Cultists Kill Pastor In Rivers State For Preaching The Gospel, Suspects Arrested

cultists kill pastor rivers state

April 8, 2016 – Nigerian Pastor Kidnapped & Murdered For Preaching The Gospel In Rivers State, Cultists, Kidnappers Arrested

The notorious kidnap gang causing unrest in Ohigba area of Rivers State have been arrested.

The suspects identified as 30-year-old Sampson Diba, 22-year-old Dadison Ogidima & Bright Ajie,23-year-old Henry Ajie were picked up yesterday.

On why they killed the gospel preacher, the suspected kidnappers said Pastor Chukwu Ekere, a resident of Ohigba was kidnapped and murdered for preaching the gospel to them and urging them to forsake their evil ways and accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

The suspects are currently in police detention.

15 thoughts on “Cultists Kill Pastor In Rivers State For Preaching The Gospel, Suspects Arrested

  1. Though the Church and his beloved family will miss him dearly but am glad that he was killed for something, for a just course.

    Many people had died or been killed in the past for nothing or for some very stupid reasons. Some even commited suiside.

    If a man is killed bcos of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, it‘s a glorious death with a great reward in Heaven.
    Pst. Continue to R I P.

    As I continue my stroll-hunting…

  2. All dis z just a sign of end time, may God accept his soul in eternal rest & 4 d evil doers i pray dat u might hv a second chance in forsaking ur sins & accepting Jesus as ur personal lord and saviour

  3. There is more to his death,i see no reason why a person or group of person will kill a pastor just bcoz he preach to them to change from their wayward lives and accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour. May God forgive them of their sins

  4. Did that NO. 3 suspect wear the tee shirt with “SORRY” written on his chest as an apology for their heineous crime? If so, I agree they should be sorry indeed.

    RIP Pastor

  5. Every bad thing,some of u ll say end time…The bible said “World wtout end” When one dies,his/her life ends.Life continue.

  6. This is the height of stupidity. They’re even lucky that a man of God summoned courage to preach the truth to them, instead of them adhering to it and giving their life to Jesus, they killed the man of God. They have wage war now between them and God, human and every living thing on earth because they killed anointed man of God for preaching truth. They will not come out of this for daring God. God forbid evils

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