Covenant University Banned Students From Using IPads, Phones & Tablets


covenant university ipads

March 14, 2014 – Covenant University Banned Students From Using IPads, Phones & Tablets

Covenant University administrators in Ota Ogun state have released a new list of prohibited items.

Effectively immediately all students have been banned from using any Sim enabled devices like iPad, tablets and co.

Read the statement released by Covenant University’s student affairs office on Thursday:

“Phones, Phone Chargers & accessories, SIM Cards and sim enabled devices (Ipad,Techno, Samsung and other unpopular tab brands)are listed as prohibited items

Students will be searched at anytime, when these items are discovered such items will be confiscated and the student sanctioned (4 weeks suspension)

Kindly treat as very important
Signed: DSA”

covenant university banned phones

This new rule didn’t go well with some students of the popular private University….some of them believed this is a barrier to keeping up with the latest information technology trend.

But he! rules are meant to be adhered to….

16 thoughts on “Covenant University Banned Students From Using IPads, Phones & Tablets

  1. I think the school is doing everything to curb d excesses of the wealthy kids.
    Most of d students at the school came from super wealthy homes.

    They should ban cars too

  2. continious slavery ,its good the man use peoples money to built the school
    now for them to use new technology is another problem .
    na wa for third world nation one day people eyes will be open.the school were
    bult with poor people money na rich people de go there .
    make dem to wathch black and white television ,the GOC too must not use either of the items nor the lectural let tem live old days were!!mad people
    oju dudu!!!

  3. This is just trash not a small one but a very big one,imagine adults stayin without phones,i think its crazy

  4. A university is a university cos dat is where u really get2knw yourself; u’r exposd 2 diffrnt manners & classes of ppl; u advice yourslf regardn d judicous use of ur money, time & oda resources,& learn 2 make decisions off d constant glare of ur parents or guardian. Dis is mor or less d final stage of trans4mation in2a full-fledged adult.
    Now about dis university, it’s management means good, no doubt. But dis outright barn poses a negative interference on character 4mation. If u dnt learn how 2 combine studies wit somthn as necessary as a simpl cell phone, is it wen u gradu8 dat u’ll learn it? Ask me & I’d tel u dis is just one advanced regressive abnegation. Yeah! Going bak 2 Stone Age, cut off frm d world at large. To wat end is all dis pain wen it doznt necessarily make dem beta dan students of govt-run universities?

  5. what nonsense!!! So students won’t communicate their parents while in school? Won’t browse the net and do other things?? Nawao for this country and how we practice religion and discipline. At lest not coming for lectures with phones will be better, mtcheeeww.

    • They have a phone booth were you can call your parents and they sell ipod touch for your browsing that is they give you data 10gb a month isn’t that good enough

  6. A right step in the right direction.i’m so happy about this latest development.At least, for once, we can boast of an absolutely study-tensed ambience.I strongly condemn in strong terms, the unguarded despicable comments of some comrades here. When it’s a good policy anywhere here in Nigeria, critics are almost disparagingly ubiquitous.Oluwa nyere unu aka! Ama m’ na unu shiri ike mana, JEHOVAH, kacha unu nile ike….RIDE ON WINNERS CHAPEL ESPECIALLY IN THIS END-TIME Agenda….

  7. see, it was well written there that CHARGERS of these items as it was listed, they didn’t say that those gadgets are not allowed,but the CHARGERS OF PHONES and SIM ENABLING devices are not allowed…….please people be careful next time when you are reading or exposed to this kind of information…….I see God helping you all In Jesus name….peac e.

  8. I don’t know why this university disallow phone this is just very **** , people their are adult so i see no reason why they should ban phone . rubbish mtcheewwwww.

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