Ekiti Battles Dog Scarcity As Demand Rises In Homes, Restaurants & Beer Parlours

dog scarcity ekiti state

December 28, 2016 – Ekiti Battles Dog Scarcity As Demand By Residents Rises In Homes, Restaurants & Beer Parlours

Dogs have disappeared from the streets in Ekiti State following rise in the consumption of dog meat by residents, a check by the News Agency of Nigeria [NAN] has shown.

NAN reports that more people have increasingly turned to dog meat for their nutrition in spite of the taboo hitherto associated with the consumption of dog meat in the community.

In Ado-Ekiti, Ikere-Ekiti, Ise-Ekiti, Emure- Ekiti, Ikole-Ekiti and Otun Ekiti new dog slaughter slabs have sprung up as the residents devour the meat in homes, restaurants and beer parlours.

A resident said no fewer than 20 of such slaughter slabs exist in Ado Ekiti alone.

“A good number of beer parlours and relaxation centres now make pepper soup and suya from dog meat.

“Because of the high rate of consumption of dog meat, it is now difficult to see dogs on the street and their cost have risen astronomically,” the resident, who craved anonymity said.

NAN reports that three-months-old dogs previously sold for as low as N500, now attract up to N3,000, while adult go for between N6,000 and N15,000 depending on the size.

Mr Debo Olusola, who trades in dog meat, said he makes an average of N10,000 daily from sale of dog meat suya.

A veterinary doctor, Kunle Adeyemi warned against excessive consumption of the meat, saying it was “risky and injurious to health” due to rabies content in dog flesh and blood.


9 thoughts on “Ekiti Battles Dog Scarcity As Demand Rises In Homes, Restaurants & Beer Parlours

  1. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,olokili eran obe,ayangbe madun awe mi,mi ka mu leri iyan linu ewe ogede, pelu efo rorowo ma ka benu ogunro si ,awe aye dun ju iya loooooooooooooo,kare o lokili eran obe yokoto

  2. Ha! Man’s best friend. My daughter must not read this. She can’t imagine someone eating her dog. May God deliver us from poverty. Dogs are loyal friends, they never forget their benefactor, unlike most humans, who are so ungrateful. I really feel sorry for those dogs. This is not living life, it is merely existing.

  3. How many people have been known to die from dog meat consumption ? The way Nigerians cook their meat, it is most likely they have cooked all the madness or rabies out of the dog. Remember when the world was panicking due to mad cow disease? That sickness was not recorded in Nigeria. So, just to be on the safe side, the consumers of dog meat should be adviced to cook it properly since threat of rabies through consumption is not likely to deter them from sampling that delicacy.
    Just saying though !

  4. Dog na winch. So any persin weyris eat dog is chop winch. Even Fayose is followment of winch chopility bicos how can posibul say he is worry Buhari up and down if no be winchility?

  5. Hahahaha another words from Bench: Chopility and Winchility.
    Hummm… Na dia readers of NG comments go fia naa…

    So of all places why Ekiti state? What has brought this sudden appetite and high demands for Dog‘s meat in the state? What happen to other source of meat? I can‘t get it. EKITI State of all places???
    Could it be that the spirit of Calabar people has visited them?
    Ha! This one na wao…

    Make I just take a stroll…

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