Drama As Nollywood Actress Catches Lady With Husband In Ikeja Lagos Hotel Room

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September 13, 2016 – Drama As Nollywood Actress Catches Colleague With Husband In Hotel Room In Ogba Ikeja Lagos

It was a show of shame for actor Austin Emmanuel and his wife, Jumoke Kudaisi Emmanuel, who is also an actress as she accused upcoming actress, Ola Samuel, the producer of yet to be released movie Ola Iberu of keeping a secret affair with her husband.

The beautiful actress was said to be accused by Jumoke that she is dating her husband, Austin Emmanuel popularly known as Oba New Generation.

Jumoke with Austin on wedding day

A reliable source who was fortunate to witness the scenario told us about the show of shame which happened recently during the location of a film at Ogba area of Lagos.

It was gathered that Emmanuel who was the director of the job invited Ola Samuel to the said location, but when she got there, she went straight to meet him in his hotel room and she met Austin on a night wear, and decided to sit on the bed with him with other crew members going in and out of the room.

But suddenly Jumoke who is also on set of the movie appeared in the room to lock both Ola and Austin inside saying she has been hearing the rumour that her husband has been flirting around with the said actress.

It was as if Jumoke was hanging around for Ola to come. She must have been informed of the illicit affair going on between her husband and Ola. It was a worse possible scenario as Jumoke created a lot of scenes.
The source however stated that Ola did not do anything as she was left confused.

She did not believe what really happened, as she claimed innocent, but people claimed it was true that Ola is actually dating Austin.

However, when a call was put to Ola who has also produced ” Tanimola”, she denied the allegation and refused to speak on the issues.

“I don’t have anything to say on that. But all I know is that, I don’t have any relationship with Austin except on professional level’.

Austin on his own side said, “the fact that he was caught with Ola Samuel in a hotel room does not mean anything, even though he confirmed the story”.

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4 thoughts on “Drama As Nollywood Actress Catches Lady With Husband In Ikeja Lagos Hotel Room

  1. Nawaoo for Austin so even though you were caught in a hotel with the said Ola doesn’t mean anything and you confirmed the story,what did you really confirmed?

  2. at first i thought it was a movie because the couple can’t do without featuring themselves in home video..both of them have been an interesting act to watch. how would a married man invite another woman to an hotel room (what kind of play will a dog have with the Tiger).. Austin is 100% guilty of the allegation but i believe strongly that they will soon settle their differences with the aid of mummy Ayilara and co. They are just to close to separate now…
    BUT WAIT OO THE EYE WITNESS which was fortunate what was he/she doing in an hotel (he no get house abi na attendant).

    #clueless human

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