Doris Simeon Now More Popular Than Stella Damasus & Daniel Ademinokan Combined

doris simeon more popular stella damasus daniel ademinokan

January 8, 2018 – Doris Simeon Now More Popular Than Stella Damasus And  Daniel Ademinokan Years After Husband Dumped Her

When one door closes another opens, this is the situation of Nollywood sweetheart Doris Simeon who not only lose her husband to her colleague but her communication time with her only child, David Ademinokan.

Since her marriage crashed years ago, the actress has been drawing strength from the inside though it wasn’t so easy.

Fans of her alleged husband snatcher, Stella Damasus soon moved to her camp to inspire and sympathize with her. Some even offered to take her abroad to cool off then.

Each passing day, the actress updated fans on the social media telling them how life has been treating her.

She also granted several interviews where she initially accused Stella of snatching her husband before she changed her approach and focused on the positive side of life.

To cut the long story short, life has been treating her really well.

She is not only happy with her new man, she is also doing extremely well in her career.

As at the time of this report, her followership on Instagram is much more than that of Stella Damasus and Daniel Ademinokan combined an indication that Nigerians at home and abroad are on her side.

She currently has over 534K followers on Instagram while Stella and Daniel drag behind at 266K and 159K respectively.

Lessons learnt; 

Do not let your ordeal turn you into a bitter person, instead allow whatever pain you might have gone through and may be going through to transform you into a better person. See you at the top!

7 thoughts on “Doris Simeon Now More Popular Than Stella Damasus & Daniel Ademinokan Combined

  1. Stella Dam not only lost my respect, she lot the respect of every member of my family. where was doris when stella first started.
    She has lost her glory to that young brilliant woman so sorry for her and the dick head thumb boy she is hiding in her wardrobe.

  2. Beautiful piece God bless the writer, the last part touches the depth of my being. I have been holding on to bitterness and unforgiveness since my husband left me with 2 set of twins. Gosh I have to turn a new leave.

    • Well said Mimi…..Forgiveness is the solid key to moving on in life. My husband left me with a 6 month old baby at the time. Once i made a decision to forgive him and move foward….my life has been so wonderful and blessed. I’ve encountered major breakthroughs and blessings beyond imagination. My son is now 12 and very happy too. Trust me, i don’t have any grudges towards the man and i wish him well too. Goodluck to you.

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