Dr Mike Adenuga Moves Office To Banana Island Lagos Building (Photo)

mike adenuga banana island office pictures

Dec 28, 2012 – Dr Mike Adenuga Of Globacom Moves Office To Banana Island Lagos Building (Photo)

Nigerian telecommunication billionaire, Dr Mike Adenuga junior, the Chairman of Globalcom has moved to a new multi-million naira office building in Banana Island Lagos. naijagists.com

According to sources, the second richest man in Nigeria has relocated from his previous office in VI, Lagos to #31A close in Banana Island.

See Mike Adenuga‘s Banana Island house photo below

mike adenuga mansion banana island house

Mike Adenuga’s mansion in Banana Island

This move is for convenience as Mike Adenuga already has a mansion in Banana Island estate, the most expensive residential area in Nigeria mainly occupied by wealthy people.

It costs a whopping 8 billion naira to complete both the office building and the mansion.

A Little About Banana Island, Lagos: It’s an artificial Island located in Lagos State Nigeria. It’s housed in the Lagos Lagoon and linked to North-East of Ikoyi Island with a road strip that is linked to the existing road network.

Banana Island has offices and mansions owned or rented by wealthy Nigerians.

32 thoughts on “Dr Mike Adenuga Moves Office To Banana Island Lagos Building (Photo)

  1. @David, u no get s****?…I hate critics! Instead of you to go on your knees and ask God to bless you just like he has done to Mr ADENUGA you rather spend time killing yourselve against someone who’s not even in politics. Kudos to you sir for your sole efforts, God bless u even more!

  2. @ David its wrong for u to judge anyone! Let God be the judge…. Dr. Adenuga is not into politics, he is a biznessman. Lets pray for people like him who have biznesses that employs a few nigerians! Sure he is friend to polticians, that does not make him a thief. I salute the wisdom, love, patriotism & courage of the likes of Dr Adenuga & Dangote… Pls David look up to Dr Mike Adenuga as a role model & not as a thief!

    Dr Adenuga, pls go ahead & build bizness empires as much as u can so as to help build a bridge where our government have failed in terms of jobs creation! Pls work very hard too for ur hereafter. And u have what it takes to archieve ur hereafter at ur finger tips…ur wealth!

    Touch peoples lives through alms giving, donations etc. Remb death at all times. Remb also that ur final rest place can be built in a single day no matter how expensive it may be!
    Our stay on earth is just for a while… Acquiring/ building manssions too is also temporary..

    Invest more on people’s oriented projects & let God & people celebrate u more with their prayers instead of the pages of newspapers & electronic prints. God save Nigeria & God bless the likes of Dr. mike Adenuga.

    • David …… never u judge any one. I know for sure God is d real source of his blessings, this man in question did not come from poor family he is from good background we grew up together ,very kind man with soft heart who cannot hot a fly, he would never let u go hunger when u are around him he is a listener and ready to solve problems anytime .All this people with their bad mind should leave him alone .lots of people are eating from this man!s sweat and his business will keep growing, i pray God to give him long life.Amen u people should pray to be like him.

  3. more grace to your elbow sir…….@david try to tell all dis politicn to use the money the thif to creat job for people let dem use thire families name to creat the bussiness so pple can work uner dem like DANGOTE and ADENUGA

  4. @david…bro u r nt to judge any1,suppose god is d really source of his blessings n u r just crucifyin dis man 4 ntin.rmber d bible i wil bless dose who bless u n cause dose who cause u..my bro i beg try hustle make u b likam if possible pass am n nt crititice him….abeg no ur way no b cause ooooooooo!!!

  5. Dr mike Adenuga is a man that has a landmark in the history of this country and i believe that thier are many people that has wealth like him but they did not use it in a way that the citizen can benefit from it. If we can av people like Dr Adenuga, Dr Dangote… The rate of unemployment, crime and coruption in this country wil have nt be like this…… Make God gives the phylantropist among us more days….. Happy new year. @08062611299

  6. Psalm 1, Verse 1 says-
    1 Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the wicked, nor stands in the way of sinners, nor sits in the seat of scoffers;
    3 He is like a tree planted by streams of water that yields its fruit in its season, and its leaf does not wither. In all that he does, he prospers.

    Psalm 122, Verse 6 Says-
    6 Pray for the peace of Jerusalem! “May they prosper who love you!
    Pray for the peace of Dr Adenuga, the Chairman! “May they prosper who loves him!
    This is an empire that is here to stay and cannot be destroyed by whatever the enemies says.


  8. God will grant you long life in good health for you to enjoy the FRUITs of your Labour. God Bless You and your househole the more. I thank God for your life.

  9. Dr mike adenug is my mentor,I luv him we’ll nd wela.GOD wil protect u AMEN.enemies shame on u.

  10. God knows best…..we are have to run our different race…..do as you want God is the only one that will judge the good and the bad

  11. May God Almighty continue to bless u and your family ride on sir.All your enemies will knell down before u when time comes begging for food. God bless u sir am an ijebu boy and i will support to the last.

  12. Well am also happy for Dr Mike Adenuga for his new mashon, may God almighty continue to bless him

  13. Mr Adenuga,may GOD in his infinite mercy continue to bless you sir.I want to become a great philantropist as well and i pray that may GOD help me and answer my prayers.Keep on waxing sir.

  14. Ride on sir, it has please God to uplift you. No one can bring you down. You think and you thinking create job for many people in return, they all feed their family, uncountable bread winners work in your company. In short, God Almighty will always be with you.

  15. Sir,I love ur idea of creating wealth go on and may the grace of God Strenghten you in all your endevour amen.

  16. God will continue blessing u sir,forwordever backwordnever in jesus name am proud 2 b Adenuga family very soon I will b like u sir 07063602911

  17. Your excellency sir, i just wrote to ur customercare for permission for excursion to ur exotic office at adeola odeku st vi. The excursion is meant for data processing students of our school to see for themselves the gadgets use in processing information.
    From homat group of schools igbogbo, ikorodu, lagos.

  18. Dear Sir, We wish you inspirational revenue to overcome all the jealous minds… bless you Sir.

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