.

    • Church of satan is not a church but “darkness house”. It is only the spiritually blinded men that go in there & those who are lovers of money that seared their hearts with hot iron, whose end shall be damnation. I sincerely pray for God’s mercy on them all because God has no pleasure in the death of a sinner but required that all should come to repentance. If you are Christian, please be a Christian, and don’t be inquisitive about “church of satan” if you are not scripturally balanced. Quit every satanic attraction and make friends with God’s children (those who adhere to Bible words)

      • Psalm 53:1 “The fool has said in his heart, There is no God. corrupt are they, and have done ABOMINABLE INIQUITY: There is none that does good”. Anyone who claims to be a member of satanic church is doing that at the detriment of his God-given-soul. That soul will be required by God. Remember, it is appointed unto a man once to die, after that the judgement. This is BIBLE word. B-I-B-L-E i.e. Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth. Before a man departs from this world to another world (eternity – life without end) there are basic instructions in the Bible that God who created humanity gave us to read and to follow His precepts. Any deviation is SIN i.e Satan’s Identification Number or Satan’s Imparted Nature or Satan’s Inspired Needs” These are the last days where INIQUITIES ABOUND and the love of God waxes cold. REMEMBER YOUR CREATOR. HE WILL SURELY JUDGE THIS EARTH THROUGH HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON, JESUS, repent and be saved.

  25. Every satanic thought in ur life i destroy it in the name of Jesus.what shall u profit gaining the whole world without Christ who paid the price 4 our sins,who was beaten naked 4 our sin,who resurrected on the three day and that gave us dominion over death in Rev.1:17-19;u will notice that Jesus holds the keys of hell and of death,also,in Hebrew 2;13-15.HE SAID IN HIS WORD THAT WHOSOEVER BELIEVE IN ME ACCORDING TO THE SCRIPTURE HAS SAID OUT OF UR BELLY SHALL FLOW RIVERS OF LIVING WATERS.TRUST IN HIM HE WILL NOT LET U DOWN IN JESUS NAME AMEN.

  26. pls can someone tell me how to become a member of the church of satan and illiminati ? pls i need a respomse from any of the member .. Hope to read back from you soon .. My number *****

  27. I plead u all dnt join satanist remember who created without God u could not be in dis world satan come 2 de world 2 steal, kill nd destroy de children of God satan is angry with us repent

  28. Let d children of satan belong to there father, and WE childdren of GOD belongs to “OUR FATHER WHO AT IN HEAVEN” For those who live according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh, but those who live according to the spirit set their minds on the things of the spirit. To set the mind on the flesh is death, but to set the mind on the spirit is life and peace. For the mind that is set on the flesh is HOSTILE to God; it does not submit to God’s law, indeed it cannot; and those who are in the flesh cannot please God.
    Romans 8:5-8.

  29. well @some tym in my life i wanted to join, but thanks to the training i got from my family while i was much younger…

  30. When i was still a small boy my mother always said to me Good Name Is better than SLIVER or GOLD.


    he/she that want’s to be rich should sick for GOD favor and wait for GOD’S time i hate anything that comes from stan because when he gives he take something so so special in Ur brothers and sister please let just forget about the thing of the wold let and pray for GODS favor….


    this is my word for all of us.


  31. please we should never be carried away by overwhelmed passion ,all good things cames from god.throgh prayers he will surely answer us!

  32. i lost my family and nobody is helping me my uncle collected everything i have pls i went your people to help me pls i need break through and spiritual power to support my self thanks

  33. why all this i need money for this and that….remember, the Lord Himself said ‘i know you and i know my plans for you’. so what God did not give you, no man can. and besides everything on earth today is vanity.

  34. The beautiful thing about life is that: we are not the poor trying to get rich, but the rich discovering and taking advantage of what belongs to us in christ.Don’t try to be famous and rich by joining these hell candidates; walk in the Abrahamic blessings-possessor of heaven and earth.If u are in christ then you are Abraham’s seed, and an heir of heaven and earth according to the promise(Rom 4:13)walk in the light of your inheritance through the word of God, and don’t focus ur attention on this transient demonic wealth, that sends u to eternal condemnation.Therefore make the right choice to live unto God, and not yourself.

  35. i need money for my school fees i m ending my achool in D.N becouse i don hav money please can some one help me this is my number 08039499847

  36. what are we saying does who joins are worthless I will not stop saying only God saves devil is just a foolish liar no sense and very useless looking for souls to capture I give a shout out to the world leave the devil and cohorts to rot in hell their home may God forgive anyone who tries to join the Illuminati bcos you will get temporary wealth. and everlasting sorrow I Am a boy of 12years God is my strength.,Amen.

  37. hey manh does it mean that after your figer has been cut,you be given a five years time of enjoing the money then later on you wil be called back to be killed or want.please help me am dying of povarty here i need money into my life and am ready.

  38. i have tryd many times to be a member of illuminati, but keep on meting wrong peoples who was trying to collect the little one i have in the name of agent, asking me to bring $200. and i don’t have that kind of money with me, please i need a help because i really want to belong even if to enjoy wealth for ten year am ok, please this is my number +233264276374?

  39. It is not all about being Rich but knowing the only Truth god ond his son Jesus christ and be saved .

  40. De bible say ‘ s that wat does it profit a man to gain de hole world ad lose his soul, de devil gives wth right hand and collect wth left. Brothers ad sisters seek first the kingdom of a God ad everytin shall be handed unto u

  41. Seek righteousnes firs it wil save ur soul nd fil u wit peace nd richnes.Sellin ur soul 2 satan is not a quaranty u can not suffer hear on earth.satan is a tormentor.

  42. my name is nelson johnson. am in nigeria’ am a musician i start music at the age of 13years old til now. NO change a friend of my told me about the illuminati i have been searching for 9years many i found eat my money for free for more information that my number 08175877069 thank u


  44. Brothers any of you who joins this evil club has sealed his heart with hot iron and is a goner.
    I am a Chosen. Don’t kill yourself my brothers. Come to the Lords Chosen Charismatic revival movement at ijesha bus stop along oshodi express. God is saving lives and Giving Bonaza. If after you visit and you don’t meet JESUS go ahead and Join.

  45. Come to the Lords chosen charismatic revival movement at Ijesha. Come and see members of illuminati who were tired and running from illuminati. Their lives were battered until GOD of chosen saved them. God of chosen is Giving bonanza now. If you come and you don’t meet Jesus, go and join whatever you want to

  46. As for u who are giving condolences to dose jokers dat are bent on joining some evil fraternities i knw dey are just joking… Cos dey suppose to know wat happens to a stubborn person “note ye dat ur eternity is @ stake”… Am not trying to justify one or castigate. I just came to do wat i have 2 do, :{stop the kiosk and confusion}<:

  47. As for me I love my life so u can go for all i care but remember dat God die for u and i,,my dear brothers and Sisters b very careful of Satan bcs God loves u all …THNKS 2 u all ……from your lovely frnd Ugo.p

  48. Having taken time to go through almost all the comments here. One thing runs across. Hoplessness. It is obvious that young ones are tired of living in penury and abject poverty. I strongly feel for these people. You never know how it feels until you experience it. It is easy to condem people based on their choice but I think that the beast thing to do is try to help them rather than condem and call them names. Everyday, we see politicians amass great wealth for themselves illegally without recourse to public feeling. Who says that these young people are lazy? See, you’re dead wrong! We live in a time that mediocrity is favoured over meritocrity. I see frustration, despondency and near death hunger situations on daily basis in this country called Nigeria. So, I do understand their plight. Nevertheless, some persons out of greed want not just daily bread but fame and money. Too bad! For those who want to join because of hasrsh conditions, I pray you to reconsider your footsteps. There’s no gain at all. Finally, can we do something like give a back for a brother to lean? Do not condem but encourage people to embrace the right attitude. Do not talk, back it up with action. You that have all the money and yet refuse to extend help to your fellow, who’s in need, do you think that you can make heaven by being callous? Please, think again. Let’s find ways to help this hopeless people rather than call them names. I suggest that for those who do not have a means of livelihood, let’s create a social platform where we can identify and help them. God is kind towards all. Never worship the Devil, if you do, God would not take it lightly with you.

  49. Having taken time to go through almost all the comments here. One thing runs across. Hoplessness. It is obvious that young ones are tired of living in penury and abject poverty. I strongly feel for these people. You never know how it feels until you experience it. It is easy to condem people based on their choice but I think that the best thing to do is try to help them rather than condem and call them names. Everyday, we see politicians amass great wealth for themselves illegally without recourse to public feeling. Who says that these young people are lazy? See, you’re dead wrong! We live in a time that mediocrity is favoured over meritocrity. I see frustration, despondency and near death hunger situations on daily basis in this country called Nigeria. So, I do understand their plight. Nevertheless, some persons out of greed want not just daily bread but fame and money. Too bad! For those who want to join because of harsh conditions, I pray you to reconsider your footsteps. There’s no gain at all. Finally, can we do something like give a back for a brother to lean? Do not condem but encourage people to embrace the right attitude. Do not talk, back it up with action. You that have all the money and yet refuse to extend help to your fellow, who’s in need, do you think that you can make heaven by being callous? Please, think again. Let’s find ways to help this hopeless people rather than call them names. I suggest that for those who do not have a means of livelihood, let’s create a social platform where we can identify and help them. God is kind towards all. Never worship the Devil, if you do, God would not take it lightly with you.

  50. I ve read bible frm genesis to revelation three time hoping on God for a change of life bt my prayer was nt heard,i want to be porpular in the world,i want to visit the world’i want to be the first citizism in my village’poverty is hell and ponishment so i want to join,hw can the wise just die like a fool’i want to shake the world bcaus live is tool short to wait’i wil be glad if my request is granted

  51. I want 2 use dis oportunity 2 tank my fellow christians n i pray dat d gud lord wil giv dem d strenth 2 overcomes any temtation in advise 2 dem is dat,d issue of joining d illuminati is wat provokes God seriously n dia is a gr8 punnishement 4 dat,i can remember my bible telling us dat our God is a jealous God dat He wil nt want us 2 av any other god’s eccept Him,so y shud we seek other god why our creator is dia willing 2 do all tins 4 us, cause He says “ask and it shall be given to you” so my dear brethren what those worldlly gods can gv 2 us cn nt b compared a bit 2 wat our almighty creator of heaven n earth can gv 2 we shud also take note of dat,GOD BLESS YOU.


  53. If said u need moni than the best solution is to work hard than depending of satanic moni.i don’t have moni but i eat and drink everyday and all i have to say is that work and prayers is the best solution of this

  54. All of you, liking for money do you ever think of God love open you at all?
    God love plc just go back to hem he will give you all the money you need. God bless you, from me Gods will


  56. Am only sorry for those who leaves justice for bad things.
    God is the giver of the neediers who has come to him.
    The day of rapture is coming.
    Let’s serve God and be in paradise.

  57. My name is Juliet – I need mature working class men and women for friendship to add me on my BBM – My Pin 331733d6

  58. am tired of this abject poverty. At 32 i still have nothing to show up. Insted thinking of drinking poison. I have made up my mind to join the illuminati. I don’t care of what people say about or against the illuminati.i own my life and i deside what to do with my life.if only i can find the way to this illuminati and church of satan and if really they can help me or make me my heart desire without demanding any money from me. then i will submit myselfe to satan as lord call me 0888292

  59. To be a member of Church of Satan (COS) here in Nigeria just call the Administrative assistant on +2348085650641 and he will instruct you what to do…. For you to be rich and Famous! !!!

  60. To be a member of Church of Satan (COS) here in Nigeria just call the Administrative assistant on 08133046144 and he will instruct you what to do…. For you to be rich and Famous! !!!

  61. broad is the way that leads to hell many are those who walk on it but narrow is the way that leads to eternal life but few finds it.he who have ears let him hear what the spirit is telling the church..if you have money like bill gate you will die and if you have no penny surely one day you will die,so be careful of the person who can kill both spirit and soul and can even send them to sum it up JOHN 3V16

  62. Satan’s mission is to make u partner in hell nd to destroy ur life completely ….. also to give u d everlasting flames of death nd also a water filled cup of fire.
    ……. pls God needs u d more pls

  63. dearly beloveds,what will it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul, the bible says seek u first the kindom of God and his righteousness then every other thing shall be added unto u,pleas repent hell is real and heaven is real.God loves u.

  64. Illuminati church is a devil church, and we children of Jehovah can never be the partakers of their punishment, at the my brothers and sisters don’t be deceived by all this demonic agents.

  65. Money,money wat is the root of all evil so i will tell u guy to forget the things of this world and give ur life to christ who died for me and u,u guyz might be thinking that u have suffer alot but i tell u guys if u summit to satan dat deciever who came to steal,kill and destroy,just bcus of money when u die the suffer dat await u in hell is for ever and ever and ever so we guys should try to be greatful for wat we have for the bible tells us mattew 7:7 ask and we shall recieve,seek and u shall find,konck and the door shall be open up unto you u see God love us so i think we guys,youth,elders should try and amend our ways and keep waiting for the coming of our lord jesus christ who is to come and take us all where there is nothing like suffer,pain and distress etc.God help us all and streathen us to do his will.AMEN


  67. (Holy Bible) James 1:17 says God is the giver of every good and perfect gift, so ask you will receive it.

  68. Why is christianity so different? U go here Mountain of fire, redeem Baptist CAC catholic e.t.c nd una no get union. I rep ISLAM

  69. yes i really want to join the church of Satan here is my contact**PHONE NO REMOVED**
    am waiting for your feedback

  70. yes i realy want too join the church of satan tireyed of sicfferning in d age 22 numb ;08121202702 : my account numb::3089567956 ..thanks

  71. Join the illuminati cult online today. I need this money, protection and power. We are very poor. I saw this addaress… Pls… me

  72. Join the illmuinati cult online today. We are very poor. The only thing iwant is money power and protection.. Pls… Pls… help me.

    • Do u know u have already destroyed itself by thinking this way? Pray & ask God for forgiveness, give ur life to Jesus & He’ll save u & also give money, not only money but good things of life, then [email protected] last.Go to Bible believing church.U can visit The Lord’s Chosen. God bless u.

  73. I want to become the member of illuminati …. I humble pleading u to give me any financial assistant i want to be rich man my no 0825918253 plzzz call me

  74. Ask God forgiveness for even thinking of such an evil in the 1st place. Then give ur life to Jesus, He’ll save u. Begin to do what pleases God & ask Him to bless u. I’m assuring u He’ll surprise u with anything u need. Read Matthew 6:33. But if u disobey,u’ll cry at Last. Lcate any Bible believing church, I invite u to TheLord’s Chosen. God bless u.

  75. Your exposia is the absolute truth, What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and lose his soul. And the root cause Century old conflict mannn.
    My nugget of wisdom for you today is from Prophet Jeremiah 10:11.
    check it out.

  76. Bible says seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all other things shall be added unto u. Why can’t you follow that statement and see if God will not provide for all your needs. My brothers, but there is one thing; you can’t be in sin and be expecting God’s mercy upon your life.
    Steps to Salvation: 1. acknowledge that you are a sinner
    2. confess your sin
    3. forsake them
    4. believe
    5. receive it.
    Follow these steps my fellow brothers and sisters and see if God will not surprise you. But if you are still in sin, don’t expect anything from God. God is merciful no matter how worse your sins are Jesus will wash it away with His blood. Don’t allow Satan to deceive you, he has nothing good to give… Solomon in the bible is a good example; he seek first the kingdom of God not worldly things… see how God blessed him. No man on earth can become as rich as he was before and after him… My brothers Jesus is the way… Just keep on asking yourself this question always ‘where do I want to spend eternity’? your life on earth has limit but heaven and hell is eternal. choose life and not death. Yod bless your all.

  77. Please if only you people can help me I need some money for my academics,I have suferd so much in this world,please help me out I really need your help

  78. Thank you my dear but i need money ooo! Yahooo or Church of satan ooo i dont care, but all i know is that not everybody will enter the Kingdom of God.

  79. Thanks dear i need money yahoo or satan church not everybody will enter kingdom of god that’s is my number 0803adfdf947382

  80. Money for this, money for that. you don’t even know what God purpose for you. May I not posses that money that will take me to hell. be wise there’s unlimited joy after this world only if you can endure now. The money you are looking for is in d care of God ur creator. stop looking for money where theres no money. Satan has many trick. he just want u to join him in hell.

  81. Ple, give your life to Christ . The devil is alway there to kill,steal and destroy . Ple don,t be fool around . It only destroyed ur life and family. When the devil give to you, it will take more than what you got from it.Why not you turn to God, the creator of our souls. As for me, am struggle with everthing in life, am succeeding but I will never give up. I will continue to serve God , and believe that it shall be well with me one day. Just pray and ask God for help. Don,t be fools. Look for a job or go back to school.

  82. What do really want on earth as a human?God made us in his own image and likeness and also gave us dominion over everything’s on the planet.The riches u are looking for is with u,give ur life to Christ and ask for anything in His son name Jesus Christ u shall be given.Illuminate and church of Satan can never give u happiness.Just try my God u will be surprise, may the name of God be great forever more.

  83. Please i realy want to join i ave been on dis for lyk 4 month am meeting some kind of fake agent asking for the little on me pls i really need help anything u can do to help me dis is my number ******

  84. Just imagine everybody wants to join including me.. Cos I really need the money.. I’ve never seen where a Christian helps his brother but other religions do help each other even the so called illuminati all you Christian are castigating… I really need help

    In summary if you Christians(wealthy) can help people like me to grow why won’t I help any other Christian that comes my way… Please here is my number 070***9215 for the good Christians only to help out

  85. U people that is saying u want to join listen u may think is the best way but if u take the step u r entering to ur doom u think if u enter it that u will get money fame and everything but kW it that it is a trap from the devil to make sure that u don’t join Christ on the feast he has went to prepare for us. The worst path is that if u join at last wen u die he wouldn’t keep a beta place for u as a person that serve him well but u will receive the worst punishment forever. For that are writing their number and saying dey want to join I pray for u May God have mercy on u and open ur eyes to kW the truth in JESUS NAME. AMEN

  86. Please i really want to the join you people should help me to join i really want to be like you here in my life i have no money maybe something i will not eat no money to do anything

  87. please help me i really want to become the member of this group how can i join please tell where can i join please

  88. Pls pastor David,can u help me in prayers cos am confused. at times i asked myself if God truly exist. devil has tormented me so much in dis life to an extent of sending accident to me which led into amputating my leg. ever since den life has bn miserable to me. people laughs at me, when will God change my story,is it when am old or when i av died.i gets disappointed in relationship, no man want to marry me bc of my condition.pls help me in prayers so dat i don’t do what is against my faith.i bn serving God in truth since all my life. dea was a time dis illuminate sent me dea form on my email for me to fill n tell dem my problems, i wud av done dat bc am frustrated but i couldn’t do it bc of my faith in God. pls if dea is any other gud man of God who can help me,pls also is my contact 0*****

  89. please I want to join illuminate cult,I love c cult.please onnecte me brother
    am Nonso Oneafolu by name.thanks

  90. My brothers an sisters, it is better to suffer ones an enjoy forever than to enjoy ones an suffer forever plz think before u do anything in life

  91. Hell fire is waiting for all that hate and reject JESUS CHRIST.
    you may escape your judgement in this world by the conspiracy of those that sponsored you and the people in the herm of affairs.
    But I can assure you. You can never escape HELL. just keep killing Christians and think you are fighting for GOD.
    YOUR only escape root out of eternal judgement is JESUS CHRIST. That is if you thinks about eternity.

  92. my name is Abraham. I was told that is only devil that can provide immediate need.God will only want you to get old before he can start providing, which is very i am in school suffering, sockin garri mornin and night everyday,pls you guys should help me before i can do something wrong. I just needed money for my education, i.m in the last semester in school now and i have not pay my schl fees. so my brothers and sisters, thats the only reason why im seeking devils help. Because i no he can provide immediately… Pls u guys should help me. This is my bank acct. 4283009810; Acct name. Ovili Abraham, eco-bank. Any amount is accepted. At least feeding money.becos am not feeding proper thats why one have to think nagatively,0*****97551

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  94. may GOD strike the devil and his followers to hell fire for ever they will never have peace neither hope,please that is not the only way please and pls.

  95. Hahahahahahahahaha! why r people still poor amids all d riches GOD has blessed d earth with? .d truth is dat u dnt need 2 sell ursef 2 lucifer b4 u cn be rich.All u need is an encounter wit the person dat matters.Call +********* for guidance.I’ve helped many nd u’ll be d next bt I dnt need any money from u.only obey my instructions nd den live to enjoy financial freedom 4 d rest of ur life even without soiling ur hands.FOR THIS PURPOSE I WAS BORN ND I’LL DIE FOR IT.

  96. Life is a choice and what you choose is what you will get,if you choose good you will get good but if you choose bad brothers and sisters you will get bad.
    What shall it profit a man to gain the world and loses his soul in hell.
    Brothers hell is not for us but for the devil and his agents,but on fortunate those that sign and accepted the satanic church because of money or fame shall join them in he’ll at the last days.

  97. remembered who distributes joy . Who sets the soul free only JESUS. Who can forgive you sin Only GOD of heaven almighty. Who died for me and you. Only JESUS’ JESUS is so faithful please i beg you in the name of high GOD back to JESUS is so mercyfulness*

  98. some says that…they sold dere selfs to the devil…but me I said dat I sold my self to God Almighty…an he have signe me for greatness.. richess…prosperity… good health …..everlasting life….. knowledge… wisdom…. protection….sussess ….happy home ….an rest of mind etc. ….evendur am facing som challenges now…..but I strongly believe dat I must surly be a winner amen……..soo my brothers an sisters… illuminate is nonsense an rubbish…… and again ….there are some Bibles this people called Church of Satan an illuminates are distributing all over the world now ….an they are removing some of d verses an replace it with useless things….some of d Bibles are ……..n.i.v …..c.e.v many more others …pls brothers becarful so that dey will not get u…
    .an pls try an monitor ur children about internet bcox they ar distroyin our children with porn an many other useless things nowadays.

  99. Now am now totally want this church for my self I really need of money to take care of my family if it’s through I give you all my heart my soul to devel this is my real name: OMONIYI TOSIN STEPHEN. MY CONTACT: 09072957542…..thanks

  100. As a Warlock II° of the Church of Satan, I am going to clear some misunderstandings and misconceptions about our organization. The administration of the Church of Satan are the only ones who have a list of its members throughout the world, this list is not distributed anywhere else, and no one knows who it’s members are unless they have publicly come forward or they interact with other members who choose to associate with its members in the Church of Satan. Do not be fooled by someone telling you otherwise!

    In addition, there is one central office for the Church of Satan, which is located in NY. US. Meaning, there are no grottos (disbanded), branches, or churches for meetings spread throughout the world, and that includes the false Church of Satan – Nigeria.

    Moreover, the Church of Satan rejects theism. Meaning, we are atheists first — we do not believe in a literal Satan or Devil nor was our organization founded on the “belief that Satan should be worshipped.” We view Satan as a symbol of pride among other things and reject the notion that it is a literal being. Satanism requires study NOT worship. – Anton LaVey.

    We do not solicit membership, nor do we proselytize our beliefs. Nor do we have anything to do with the 200 dead year old organization entitled “The Illuminati” If you’ve read the Satanic Bible by Anton LaVey, and feel you’ve been a Satanist all along, great! That is all it takes to be a Satanist. However, it is not required you join the Church of Satan. Moreover, The Church of Satan and Satanism itself is not a congregational church or religion. It’s about individualism and making the most of your life on your own merit in the real world. So if you’re considering joining the organization for group hugs and meetups, or you’re expecting money, fame or whatever else to magically fall on your lap without you using your brain, and body to do your own work, Satanism is not likely for you and the Church of Satan is NOT the organization for you.

  101. these guys hav no money coz if they hav more money wy don’t they help other people who are suffering, but they always ask people to join why? answer me please I need answers for that.

  102. I need money because I don’t have any body 2 help me ,am from poor family and I need money to forward my to be numbers one in my village place help me to be Men

    • I need money For my schools fix if u can me place seed Me any Amaut u get omale Monday 0083338772 Diamond bank place

  103. i wonder y human being created in the image of god wil like to change his soul with a coloured paper called money!

  104. Add so called Apostle Alex Bamgbola a false preacher who steals money and makes American babies without taking care of them.

  105. I have tried all I could to be reach but no way, pls can you help me, I want to be reached I don’t want stories. I am ready now

  106. Please I want to join you people so that I can get more money and also you can call me on +233****10310 or +233****42005

  107. y will u suffer on earth nd finally u go to hell what is the need make ur wealth on earth if u can’t make heaven there is no crime, if I av an opportunity I will belong

  108. My fellow frds, der is nutin imposible 4 God 2 do, so all u ave 2 do is 2 put ur whole trust in God & ur life will turn arround. And here is a pice off advice 2 all dat wish 2 join, Note dat all dat d satan will give is vanity upon vanity, so do nut b lazy, work hard & ave faith in God. Moreover satan & his agent gose 2 who’s ever fall eazyiy 2 der temtation. So my dear frds let try & over come dem, [ but it’s with prayer & faith]

  109. Jesus is the King of all nation and He shall reign forever. He is coming sooner than expected. Come to Him now and be saved. Heaven is real and hell s real. Give your life to Jesus Christ now because He is the way, the truth and the life to the Father.

  110. Divine christian: May God 4giv dos dat ar wilin to join de saten church,nd God should restore to dem dare joy of salvation.,,,,, amen.

  111. De bible said,,,he dat is in u is greater dan he dat is in de world,wch means we ar greater dan de saten himself,nw tel me do u wnt to serve som1 dat u ar greater dan?

  112. D choice is urs
    Everybody have his own life to live
    Nd d bible also says”
    I have placed before u
    Life and death
    Riches an curses
    And he said in conclusion
    Choose your choice
    And he also urge u to choose life
    Because he already know wat is inside death
    The choice is urs
    Choose wisely

  113. Hi
    I am currently for members both male and female who are really interested in becoming enlightened. If you believe in the god of wealth and willing to grow spiritually then here is the time for you to join me as we start our journey in achieving whatever we want in life. Am not asking for any payments. Am hiring you. Am searching for people with strong will and determinations. The activities of the underworld are so full and thrilling and they are for real but yet I see a lot of fake post about illuminati and the rest when they know nothing about them.
    Secondly, I can refer you to join O.T.O societas if you contact me but they charge monthly and yearly fee just contact me for assistance.
    You need to be fully prepared for the task at hand because there are positions to be filled and you need to have what it takes to have such positions in the temple. Am not interested in desperate people please if you are desperate to make money, then look elsewhere please because money doesn’t just manifest itself even the gods doesn’t vomit money except you are evil so you have to work for it. There are a lot of things to be done and achieved so start replying now and if you have more questions do not hesitate to ask me. I would need to interview you thoroughly before acceptance.

  114. I want to become a member of this great brotherhood please, I need a finance help from the great Lord.

  115. Illuminati is not the best choice follow God and he loves u play rethink about joining Illuminati God will help u

  116. Most of the comments here really made me cry but i’m not here to blame or hate anyone. The world is cruel, there are no more, “Good Samaritan”. No one is ready to help. Frustrations and depressions is really making people take the wrong side of life. I’m going thru it and I know how it hurt. I had prayed and prayed but no breakthrough, no one is ready to give that brotherly love even the so called Christian. How do you convince people tk wait and trust in God when you can’t even impact in their life? There are more to just preaching. I have no Job, can’t even pay my rent, no money to feed and all I could get is, keep praying and believing in God. God expect us to act,action and not just words. I know many at times I have wished doing something silly because not everyone is strong enough to hold on. I stumbled on the page out of anger, searching for help, solutions where m suppose not to. I need a miracle, I want to testify. I want to sing a new song but for how long? Christians should be of a good Model,Practice what they preach.I touched life in my own little way when it was Rosy but in my difficulty, I have no one.

    • I understand your pain Sandra. I also like the fact you believe in God amidst the hardship. Don’t let your faith faint. If you don’t mind, drop me your email, let’s communicate. I trust God on your behalf that the miraculous will happen.

      I like to remain anonymous.

  117. This church of satanic is it truly real? if yes or no write me on whatsapp +233542644030. Life is all about decision

  118. My people where Christian why do you want to join this nonsense things, let me ask something, do you know the reason why God created you? Do you know how much he love’s you? Do you know what you will do to make him happy? Yes/No? God created you is to serve him. In the book of Genesis 5:1 say God his self say he regrett why he created human being, please don’t put hope in another person things, put hope for your own God bless you Amen………….

  119. Pls if u have money and u call urself christian and u cant help any one with d little u have better shutup ur mouth bcos u are not better then satan. U preach u carry bible daily and u cant help ur fellow human in need. Am not telling anyone to join, am not in support of it but b4 u judge anyone try understand d situation at hand. Some of u saying rubbish ur parants provide wat eva u want for u, u dont kw wat it tak to hustle, U dont kw d situation of others. Y not encourage them with word not with insult and telling them hell fire. Do u evn kw ur destination if u die? ask urself. do u think is by going to church everyday. Pls i
    For those who want to make money fast bcos of present situation, i kw it not easy. I understand wat u are currently going through. Bcos just take a second thought. if u need help financially pls reply my Post.

    • Am passing through alot of financial complication. For my studies. My father has a brother who is reach bt his not welling to help but keep on makin empty promises i will appreciate it alot if u can help me.

  120. i know many people want to make money so fast.but you need ask your self a question.if i become and all my friends run away what is my benefit.if i have but i can not enjoy it what is my benefit.if i become rich but people cNHWJKWSKIalli know many people want to make money so fast.but you need ask your self a question.if i become and all my friends run away what is my benefit.if i have but i can not enjoy it what is my benefit.if i become rich but people cNHWJKWSKIall my mother friends and kids beast what is my benefit.THIS ARE QUESTION YOU NEED TO ASK YOURSELF.REMEMBER RJHYWYEMEMBER BEFORE YOU MAKE A MOVE YOU NEED TO THINK USE YOUR NUMBER six i know very well that it is not easy to live without money. d only thing i can for you is to pray for and you also pray for self.some people don have faith in GOD.YOU ARE THINKING ABOUT THE CURRENT YES YOU SHOULD BUT YOU STILL HAVE TO ABOUT WHERE YOU WILL GO TO.TO HELL,HELL.HELL. my mother friends and kids beast what is my benefit.THIS ARE QUESTION YOU NEED TO ASK YOURSELF.REMEMBER RJHYWYEMEMBER BEFORE YOU MAKE A MOVE YOU NEED TO THINK USE YOUR NUMBER six i know very well that it is not easy to live without money. d only thing i can for you is to pray for and you also pray for self.some people don have faith in GOD.YOU ARE THINKING ABOUT THE CURRENT YES YOU SHOULD BUT YOU STILL HAVE TO ABOUT WHERE YOU WILL GO TO.TO HELL,HELL.HELL.

  121. Jude if u bcom menber of illuminati an u get al u want(money) an as tim goes on ur enjoyin den the trumpet has sound where wil u go .where wil spend ur internity

  122. But where will I see a good church to warship since all this famous pastors are members of illuminati and are still telling you to repent, how do I believ them

    • go look for the church in Rev 14:12. SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST CHURCH. and you will find peace unto ur soul.

  123. Life is all about decision becos we have freedom of warship I can’t stop anybody to be a member, me I need money becos am passing through hail wherw I’m

  124. Please I want to join the cult. How can I get started here is my Account number 601***3728.Bank: fidelity. Phone number: +2347****7571

  125. Everything u become in this life u wouldn’t die with check Ur mind whatever way u have sin against thy God. Build Ur relationship between you and Ur lord Jesus Christ and see what will happen in Ur life instead of joining nonsense club although is opinion of mind sha.

  126. This is perilous time. Becareful money is not everything. Your soul is most important thing to God. Oh! I am so dissappointed on some of you guys. Let the timing of God manifest in your life. Do not be deceived. You will regret all these at last. Cast your burden ln the lord snd he shal sustain you. Satan will always try to deceive you, he will capitalise on what you dont have, as he is doing now. What matters is the last resort. What is just refining and preparing you for greater tomorrow. Why not wait for him. That you dont have it now does not mean you will never have it. Where is micheal jackson, Da grin and others. Even Chris Brown is regretting ever joining that fraternity. Think as a rational being.

  127. Pls reach me on my phn no +2348024177281.where is ur church? Am ready,pls help me to eliminate ds shame of abject poverty in my life & family,

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