Davido’s Father, Dr Deji Adeleke Builds Mega Church In Ikeja Lagos

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Sept 25, 2012 – Davido’s Father, Dr Deji Adeleke Builds Mega Church In Ikeja Lagos

The billionaire father of Nigeria’s pop star, David Adeleke aka Davido, Dr Deji Adeleke has just built a multi-million naira Mega church building in Ikeja, Lagos state. naijagists.com

The mega church building is located at the back of his company (Pacific Holdings) in Ikeja, Lagos.

Look below for Dr Deji Adeleke‘s profile

davido dad father

Davido and father

dr deji adeleke

Dr Deji Adeleke

Dr Deji Adeleke’s Life Profile

Dr Deji Adeleke also called Elder Deji Adeleke is a successful business man who is the founder of Adeleke University in Ede, Osun State Nigeria.

He was born on the 6th of March 1957 in Enugu.

He is also the chairman of Pacific holdings limited, a well respected man and a devoted Seventh Day Adventists.

Also called Elder Deji Adeleke, he is the younger brother of ex-Osun State Governor, Senator Isiaka Adeleke.

senator isiaka adeleke

Aregbesola, Dr Deji Adeleke, Senator Isiaka Adeleke

He was previously married to Dr Vero Adeleke, a lecturer at Babcock university who passed away in 2003.

So Davido lost his mother 9 years ago.

They gave birth to Davido in Atlanta Georgia,USA.

Davido has a little sister named Coco.

45 thoughts on “Davido’s Father, Dr Deji Adeleke Builds Mega Church In Ikeja Lagos

    • MEGA church? When will the mentality of Nigerians change. Why build churches when the massses are wallowing in abject poverty. "Morality is not preached in an empty stomach"…SIgmund Freud

      • Always get your facts right before you judge. That church is not a “mega” church. Its a church the size of a bungalow,and its been in existence for over 10years. The man you’re talking about is a humanitarian to the core who doesn’t like to boast of his achievements.If only you know the things he’s done(which a lot of churches and even G.O’s haven’t dared to do for their members), you will ask for forgiveness for opening your mouth to make false accusations.Only God knows ******rants**********.

  1. Build a megal church can does who hungry can listen to preching wat I know is church is not like befor will have turn it to business now I understand the bible say he’s jurgement will starte from.the house of god soooo let wat and seeeee so u can her that *********** the church is the jurgement of god

  2. i dnt ave any tin much to say,bt Dr Deji Adeleke is a educate man and god bless him and the man serve at pacific limited and ppl knw that elder Deji is responsible someone also is a younger broda of ex- osun state governor, senator Isiaki Adeleke.And for the church dat the man build for me i realy like it o may god bless Dr Deji Adeleke and he son Davido……..,.AND ME TOO .Amen

  3. The man too much..but i fear for his son ,DAVID also know as Davido.mr billionair i tank God for using u to pilot the affairs of our church! I luv u a lot! My God grant u good health ,AMEN!

  4. On here, there are lots of comments that would make an eight grader wince in shock. You would hardly what they are saying and yet they are all over the stories on here. Mchew !!!

  5. may god do more dan dis 4 dere family n my families too davido u too much joor
    he built a church n i bliv his goin to do more dan dis
    let dem say jare

  6. Pple no dey wnt hear say prsn dey successful on evry sid xpecialy our nigerian pple..Y…,those rantin abou davido n his dad rily wishes 2 b in davido’s shoe o bt bef no let dem.davido a envy u o n i wish am in ur shoes cz all…. Ur relatives both close n distant ones are all… Successful pple,ur dad stil vry enegetic evn ur uncles so wht mor cn som1 ask 4rm God,DAVIDO i lv u,carry go ma broda 4rm anoda mama.let dem say….

  7. Did Davido’s dad inherit wealth frm his own dad? I came to dis profile to c how a man can rise to d top… Even if it’s gonna take years, amma get there… I just know it… And if there’s one thing i learnt frm dis profile, it is thus; BEING YOUR OWN BOSS, YOU GET THE BEST LIFE HAS GOT TO OFFER, U JUST NEED TO START FROM SOMEWHERE… these days, job applications don’t help, so ma fellow youths, step out and start something. ROME wasnt built in a day

  8. I’m happy for people like Dr Deji Adeleke and their wealth. God bless me to build church, where people will glorify and bless your name. Amen.

  9. Am a young talented artist and also a good lyriclist but my problem is that no one is there to put me there cos I knw ones am dia I must do moredan expected,but Davido was very lucky to have a Dad like DR Adeleke who is ready to do anyfin for him,David ur own better

  10. A very evil man can never see God, nobody can bribe God either with church building , buying cars for your so pastors or giving money to those that never need it. When we have people who work for you crying for just one thousand daily even they went on their kneel, begging you as God, but your evil heart stop you from giving a hands of help. What ever you sow so shall you reap. God is coming to reward everyone according to our work on Earth.

  11. Africans should learn how to be forward looking and stop criticism. It is natural for some people to be richer than others. Criticism will never change the face of our continent. Advise…. spend your time working hard while praying to the Almighty for your dreams to come true…. Jealousy only enhance your foot step to hell not heaven…. kudos Davido… proud of you.

  12. As yoruba do say “yara gboro, lora lati fi esi” meaning be quick to hear and be slow to respond….. u dont just judge or comment on what u dont know anything about!!! This church has been there for a very long time and besides if you have money and didnt spend it God’s way whats d essence of having the money…reason most people fail in life in just jumping into conclusion.

  13. Well, thanks to almighty God for Dr. Adelekes’ life (Davido dad), he’s such a hardworking type, his hardworking meet with favour has been endorsed by Almighty God. no matter what ppl says, to me, Mr Adeleke, you are indeed a fulfilled man.

    Your hardworking also radiates in the life of your son David (aka Davido), may God continue to bless nd protect him. I love u brother, keep the trend going, pass it unto ur generation nd generation to come.

    …good hardworking family….i lov it….cheerzzzz

  14. i really bless d name of God 4 Dr degi adeleke nd his family 4 d blessings he has bestowed on them i say may his name b praise 4 eva nd eva amen

  15. Judge not so thou will not be judge. People judged this man without even knowing him, may God forgive you. I can only say thank you Jesus for providing us with such a God fearing man that has been so much dedicated to the service of humanity. God bless elder adedeji adeleke, Amen.

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