Confession Of A One Chance Robber Arrested In Oshodi Lagos

one chance robber oshodi lagos

A young man has been arrested for allegedly dispossessing some residents of Lagos of their valuables during one-chance robbery attacks.

The suspect Ajibola Alao however told police he became a robber to secure a future for his siblings so they don’t end up becoming a robber like him.

Alao was nabbed last week Thursday by RRS operatives after snatching phones and money belonging to one Asotie Benedict in Oshodi area of Lagos.

Police revealed that the suspect pushed Asotie out of a moving bus after snatching his wallet and phone.

This is what an official of Lagos Rapid Response Squad said:

See Alao’s confessional statement below:

4 thoughts on “Confession Of A One Chance Robber Arrested In Oshodi Lagos

  1. Are your siblings cripple? Why is he giving stupid excuses for his bad act? You are doing that at your own risk. Rot in jail.

  2. Robbery na robbery keep yourself happy with that, under the law, there can never be a plausible reason(s) to circumvent the law to your advantage.

  3. Since you are going to jail now, can you still prevent them from not following your path? your action has caused them more harm than good.

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