Davido Starts Scholarship Program To Honour Late Mother Veronica Adeleke

davido scholarship program

July 26, 2016 – Davido To Sponsor 4 Students This Year Under Veronica Adeleke Education Scholarship Program

Star singer David Adeleke aka Davido is set to launch a new scholarship program in memory of his late mother, Dr Veronica Adeleke.

According to the pop star, the scholarship program tagged Veronica Adeleke Education Scholarship will sponsor at least four students every year.

He promises to release the full application instruction soon.

Dr Mrs Adeleke passed away on the 23rd of November 2003 after a brief illness.

Way to go Davido!! Nice move..

14 thoughts on “Davido Starts Scholarship Program To Honour Late Mother Veronica Adeleke

  1. Davido is not mumu o. And I was think say he be mumu bifor. Is a mistake I was do. If say persin like Davido was catch me when I was dey small, I for not soffer like this. I for went to school. But I was not went to school bicos my father was not a haver of money to carry sending me away to school. So I was climbing mango tree when other pipul was wenting to school bicos I was a seller of mango to carry get money to chop first. Is orijinal soffer I have soffer. Wetin have do me for this world is reach to write book. One day I go write my book weyris story to my life. Obasanjo was write book and call am my watch. It be like say aboki don tiff his watch he no come know wetin time was talk again. When I have write my own book I am call am my belle or my mango.

  2. nice one my man davido,but pls include my man bench in ur scholarship programme,let us knw if he can improve his english,and so we wil knw dat its not a family-relatives scholarship programme.

  3. @buzu-k great stuff from you (FAMILY RELATIVES SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM) let it be strictly for the less privileged.

  4. My brother u talk true @buzu-k
    Bench need to go back to school
    His English too bad too poor
    (Olodo) hahahahaha funny
    At least go and learn small English.
    Davido well done

    • Just so you guys know BENCH is probably a university graduate. .so he’s just trying to crack people up. I’m always looking for his comments to laugh on. Funny dude!

      • I knew that long time ago. Bench is just trying to amuse people with his grammar. Somebody who has never been to school or have seen four wall of classroom will never pop up or comment on this site. I’m positive Bench is a learned individual. If not a degree holder at least he must have his WASC. He is just a funny dude.

  5. Davido thumbs up to u, may God continue to bless u and give u more wisdom and understanding for dis wonderful deed u are about to start.
    If only we can av every millionaire in the country doing something like this, not only giving scholarship for education but also helping those that needs financial assistance to start their own businesses, since unemployment as now taken over our country, I am sure Nigeria would be a better place.
    The mum was very pretty.

  6. with the way @bench composes you don’t need to be told that he knows what he is writing… but i love his style though @so funny

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