24 Year Old Nigerian Bags PhD In Law From US University

24 year old nigerian phd gwu

24 Year Old Nigerian Damilola Arowolaju Bags PhD In Law From US University

A man from Ekiti, Damilola Arowolaju, has bagged a PhD in Law from The George Washington University, Washington DC, United States of America. Damilola who hails from Omuo Ekiti, in Ekiti East Local Government area of Ekiti State is the son of a former Special Adviser to Governor Segun Oni on Due Process, Dr. Bayo Arowolaju.

He was decorated with the honour at the university’s virtual convocation ceremonies held on Thursday, May 21, 2020.

Damilola was also the President of the 2020 PhD graduating students, which further made his honour more noticeable.

The former Special Adviser who confirmed this to journalists in Ado Ekiti on Saturday, was elated that his son could be decorated with such a high academic honour at the age he secured admission to the University of Lagos , where he studied Sociology.

damilola arowolaju

He said:

“My baby, Dr. Damilola Arowolaju, with the grace of God just graduated with a PhD in Law from The George Washington University School of Law, Washington DC, USA. He gave an address to the fellow graduands as the President of the GW Bar Association.

Graciously, he did this at 24 years of age, when I was just entering the University in Nigeria for my first degree. May our children be higher and be more successful than us all. Amen.

“I am overwhelmed, speechless and flabbergasted by this outstanding feat. I am excited and more motivated to do more to uplift humanity”.

Arowolaju appealed to the Ekiti State Governor, Dr. Kayode Fayemi to rejig and expand the scope of the State’s scholarship board to be able to benefit the children of the poor.

7 thoughts on “24 Year Old Nigerian Bags PhD In Law From US University

  1. Hope he will not get too carried away by his success and misbehave. His parents need to watch him

    • Really, just from one photo you detect he is proud. Wow, from your statement I know you are jealous. Get rid of the green eyed monster .

  2. @Boboye and Fadekemi, how in the world does he look proud. Dude did an amazing thing and you are here saying he looks proud . Not surprised, naija people no dey like to see their fellow person do well in life.

    • My people please let’s embrace love on naijagists. I see this blog as informative, and educating. Let’s show love, and encouragement to each other.
      At 24 years with a PhD is not a joke, our brother Damilola had done us really proud.

  3. As Boboye has said, Damilola’s parents would need to watch him because people like Boboye and Fadekemi are the kind of neighbors or family members who will start running around their Babalawo to see to it that the guy does not succeed because their own kids are a failure.

  4. The gentle man only smiled in the picture , how on earth does his face depict that of a proud person .This is same reason we have failed as a s a country because we have failed to recognised a good thing when we see one.

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