Dr Deji Adeleke: Biography, Life Profile & Latest News

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Sept 25, 2012 – Dr Deji Adeleke: Biography, Life Profile & Latest News

Also called Elder Deji Adeleke, Dr Deji Adeleke is a successful business man who is a billionaire. naijagists.com

He was born on the 6th of March year 1957 in Enugu.

He is married to Dr Vero Adeleke who passed away in year 2003.

Late Dr Vero Adeleke was a lecturer at Babcock University before her death 9 years ago.

The couple had a superstar son named David Adeleke popularly called Davido and a daughter named Coco.

Deji Adeleke is the Pro-chancellor at Adeleke University In Ede, Osun State Nigeria.

He is a younger brother to former Osun State Governor, Senator Isiaka Adeleke.

He is also the founder of Pacific Holdings Limited, a company that specializes in investing in various sectors across the country.

He is a devoted Adventist who recently built a multi-million church behind his company in Ikeja, Lagos State Nigeria.

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    • David is the last child of the family. He has two elder brothers named Nicholas Ayoola and Adewale. He and Sharon have same mother and coco is the eldest sister of David

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