Drama As Delta Chapter Of NLC Stages Protest Using Fela Anikulapo Hit Song

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May 21, 2016 – Drama As Delta Chapter Of NLC Stages Protest Using Fela Anikulapo Hit Song

The Delta State chapter of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) yesterday distorted the ‘Change’ slogan of the All Progressives Congress (APC) to ‘Chain’. The congress has since Thursday pitched its tent under the newly constructed fly-over bridge by former Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan, with a loud speaker and playing victory and solidarity songs.

Their favourite has been the old records of Fela Anikulapo, Idris Abdulkareem’s hit song – Nigeria jaga-jaga, everything scatter- scatter, poor man dey suffer-suffer and China’s Food No Dey, Water No Dey and Light No Dey even as supporters of the strike carried placards with various inscription, including, “Nigeria Jaga-Jaga, Everything Scatter, Scatter”, “Electricity Na Wayo-Wayo”, “Food No Dey, Water No Dey, Light No Dey”, “Labour Say No to High Electricity Tariff”, “We Need Employment, Not Fuel Hike”, “Labour Say No to Fuel Hike”, “Buhari Heal Us, Don’t Kill Us” and “Election Na Wayo-Wayo”.

The state First Vice- Chairman of the congress, Jonathan Jemiregbe, said no amount of military dictatorship would end the strike unless the Federal Government reverts to the old pump price of N86.50.

8 thoughts on “Drama As Delta Chapter Of NLC Stages Protest Using Fela Anikulapo Hit Song

  1. The least thing that the fed. govt. should have don before this subsidy removal is to make sure our four refineries are working in full capacity. I don’t want to talk about the minimum wage because subsidy or no subsidy, N18,000 is so paltry a sum that it is a mockery to whoever receives it at the end of a month’s sweat.

  2. Nigeria fuel wahala, reduce the price of fuel no, fight corruption no, repair our roads no, create job opportunities no, etc. God help us here in Nigeria

  3. Pls tell them when Idris sang d song our oga rebuke him now we all can see with our very own eyes.

  4. I think the best time to deregulate was 2o years ago, and the next best time is now, tough as it may seem now, I guess it is still the best way forward, even some of us striking now were actually buying the fuel for as much as 250 to 300 naira, so in the first instance its even a reduction, more so the queues have disappeared now and those fuel attendants that became Gods over night , have become mortals once more, I think the NLC should rather concentrate thier energy on negotiating a better pay from government in a bid to cushion the effect.

  5. food no dey, water no dey and our country no good ooo what about d nepa people we no get light. Mr President lead us well.

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