Don Jazzy’s Wedding Holds In 2017 “I’m Getting Married Next Year”

don jazzy getting married 2017

August 31, 2016 – Don Jazzy’s Wedding Holds In 2017 “I’m Getting Married Next Year”

In a recent chat with Not Just OK, the popular beat maker announced his intention of settling down soon.

Hear what 33-year-old Don Jazzy said about his intention to bid goodbye to single-hood.

“Like my people say, God’s time is the best. Is it not when you have seen a wife that you can marry?

“It’s not like I don’t know I am getting old but it will happen. You guys should not let me rush into it and rush out. “I hardly have time. I will either have to concentrate on my family or work but hopefully next year. “2017 will be the year,”.

See the lucky lady in Don Jazzy’s life below

10 thoughts on “Don Jazzy’s Wedding Holds In 2017 “I’m Getting Married Next Year”

  1. Na you sabi. Enter village find wife.Don’t mind me jari. I get your point,marriage can’t be rushed into because others are doing so.Take your time and get your wife,it will be difficult sha cos lots of women will want you since your pocket is very,very handsome.I pray you find her soon.Good luck.

  2. I am a wisher of say is my sister wey you are wanted to marry. I for make sure say her bride price na Langrova Sport. You must buy am for me bifor you are marry my sister. But what is pain me be say my sister is wowo too much and any persin weyris see her no go want to buy her even suya. How can Don Jazi posibul to buy her Langrova Sport? Is a posibulness of zero.

  3. Why cross out the 2017 na? Re-print it boldly and that will be the year you and your lady Lof walk to the altar. It works by faith so no shaking. All the best to you !!!

  4. Involve God and he will guide you to a woman that will give you peace and joy.all the best in your decision.

  5. broh it better you continue to wait for God time it never to late maybe when you turn 50 at least men no dey enter menopause
    #clueless human

  6. now all these long-throat girls will start running arround him,oga don jazzy give me the contract to find u a better wife.

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