Texas Doctor Who Came Back From Heaven Narrates What Jesus Told Him To Tell The World

texas doctor came back from heaven

August 14, 2016 – American Doctor Gerry Landry Narrates What Jesus Told Him In Heaven Hours After He Died Of Heart Attack

Dr Gerry Landry, Texas Doctor Who Came Back From Heaven Narrates What Jesus Told Him To Tell The World

55-year-old Doctor Gerry Landry, a physician at the University of Texas Health Center was well acquainted with the symptoms of a heart attack but on this fateful day, the Medical Doctor wasn’t examining someone else – he was grappling with troubling signs of his own.

At home, he felt overwhelming fatigue and crushing pain in his chest for more than an hour. “Denise! This is serious! Please pray!” he called out to his wife. His wife began to pray after she called an ambulance. She also called Christian friends to pray.

“We committed the situation to Almighty God and asked Him to heal me,” he says. In spite of the excruciating pain, a wave of peace washed over the doctor and his wife after they prayed, a peace that defies understanding. (Phil. 4:7) “All I remember during the ride to the hospital was calling out the name of Jesus, over and over again,” the doctor recalled.

A few years earlier, praying for God’s help would have been last on his todo list. He was a nominal Christian, devoted to his church, but praying for his patients was not part of his life. But that changed one day. “I witnessed a young couple praying for a patient of mine, I actually felt God’s presence in the room and was strangely moved. They prayed as though God was their closest friend.

I envied them. It started me on a journey, a search for a true, deep, personal relationship with God,” he said. “Before long, I met Christians who taught and prayed for me to receive the Holy Spirit. After that, Jesus became real to me, and the words of the Bible suddenly came to life.”

Dr. Landry entered the same Emergency Room where he had treated hundreds of patients. The doctor in charge showed him his EKG: His inferior coronary artery was completely knocked out.

“The cold clamminess of my hands warned me of collapsing veins,” he noted. “Yet, the sweet presence of Jesus continued to enfold me with His peace. But as his wife prayed quietly by his side, his heart suddenly stopped beating.

“I became acutely aware of my spirit separating from my body and I died – pronounced ‘clinically dead’ at 4:13pm.” Immediately he found himself transported to heaven — a place of dazzling beauty! “A multitude of radiantly beautiful people surrounded me.

In spite of the crowd, I looked around and actually recognized some of my late relatives, as well as some historical figures who had preceded me a long time ago. We were in the Eternal Now, without past or future and I was perfectly at ease, full of joy.

He felt like he belonged there and it was more real than being on earth. Somehow, he spoke telepathically to the people around him. “Who are you? What are you doing here?” “We are those who went on before you, and we welcome you here.” He soon was overcome by their rapturous adoration of God and was touched by their inexpressible joy, welcoming him into the heavenly realm. Suddenly, a shaft of light pierced the crowd.

In the center of the light, a vision of Jesus appeared to him, alive on the cross of Calvary, with the nails through His hands and feet and the wound in His side. His face was bloody from the crown of thorns.

This perplexed him, because he knew positively that Jesus rose from the dead, ascended to heaven, and is seated at the right hand of the throne of God (Hebrews 12:2) With eyes full of love and compassion, Jesus looked at him and said, “Gerry, My peace be with you.”

Dr. Landry was overwhelmed by the thought that out of the billions God created, He still knew him by name! “In that moment, for the first time, I understood the essence, the completeness, the fullness of the love of God!” he said

Then the Lord impressed on his heart, Gerry, you are healed. You will have no more pain, no anxiety, no shame, no guilt. I want you to go back. You’ll be home from the hospital in one week.

I want you to tell your family, your friends, your fellowships, everyone I will put you in contact with, about My love. Then Jesus instructed him to study the Gospel of John, the first two letters of John and all of Revelation.

John is My friend. He knows all about My love, He said. Dr. Landry did not want to leave His presence. “But even as I protested that I did not want to go back to earth, I sensed my spirit return to my body.” His heart had stopped beating a total of four minutes.

According to the attending doctors, Dr. Landry remained in ICU, and during the next 10 hours drifted in and out of a coma. “At times, I was aware of other people, but was unable to respond, except for one time when Denise came in. I awoke and wept when I told her I had seen the Lord Jesus face to face,” he recounted.

He finally woke up completely from the coma at 3 am. At that same moment, a man from Dr. Landry’s prayer group was awakened and God impressed on him: He (Gerry) shall live and not die, for I shall raise him up to tell many about My love.”

[Source: God’s Reports]

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  1. Yes! Jesus is the same yesterday, today and for evermore.
    Those who ll seek Him shall find Him and will attain peace in every aspect of their lives. U ar invited to seek Jesus today for ur Salvation.

  2. I totally believed on the Lord Jesus Christ even right from my mother‘s womb and so do many other blessed Christians.

    We know that Jesus is real and every single accounts or prophesy about Him. The Great White Throne Judgement day is sure. Heaven and hell are real. The Bible being the ONLY BOOK that contains the Word of God is an undisputable fact which any Heaven-minded soul should accept whole heartedly.

    This vision should have been revealed to one of these confused minded gentiles for them to tell their congregtion of sheepishly brainwashed canally minded souls to opt out of their cultism and embrace the only Way the Truth and the Life, JESUS CHRIST (John 14:6). While still they may.
    If this is done, then…
    My strolling will continues….

  3. All this muslims killing in the name of Allah they have no idea how he looks like should know that Jesus is Lord

  4. I believe this story. It is uncannily similar to one young man’s experience narrated to me some years ago after he recovered from a ghastly motor accident. I asked him if he was afraid in the place he found himself; he said he was not afraid at all and that he felt such peace. This guy said he did not see any other person but could hear and was convinced he could have responded to commands if such was given him, but none was. Another similarity is that the guy told me he was unwilling to return to this life and felt disoriented but regretful when he woke up in the mortuary. He had been in the mortuary for about two days because his people could not be traced to identify his body.
    Yes, he is very much alive and now an adult. The incident happened when he was still a teenager and was not exposed to Internet or the like that one would have thought heread up similar experiences and framed his story. Yes I believe the story in this write-up.

  5. we all believe this man because he is an oyinbo (white man) from America ppl would have called him a liar if he was a Nigerian

  6. i believe in one God the creator of heaven and earth and in jesus christ is only son who was concieved by the holy spirit and born by the virgin mary




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