Davido & Wizkid Reunite: Musicians Settle Fight, Fly Private Jet Together[PHOTOS]

davido wizkid settle fight

April 5, 2016 – Davido & Wizkid Reunite: Musicians Settle Fight, Fly Private Jet, Pose On Exotic Cars [PICTURES]

It seems warring Nigerian artists David Adeleke and Ayo Balogun are finally getting along.

Few days after the duo battled ‘madam self made millionaire’, the two talented musicians have finally settled their differences.

Yesterday, they were spotted posing on a private jet.

The duo also posed on their respective exotic machines.

Their drama with “Mama self made millionaire” seems to have brought them together.

It is nice to see them truly getting along.

9 thoughts on “Davido & Wizkid Reunite: Musicians Settle Fight, Fly Private Jet Together[PHOTOS]

  1. Good. Now that you have become friends again, have your names changed? You better do not allow anything to come between you again o.

  2. This is a great news and a sign of maturity and strength by these under 25 year old musical stars. What is really going on with our leaders at all levels of government? If truly they want the best for their electorate/people, they ought to come together with unity of purpose to moverride the states aND the nati on forward. But they don’t care about the welfare of ordinary Nigerian citizens. One will think or imagined that all our politicians at federal and state levels will come together, work with the president and come with lasting solutions for the good of us. But it is pitful that some are still busy trying to sabotage the president efforts at these challenging times because is not business as usual. President Buhari refuses to give our corrupt legislators bribes to do the job they were elected by the people to do. During Obasanjo and Jonathan era, they are usually paid to pass laws. We must support the anti corruption crusade of PMB, shun tribalism, religion differences, personal hatre and other evil sentiments that divide us as people of One Great Nigeria. If those two young stars can forgo their ego and pride just for entertainment reason, we really don’t have no excuse not to come together for our progress wirh unity of purpose. Wizkid and Davido, you na weli don!

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