Error! News Headline On Dallas Police Shooting Raises Eyebrows

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July 9, 2016 – Error! News Headline On Dallas Police Shooting Raises Eyebrows

Check out this viral news headline on the shooting of over 11 policemen in Dallas on Wednesday.

How is this possible… 11 officers killed and only 4 dead??.. #mistake thingz #nobody is above it

12 thoughts on “Error! News Headline On Dallas Police Shooting Raises Eyebrows

  1. Metu Nyetu or wetin am I say you be, what is strong with you? Why are you alwayz think say is you weyris sabi something pass away everybody for this place? Are you sabi something pass away Wole Soyinka? Even if I was not went school, I was went small so I sabi small and I sabi say to look for trobul no good. Why are you say is only me wey can do that mistake? Wey the mistake? Na me tell the man make he opun his mouth like that? He for do his mouth well if he was know say they was snap him foto. Na the mistake wey the man do. And I no fit make that mistake so no calling my name anyhow again.

  2. Poster,as at yesterday,five (5) officers were confirmed dead and seven (7) we’re still in the hospital including two (2) civilians.Also,the guy (sniper)whose picture you posted as one of the suspects had been released. The name of the killer is Michael Xavier Solomon.He confessed to the police during negotiations that he acted alone because he got upset about the news of the two (2) black guys that were killed by the police.He was bombed right there in the building.

  3. You are probably going to see more of this reprisal killings from blacks in that land if justice is not met out to those officers now and in the past who also killed blacks without any blame. Injustice is what usually moved formally normal person to join and pledge allegiance to extremist groups and eventually carry out mass killings. Time and again we’ve seen that happened during the arab spring in north africa as well as In the middle east. So let justice be done to those police officers without delay.

  4. In times of extreme trauma or stress words sometimes get mangled up or even completely desert people, even though they are speaking their language. I suspect that is what happened here.
    There is a saying that”teeth does not recognize sorrow”, so tragic as the situation is, I couldn’t seem to control the laughter generated by that headline. Sorry.

  5. Hahahaha @ Metu, e be like say you and this Bench go need refree wey go seperate una o. Just like me and dat fly wey call hersef Amanda. Wey dey always follow me for nyash like cow‘s egret.
    E be like say some people come this Site to fight o… No be to comment.

    I don waka go o…

  6. They shot 12, was a trained solider that said he is angry about black killing or so.

  7. Yeepa! Mr bench…. Na for where u school, u be terrorist oh, u dey Take ya english kill person

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