Eiye Cultists Behead Supreme Maphite, Green Circuit Cult Member In Benin City Edo State

eiye cultists behead maphite benin edo state

Feb 7, 2018 – Tension As Eiye Cultists Behead Supreme Maphite, Green Circuit Cult Member In Benin City Edo State

Some suspected members of the Eiye cult group have beheaded a member of their rival cult, a tax collector simply identified as Osazuwa.

Osazuwa, a father of three, was killed at Iyobosa Street off Muritala Mohammed Way, Benin City yesterday.

An eyewitness who craved for anonymity said;

“The gunmen came in commando style and started shooting sporadically to scare away people and afterwards attacked the victim (Osazuwa).

“Osazuwa tried to run for his life but a member of the gang who had closed on him hit the deceased with a rod and he fell down.

“Other members of the gang immediately descended on the victim and used cutlass to severe his head”.

It was gathered that the killing might  is connected with a renewed cult activities over a recent disagreement between members of the Maphite Confraternity Group aka Green Circuit Association and Eiye confraternity group.

63 thoughts on “Eiye Cultists Behead Supreme Maphite, Green Circuit Cult Member In Benin City Edo State

  1. Wasted generation where their mates in the western are making waves in technology advancement.edo govt desrves a competent hand to pilot the affairs of the state.i have no confidence on the incumbent gov

  2. We celebrate politicians after they have shared 2500 that is how they have made the youths… divided them with cultism killing of each other is the other of the day.. When a;

  3. Nothing goes for nothing. More blood will wet the surface of the earth be4 a great man rest in peace. Alex I see u, flame on dem all… Osawuza!!! nor fear ur own death go make sense pass their own…

  4. Alex n ogives… JK JK go punish una generations…. Let d game begin… Air Force full ground 4 una……Kill dem all

    • Where you for come? nah bush abi nah d hell wen u dey fly dey shack you, nor let m shack u? una go die sara full every coner for edo state, just be there watching.

  5. You airlords or Jk i don’t care, when we from the Nigerian Navy(NNSBN) catch anyone of you it’s the end. enjoy while you can we’re waiting for one person to show he dirty face. Rugged brutality is the consequence for defaulters.

    • Lol… don’t you know a lot of Navy are also member of this group … be wise … navy is for sea not for land issue … face ur business

  6. Eiye too rugged , I always wonder why all frat went to war with Eiye while they knew they can never conquer … don’t play with ur life …Eiye is the most rugged Confra….. we Dey kill Aye Alora Mafite Vikings….Benin we are ready … Airfotce Dey para …enough tools on ground ….. Aye mafaite and Vikings una go run leave that town for us soon … watch out for 2018 massacre … we gonna turn everywhere red soon …. Loading

    • Eiye Benin…u r all sighted n RUGGED…if dem do anyhow dem go collect pieces anyhow ….@ shadow Na wetin u blif in,go kill u n whosoever in ur support….. Eiye too RUGGED for nonsense n rubbish….. Birds r flying n chirping ruggedly

    • Hahaha animal…. U know the meaning of eiye stall oloshi onoran nu….Ogun love ma password iya eii …werre

      • You dey jonce?? You never hear of EIYE doings before?? Ranging from Ibadan, Lagos. Delta and Edo state sef. Them be gentle souls o.. But can be hell bloody. Make una dey use una head. Accept that fact, everywhere go dey peaceful. No police disturbances

  7. When r these ugly things going to stop for God’s sake? My soul weep wen I see young men dying in thousands cos of color, have u ever ask ursef this question? Killing people that will help you tomorrow, this is sad,,

  8. Rugged Maph. It’s has been 5-1, 5tinkles down, only 1m… More Tinkles going down soon. Counting scores. Eiye Fly comot for road, fire dey come… watch out!

  9. Maphite don kill all the Eiye men.. Eiye, make una they hide Ooo, na Maphite una go fok wit dis time? I’m sorry for u guys Ooo.

  10. Maphite don kill all the Eiye men.. Eiye, make una they hide Ooo, na Maphite una go fok wit dis time? I’m sorry for u guys Ooo.

  11. Repent while you yet may.. Salvation is personal. Once you die, that’s the end.. No repentance in the grave! Don’t gain the world and lose your soul. God have mercy on this generation. Amen

  12. weda. this basterd we they call vikings here.the fear of Vikings is the beginning of wisdom
    clear road for the Norsemen

    • He really don’t know herself I minute we go close all Benin wait for us to call afar marine mother land all Nigeria go get problem

    • Your mama …..Your papanor be member go ask am ….I pray make u miss yarn , thank god for tracking apps

  13. Repent for there is no repentance in the grave… save your soul now while you can still breath. May God help us all Amen!

  14. hmmm,look at those fools that dont want to make use of their time and achieve something great….anyway,i want you to know that know criminal or cultist have ever reach old age not to talk of seeing it….

    • I see u doing quite well making good with your life going through cult clash forums let me guess u one of those opportuned to go Europe through land packing shit for a living …Go hide your self mugu….

  15. I believe most of u illetrate birds wild en down to Ghana …When Benin catch fire we dey wit for Una ……Ever blazing

  16. 4 eiye cultist were killed because of this, that is the complete news. no one plays with fire and get away with it. you cut one head, maphite cut four of your heads, even the target was a hundred heads, but eiye number one man quickly came for peace talk and pleaded. Fire is useful, even the sun is fire and it’s a relevant light. no face for faces.

  17. Eiye una never see anything dat is just d beginning more eiye are going down no mercy no mercy to show to dose baster b warm
    Done touch becau if you do Na die
    Fire nor get mercy ????????????

  18. You all should take it easy
    The king of Benin City have banned cult killing
    Anybody that kills in Edo State will be followed with curse from his generation to another so be warned and make money
    Boys are making money with laptops
    Many have houses and cars, why una they disturb una self?
    Oba of Benin have layed curse on this land against cult killing so he wise cause some are already dieing una the curse of the land.
    There was a guy that said “Oba nor get level, we go behead them” the boy is dead of terrible illness as we speak

  19. it was a clash between black axe , NBM and the Avarians aka Eiye.. The beheaded is an agbero who is also a member of Eiye… this happened around 2ND east circular /sokponba rd axis of Benin.. Dodo to all axe men,korofo bless u all

  20. una just dy make noise. ah rugged dogged judge white still dy judge dy go nothing stain my white, AMICI to all jurist men. EGBA mi o,

    • You people don’t know what is Viking all igbo are norsman even port , bayasa if we make call to mother land all Benin city go get problem rival man are waiting for our call maje den enter Benin close Benin kingdom with blood eyie day pay before for day fuck up before no be today we need blood

  21. stupity first of to you Mr writer and to all eiye commenting here osazuwa in question its an eiye man not maphite you can go to third junction and confirm yourself

  22. For it is appointed unto man….once to die after death….judgement!!!

    Be wise run for your life…..heaven is real hell is real…..I no hear no dey ooo

  23. Rugged All Norsemen All Round The Country I Sey U All Are Rugged. I Echo Rugged 2 All Germens I Sey Bst Dey Lele..Aromate

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