Enugu Pastor’s Wife Sues Husband For Impregnating His Church Members

pastor wife sues husband enuguPastor Ngwu in yellow

August 30, 2016 – Pastor Who Snatched Mother Of 10 From Husband In Enugu Sued By Wife

A housewife, Mrs. Calista Omeye, yesterday told an Enugu North Magistrates’ Court that she and her daughter were married to the pastor of their church, Mr. Timothy Ngwu. Ngwu’s wife, Veronica Ngwu, had sued the cleric for allegedly marrying another man’s wife, daughter as well as another woman.

The victims whom Ngwu allegedly converted to his “wives” were said to be members of his church – Gods’ Favour Ministry, Nsukka. Omeye, according to the NAN, told the court that her husband, Mr. Fidelis Omeye, had persuaded her to meet the pastor as he wanted her to do the will of God through the pastor. She said:

“My husband was a member of the church and he introduced me to the church, because he said that the pastor had a revelation for me.

“He said the revelation had to do the will of God but he later left the church. But I refused to leave the church with him. “I have 10 children for him and we were all members of the church before he left and I had a baby for the pastor but the baby died after some weeks.” Omeye also said that it was with her husband’s consent that their daughter was given to the pastor in marriage.

She added: “It is not true that I gave out our daughter in marriage to the pastor without the consent from my husband, he was aware of everything.” The pastor, who hailed from Ihe-Owerre, Nsukka, was absent from the court as he was said to be on admission at a hospital in Enugu.

The magistrate, Mrs. R. I. Oruruo, adjourned hearing in the matter till September 26.


15 thoughts on “Enugu Pastor’s Wife Sues Husband For Impregnating His Church Members

  1. It be like say I go find small land for my village to open my own church there. I am a sayer of this bicos I have see am say womens are fall in love anyhow with pastor. I wanting to being a pastor of church so that womens are fall in love on top of me. I am oredy fall in love on top of them bicos is me weyris oga at the top. I go born pikin up and down. My pikin go even plenty pass away pig own, or fowl own. If persin come my house, it go be like say is a nozry school bicos of plenty childrens wey I have born upon my house up and down.

  2. All these are signs of end times. The anti-Christ will emerge from those who are using his name to gratify their flesh.

  3. When I said God may your kingdom come some people think is about being purity NO its totally about hearing nasty news everyday.

  4. Dreaming ??? Don’t think so ! Can someone pls find out the make of the bible they read because this is too much to digest. Will be back to read this again.

  5. The devil disguising himself as an angel of light. The reason he was able to deceive these people is because the word of God is not in them. l pity those still under his webs.

  6. this one na gbege oo… ten children and one for pastor my sister you be pig after pastor eat you finish you come give her your daughter to eat again.. that pastor go sabi the thing pass bible oo..

    #clueless human

  7. No wonder the Holy Bible says judgment will start from the Church. A PASTOR marrying mother and daughter with father cum husband’s consent ! Theman must have a convincingly sweet tongue. We would have loved to see his photo but from all indications he is a true Naija man and is abreast with current trend that wherever embarrassing accusations are levelled at somebody, the safest defense is to take cover in a hospital bed.
    I wish him quick recovery though, for we are awaiting part 2 of this saga. Na wa o !!!

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