Emmanuel Emenike Turns Muslim, Footballer Converts To Islam

emmanuel emenike muslim

July 6, 2015 – Emmanuel Emenike Turns Muslim, Footballer Converts To Islam

In the wake of a spiritual problem that almost ended his career, budding Nigerian footballer has embraced another religion.

According to Turkish daily , Emenike didn’t join his squad for breakfast on Saturday.

His coach, Vitor Pereira was said to have queried him on why he didn’t show up for breakfast, the footballer replied “I’m fasting”.

Vitor Pereira then replied: “but you’re not a Muslim” but the ex-Spartak Moscow star insisted that he has converted to Islam.

“I became a Muslim, I’m a Muslim” – said Emmanuel Emenike.

60 thoughts on “Emmanuel Emenike Turns Muslim, Footballer Converts To Islam

    • Why is it that there is always no genuine reasons to convert to islam from these conpromisers,only when there is a need to defend their means of livelihood. Or can someone tell me of anyone that converted to Islam bcos he or she experience genuine salvation from Sin,Satan and Sex (Immorality)? It is always conversion to Islam for the fleeting,mundane things of this life that passes away. Or many at times muslims lure the covetous around them by promising them money, wife and/or trip to mecca. But only the simple would be deceived into practicing the same religion with demons of hell.

    • U Ar D Real ***** Kola, Cox Emunike Is N The Right Way Now, Nd I Wish Al D Best N Life Nd Protection 4rm Almighty Allah

  1. frustration n depression, its running him wild, so wat do u guys expect, don’t b surprise when u c him on d other side Is, fighting n throwing bombs, he is already tired of life

  2. He go throw bomb inside the field very soon. Christians are use bible to preach. Moslems are use bomb to preach.

    • @Bench, What did christian Hitler use to preach when he chose to wipe out more than six million of his fellow christians in Europe, pre & post second world war. Do Lords Resistance Army “LRA” not use guns and violence to preach in Uganda and the entire Central and Eastern African corridor of Africa, killing innocent people in the last 20 years of its existence in defence of the Biblical doctrines. HYPOCRITES.!!!

      • Saudiq, Christians was not sopot wetin Hitila was do bicos is wasn’t good. Are you see wetin they are name Hitila name bifor? Is show say we are not sopot killing. But Usman dam Folio wey take knife kill many pipul wey not moslem for Nigeria is get univasity wey they are name his name. Is it dey good?

    • That is not true. Terrorists hide behind Islam to kill innocent defenseless people. Islam does not condone terrorism of any kind but call for and propagate peace.

    • I don’t blame, bcus u don’t know what u ae doin.
      bcus u don’t known wat did know about ur religion.
      go and known about ur self and ur religion. b4 spinkin. HEGOAT

  3. Which kin dirty convert. This guy is tripping majorly. How many people u see convert to Islam if not for money for r acceptance in a particular location or demography. Turkey was a solid Christian state till these evil people ran it over with Guns and bombs. Go and read the history. That dude is prolly being intimidated.

    • There is no compulsion in religion of of Islam. This covert has seen the light and divinely guided, so he converted to Islam as his religion. Congratulation brother.

  4. Alhamdulillah Alhamdulilla Alhamdulillah RobilAlemeen. Am happy for hm. And for these my broda thts typing hatred here pls mind th way u insult others religion bcus is had to see any muslim insult Christian just th way u pple did. May God bless us all n lead us to th strait path. Ameen

    • my broda, u spoke like a man of wisdom, hw i wish other muslim could be wise like u do, u dnt need to blame them is the cause of some radicals in ur religion, i know there is many of u out there, but d radical once have manage to cause hatred agains muslim, u self check, bin laden. boko harams. isis, taliban, fulani heads men, and many more.christians attack with mouth only, d muslim attack with ak47, bombs. i believe we could still make peace. .

      • Yes,this religion that can only be spread and defended by terror and not by the truth. I Islam has been attacked freely the way Christianity is being attacked around the world,Islam could have been reduced to trash in the eyes of those blind people that are still adherents of the religion. They this thing i’m saying thats why AK47,Sword and Act of terror is the weapons they use to defend their demonic religion. But truth is the only weapon to defend the christian religion,and if muslim think that their ‘truth’ is capable to withstand the Bible Truth,let keep sword,AK47 and dead threat aside and open their borders for the Gospel of light to come in, let us see what the Sword of the Spirit (Bible Truth) would do to their weak ‘truth’ that they have been defending by the arms of the flesh. Nobody knows better than muslims that they live in a thatch house, yet they like to strike a match and throw at those who live in a concrete house. No religion treat human lives the way Islam does. Its a pity!

  5. Shame on all you christians making nasty comments here I thought moderate christianity embraces religious tolerance or do you people follow extremist christianity. Leave the guy alone let him follow what is heart guides him to. Is it by force that he must come to your church and pay tithe

  6. very ironical statement, because he is fasting means he is a Muslim, anybody can fast at any time..don’t be deceived.

    • but he said it himself that he is now Muslim, I see no reason of accusing my religion, Islam, why not allow him to make his own choice.

  7. Disappointed with you all, are we saying bad things about your religion ? No , are saying that because the Klux Klaus clan are Christians , all Christians are
    Killers and racists ? No , was Hitler, Pinochet, and many others not Christians ? Are we grouping you all under one umbrella ? No , so please stop the hating game, if the guy decides to change his religion , it is his right , religion is only a guide , a moral compass and we all have the freedom to choose our way

  8. Emenike,you were my namesake and my favorite but you don’t know d value of dat name EMMANUEL, u need 2 com bak 2 christ b4 its too late.

  9. may allah continue to guide him and never b misguided again, anyway, even pope and the xtians clerics av done d same;;;

  10. what does it know about religion? I think he is drunk when the question was thrown at him by his coach.I think he needs psychiatrist evaluation to know if his brain is working properly, he just came from his fathers burial so he needs help

  11. Am so amazed wit d people, Y argument bcos Emmenike joined islam? if u re talking of terorrist act~ wat i belived is, there is gud & bad elements in chrisianity, desame thing in islam. So, Emmenike is matured enough 2 decide d best 4 his life.

  12. Yes De killed but killed their fellow xtians not Muslims, what ever abnormality or evil you hear of in the church is an act within the christians , members of the same faith. It is not everyone that is white or bears an English or Biblical name that is a christian. Emmanuel Emenike I am happy for you if that is where you have found peace go on. Allah ya taimake ka. God is love let’s show some respect pls.

  13. Some comments are some how funny, well as for me i respect his decision, if u are into islam for real, u are welcome, and may almighty Allah guide u through.

  14. I agree wit u brother iyk bt remember tht not only these pple u mention abv r muslim their r many muslim all over th world, tht if my blood brother is an army robber doesn’t show I also an army robber pls let live Religion issue our of individual character. God bless us all n open our eyes to th right part Ameen

  15. You guys should not just jump into conclusion dat he has finaly changed his religion. Emmanuel was not a mad man d last time I saw him. He can not just made a mistake without a reason nd, more over, having a vast during islamic vasting period didn’t mean dat you have turned to islam. Dats 1 thin about celebrities, they Will just give us a topic to delibrate on. Keep calm guys

  16. ALHAMDULILLA..islam is a religion of peace and clearly free from violence…I heard the ones comment badly dirrectly sayin ill about islam..how many cristians caught redhanded with arms,boms,guns and etc …and how many fake soldiers in nigeria killing innocent lifes confirmed cristians..answer this question ….who was administering the world at all after jesus has declared demised …….please utilize your number six….

  17. Let it be clear that a man is free to convert to any religion he likes as many times as he wants,but any religion that castigate conversion from or to is not worthy of been called a religion but a sect,Also be you a Muslim or christian or whatever,calling the other outright evil shows your little knowledge of what religion stands for.

  18. He reverted back to religion of our four father Islam..why all the prophet of God are pracrice the religion of peace likewise Adam,Moses,Jess, Muhammad…. Be Wise

  19. the religion of peace thanks to allah you have chosen the reliable decision in your life Alxamdulilaah waad guulaysatay (you win)

  20. islam simply means “peace”.Islam is all abt embracin peace nd love 4 each oda,weather muslim or cristian,in as much as nobody harmin anybodi.Den why a u gux sayin sumtin wic is nt sopose 2 b spoken,in islam anybodi who is nt respectin jesus,dat person is nt a gud muslim,bcos islam teaches us hw 2 respect any kind of religion.To me amenike was a blind b4 bt nw he is unblind,Allah is d controler of everytin,he created us nd put our own distiny into our own hands.So pls we shuld learn hw 2 exchange word 2 each,remember we a all nigerians nd wat we ned nw is absolute peace in oda 2 move nigeria forward.May grant us wit peace nd make our great country a beta place 2 live.AMIN

  21. i am wondring hw u plp xtians ar woried about him how many celebrities in d world nt in nigeria cnvrt 2 islam eg ribery,adebayor,abidal etc y cant u said anythng about dem u ar just wasting ur time plz any body can tell me hw many muslim revrt 2 xtians y bcos islam is a religion ov peace

    • Good, with people like you we can still leave in peace. let’s everybody stick to his/her religion of choice. I love my religion, ISLAM.

  22. Hahahahhhhhhhhhhhahahahahhahah muslims are pathetic. Am laughing at all their comments. Hahahahahaha. He is not a muslim go eat shit muslims. I used to be a muslim, but now I know better. My former religion is a thing to follow

  23. Lies since when did igbo men start converting to islam his father, mother, and all his relatives won’t be in support of that, and why would he want to he’s made his money he is an adult and isn’t getting married to a muslim so please don’t lie to the public

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