Desperate Shoemaker Who Became A Fraudster To Pay Dying Wife’s CS Operation Confesses

fraudster to save dying wife

July 23, 2016 – Desperate Shoemaker Who Became A Fraudster To Pay Dying Wife’s CS Operation Confesses

Meet 31-year-old Azeez Ajose, a suspected fraudster arrested for duping a young lady in Lagos.

In his confession, Ajose told police he became a fraudster to raise the N80,000 doctors requested to carry out a life-saving ceasarian section operation for his now late wife.

This is what the suspect told police after his arrest:

“I used to be a shoemaker. My wife was pregnant and when it was time for delivery, the doctor said it would be through caesarian section(CS), which would cost N80,000. I didn’t have N80,000. I had to start running around to look for ways to raise the money. I ran to my friend Wasiu, who told me that he would teach me how to make money. He told me he would teach me how to become a fraudster (419). He said my financial problems would soon be over.”

Ajose said he was yet to get the money before news of his wife’s death came. The suspect was arrested after members of his syndicate, defrauded a young lady, identified as Barakat Owolabi of N503,000. Owolabi said the suspects were able to convince her to submit her sister’s Automatic Teller Machine(ATM) card, which they used to withdraw money.

When the original owner of the ATM card started seeing withdrawal alerts, she reported the matter to Gowon police station.

Detectives attached to the station later tracked down Ajose, and arrested him and members of his syndicate.

8 thoughts on “Desperate Shoemaker Who Became A Fraudster To Pay Dying Wife’s CS Operation Confesses

  1. Who now loose? You! If you had rally round and didn’t see the money requested and your wife latter give up,God sees your love for your wife and effort you’ve already put in. But allowing yourself to be brainwashed buy that hard core criminal and resorting to stealing is where you got it wrong. Then be ready to face it.

  2. The Holiest Book in existence THE HOLY BIBLE says:- “Blessed is the man that walketh not in the councel of the ungodly“ (Psalm 1:1a).

    I take a stroll…

  3. I don’t seem to believe this story, its only if u av robbery blood in ur veins that u will become an armed robber, did anyone put a gun in ur head before u go about duping people. No justification whatsoever.
    Nobody can ever brainwash me to start doing something I know I can never do, for instance stealing.

  4. This guy was brainwashed, and at the end of the day he’s back to square 1. Too bad. May the soul of ur wife rip.

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