Davido Donates Food To Motherless Babies & Orphanage Homes In Lagos

davido donate orphanage homes lagos

Nov 22, 2013 – Davido Donates Food To Motherless Babies & Orphanage Homes In Lagos, Nigeria

The omobaba olowo crooner is doing his best to show support for underprivileged kids in Lagos and its environs.

The talented singer yesterday took a truck load of food and stationery items to Heart of Gold Children’s Hospice & the Heritage Homes Orphanage where he made massive donation.

He also visited a Government school in Ikeja where he gave out lots of stationery items and cash.

Davido turned 21 yesterday and that is what led him to do the good deeds.

Check out more photos of Davido showing support for the less-privileged yesterday.

What a compassionate little fellow!

May God continue to bless him and others helping the poor.

25 thoughts on “Davido Donates Food To Motherless Babies & Orphanage Homes In Lagos

  1. Where is that foolish Dbanj to come and see what a younger musician is doing.
    Seriously fans should stop supporting stars who care less for the poor
    Davido u’re the best

  2. Goodone Davido, its very important to help the less opportuned. i’ve also been donating even though i reside abroad. Hope to visit my orphanage one day when am in the country.
    And Jeremiah, don’t call Dbanj stupid its a matter of choice !

  3. Happy birthday to u Davido.may d Lord continue to bless u, tnk God for star.ur iniatiatve is perfect. we ve bn hearing abt ur passion for d less priviledged.pls don t relent cos Unlimited greatness is urs. U ll never lack good things in life. U ll not die young in Jesus name. U re a blessing to ur generation. i am proud of u. @ Jeremiah, don t compare anybodyc”DBanj. we cannot have d same vision.DBanj might av his own future project.After he donated a huge amount of money towards OJB. We shd encourage rather that criticize.Giving is not an easy task but by mind.

  4. May the Creator continue to bless our super stars most especially D’ Banj and this young super star (DAVIDO)for helping humanity. These are the real big people with big hearts.I love all of you that are giving back to the society. May you never see sorrow in the name of our Creator. I hope the enemies of our society who loot our treasury on daily bases and the very rich will learn from these young stars by learning how to help humanity rather than oppressing the less privileged citizens and sealing their landed properties.

  5. Thé holy scripture commands it bt i stil believe is à matter of choice and by thé way u dont no banji’s plan so dont criticize.Mr davido continue d good work may d lord bless u more.

  6. Nice one Davido you are mouthed more Grease to your Elbow. You have sow a seed by doing this God will reward you where you lack as well. One love OMO BABA OLOWO i envy you…

  7. Thank you very much,your entire generation will never ever be in want,even your servants will be in want.God bless and protect you for ever.

  8. You are bless my brother. Not many people have this kind of mind but as you did this to this people only God Almighty can reward you and may God grant your heart desire as you did this.. You touch my mind where i am… Respect to you ***OBO*** one love …Temmy

  9. May the good LORD reward you, your children will not lack the help of God, bless you jare brother mi Dav

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