Comedian Helen Paul Tatafo Honours Husband, Says Nigerian Men Don’t ‘Do’ Married Women


helen paul tatafo

Feb 18, 2015 – Comedian Helen Paul Tatafo Honours Husband,  Says Nigerian Men Don’t Date Married Women

Here is an excerpt from Helen Paul’s recent interview with The Entertainer

How did you meet your husband?
I was working as a secretary in his organisation and he saw me as a pretty lady that could bear him beautiful kids. The truth is my husband is not too handsome and that was why he proposed to a Queen like me (laughter). I was working for him and he liked me and proposed to me and I accepted at once.
helen paul tatafo husbandhelen paul tatafo husband
Is he in support of your comedy profession?
My lovely husband is my back bone. He is the one that has always encouraged me to put up my best. I love him so much because he is a very understanding man; he is not a dreams killer. He uses all he has to support me in my career and is fully in support of my dreams.

Has he ever made you cry?
No, I have never experienced that in my life and I will never experience it. But there was a time when something happened. I had just delivered one of my babies and I had a big event to anchor and it was coming with big money. I told my husband to let me go but he refused. I cried and begged him but he insisted and paid me more than the money I was offered for the event. But the truth is the money never moved me at all and I told him that it was not about the money but the crowd I am going to face. I was not too happy with his action.

Could you share your happiest moment with us?
I am always happy. I’ve never had sad moments. I know my job is to make people laugh so going by that fact, I never remember any of my sad moments.

Has a male fan asked you for an affair before?
(Laughter) Nigerian men are very responsible; that is what I like about them. Nigerian men don’t do married women. They can date divorcees but not married women. I have never experienced anything like that ever since I got married.

Hehehehe…..Nigerian men don’t do married women? ok ooo