Desmond Elliott Under Fire For Insulting Surulere People Over Unstable Electricity

desmond elliott insult surulere people

July 28, 2016 – Desmond Elliott Under Fire For Insulting Surulere People Over Unstable Power Supply, Electricity Problem

The lawmaker representing Surulere 1 constituency at the Lagos State House of Assembly has come under fire for allegedly insulting some people in his constituency who reportedly asked him to help fix the unstable power supply in their area.

Desmond Elliott reportedly told his people he is not PHCN to find a quick fix to their problem, a comment critics believe might jeopardise him of another chance in 2019.

14 thoughts on “Desmond Elliott Under Fire For Insulting Surulere People Over Unstable Electricity

  1. There is no political harm in his statement only that some political opponents are trying left, right and centre to politically destabilise the soft spoken legislator. However the Honourable should as swiftly as possible withdraw such inhumane and inimical remarks thereby forwarding the raisee concern(s) to line authorities to hasitly fix the same.

  2. Your comment shows very clearly to all that you are unfit to handle any political sit. Is this how you are going to start your political race? Your type is the reason why the aged ones in political arena are claiming the youth cannot be the leader of this country because of there inexperience ways of handling matters when it arise. You better go and apologize to the people of surulere you’ve insulted and never you use such a disparaging comment when talking to someone or people.

  3. The comment is taken out of context. In the same sentence he said he was working hard at seeing to the restoration of electricity and then appealed for the people to be patient. The re Terence to his not being PHCN therefore means that the actual job of rectifying the problem causing the power failure would be done by the experts in that field, namely the PHCN but that on his own part he will do his best.
    People should be reasonable about interpreting other people’s utterances. No electricity consumer personally does the job necessary to restore his failed power supply so any other person promising to do same should not be expected to go work the transformer or climb the electric pole to do so.

  4. Desmond reply to the question is somehow controversial or maybe he as join the league of promise and fail leaders

  5. D same people you begged last year are the people begging you to fulfill ur promise and you think u have arrived and can talk and bark like a mad dog instead of doing what u promised, why not even beg them to to exercise patience with you, well thank God is just your first position and you have proof to nigerians how bad and wicked you are , but you know one thing APC or no APC your political career ends here

  6. Mr Desmond quickly go back to nollywood that’s where you belong, political office is not for you.

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